Top 21 Power Imbalance Quotes

#1. Speaking generally, I think it's useful to acknowledge explicitly the power imbalance between a journalist and the protagonists in a story about poor people, even to make that imbalance part of the story - and to redress it, narratively, where you can.

William Finnegan

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#2. But even when the moon looks like it's waning ... it's actually never changing shape. Don't ever forget that.

Ai Yazawa

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#3. Huge imbalance in power has resulted in the alienation, rage, fury, and awful amoral terrorism that has erupted and is erupting at the present time. And in order to counter this, we need to make the compassionate voice of religion and morality a dynamic force in our world.

Karen Armstrong

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#4. Intelligence alone does not get us where we need to go or even necessarily where we want to go. For that, the human creature must exercise harder-won capacities of wisdom, and wise action.

Krista Tippett

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#5. Don't, to gain general and useless attention, sacrifice the attention that you want

Claude C. Hopkins

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#6. People might say I'm difficult, but did you ever hear anyone describe a label as 'difficult'? By nature, artists should challenge. When they call you difficult, it is a reflection of the imbalance of power.

Michelle Shocked

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#7. There is an imbalance of power. It is an imbalance that is easy to exploit, but it is not a wise course. Where there is love, there is often also hate. They can exist side by side. - jace

Cassandra Clare

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#8. As husband and wife, to have a happy life together, you must have confidence and respect, and you must have substantial agreement in your faith.

Billy Graham

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#9. At every turn when there has been an imbalance of power, the truth questioned, or our beliefs and values distorted, the change required to restore our nation has always come from the bottom up from our people.

Howard Dean

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#10. After the urine is collected over a couple of days, it's dumped into space, which is beautiful to watch because the urine freezes into a glitter of ice crystals shimmering in the sun.

Mike Mullane

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#11. There was a very slight lilt to it, too, attesting to a childhood spent far from Lincolnshire, and Grace felt herself sway, as if she could fall forward, lightly, softly, and land somewhere else. Far, far from here.

Julia Quinn

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#12. The weapon of nonviolence does not need supermen or superwomen to wield it; even beings of common clay can use it and have used it before this with success.

Mahatma Gandhi

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#13. At the time I could not see beyond the moral dilemma that is presented to the weak in a world governed by the strong: Break the rules, or perish.

George Orwell

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#14. A Bond movie falls into a specific genre, and you have to provide certain elements. You must respect the fact it's essentially about girls, guns, gadgets, and big action.

Lee Tamahori

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#15. People need to know that they are not alone, that they have not been abandoned; but that there is One Who loves them for what they are, Who cares about them.

Dada Vaswani

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#16. Captain Falco saw the diminishment of biodiversity in our oceans over a span of nearly seven decades. He was dedicated to the protection of life and habitats in the sea. He was a legendary mariner, diver, oceanographer, and conservationist. The world is a better place because of him.

Paul Watson

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#17. I started writing in my 20s. I just wanted to write, but I didn't have anything to write about, so in the beginning, I wrote entertainments - mainly murder mysteries.

Alan Furst

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#18. The American polity is infected with a serious imbalance of power between elites and masses, a power which is the principal threat to our democracy.

Paul Wellstone

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#19. It takes a minute for me to let my guard down, but once I do and I get to know someone, I'm very open, very trusting. Some might say too trusting, because considering the amount of money that can be made from selling gossip, I could be very easily taken advantage of.

Anne Hathaway

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#20. Holiness leads to wholeness and wholeness leads to happiness.

Leslie Vernick

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#21. Freedom is the one value conservatives place above all others, yet time and again, their ideal of freedom ignores the growing imbalance of power in our society that's eroding the freedoms of most people.

Robert Reich

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