Top 11 Prefatory Quotes

#1. Yes, take it all around, there is quite a good deal of information in the book. I regret this very much; but really it could not be helped.
-from the Prefatory

Mark Twain

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#2. A sense of responsibility in teaching pushes us constantly to think about and promote the best interests of our students. In contrast, the demand for accountability often induces mere compliance.

Nel Noddings

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#3. Kind words cost you nothing but are sometimes worth more than a million dollars.

Omar Suleiman

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#4. Sugar Ray Leonard's retirements last about as long as Elizabeth Taylor's marriages.

Bob Arum

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#5. The first album is a classic record and I think the prototype of a sound that no one else does.

Kathy Valentine

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#6. I think blogging is a muscle that most people wear out.

Warren Ellis

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#7. And now I've got to explain the smell that was in there before I went in there. Does that ever happen to you? It's not your fault. You've held your breath, you just wanna get out, and now you open the door and you have to explain, 'Oh! Listen, there's an odor in there and I didn't do it. It's bad.

Ellen DeGeneres

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#8. I know I won't be there for every part of your life, but I'd like you to be there for every part of mine. I do.

Lia Habel

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#9. There's always something or someone to do.'But don't you ever find it too much work, Howard?' asks Flora, 'All this dressing and undressing, all these undistinguished climaxes, all this chasing for more of the same, is it really, really, worth the effort?'Of course' [ ... ].

Malcolm Bradbury

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#10. I know what you want to hear, doctor, but I'm sorry, you're not going to pry some sordid confession out of me.

Barbara Mujica

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#11. One of the many evils this world has to offer is the sin of homosexuality. Satan, the enemy is using people to further his agenda to destroy the Kingdom of God and as many souls as he can.

Alan Chambers

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