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#1. My poems ... the ones that start out as jokes become these big ponderous things and the ones that start out ponderous devolve into jokes. - Author: Jess Walter
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#2. When we arrived in London, my sadness at leaving Paris was turned into despair. After my long stay in the French capital, huge, ponderous, massive London seemed to me as ugly a thing as man could contrive to make. - Author: James Weldon Johnson
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#3. Spurred on by a voice which must have come from the hideous soul of the forest, I resolved to enter the beckoning gloom in spite of the ponderous chains which barred my passage. - Author: H.P. Lovecraft
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#4. No hammers fell, no ponderous axes rung,Like some tall palm the mystic fabric sprung.Majestic silence. - Author: Reginald Heber
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#5. Everything that is ponderous, vicious and pompously clumsy, all long-winded and wearying kinds of style, are developed in great variety among Germans. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#6. Having considerable mind, changing it became almost as ponderous an operation as moving a barn, although not nearly so stable. - Author: Mary Roberts Rinehart
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#7. In south west Lancashire, babies don't toddle, they side-step. Queuing women talk of 'nipping round the blindside'. Rugby league provides our cultural adrenalin. It's a physical manifestation of our rules of life, comradeship, honest endeavour, and a staunch, often ponderous allegiance to fair play. - Author: Colin Welland
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#8. Nothing is more likely to drive listeners away than a ponderous interpretation of what they've just marvelled at. - Author: Philip Pullman
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#9. Raffael's drapery is the assistant of character, in Michelangelo it envelopes grandeur; it is in Reubens the ponderous robe of pomp. - Author: Henry Fuseli
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#10. After many ponderous experiments the first crematorium was opened in December 1920 in Petrograd. It could manage barely 120 bodies a month, and, in February 1921, cremated itself when the wooden roof caught fire. - Author: Martin Amis
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#11. She merely beamed a fatty beam. She was almost ponderous, and pink, with a tendency to a double chin. - Author: Theodore Dreiser
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#12. Over the years, the most ponderous problem for women has been that men think that men and women are very different. Another of our massive problems is that women also think that men and women are very different. - Author: Karen DeCrow
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#13. However old-fashioned and right-wing this may sound, the American genius for language lies in understatement, in saying things simply, pointedly and quickly, and in making new and clean and swift what otherwise might be ponderous, round and slow. - Author: Walter Kirn
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#14. These dons, so ponderous, so circuitous, , no sense of time. In a minute they'll be talking about the meaning of meaning. - Author: John Le Carre
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#15. Time seemed, as it always does in adulthood after a particular stretch has concluded, no matter how ponderous or unpleasant the stretch was to endure, to have passed quickly indeed. - Author: Curtis Sittenfeld
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#16. They tended to wield the huge blunt ax of the law in circumstances that required the delicate scalpel of common sense. [ ... ] Policeman with their great big boots were not required here on a night like this. It would be a good idea to put a thumbtack under the ponderous feet of Justice. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#17. The stock market is like a small row boat on a rough sea, bouncing around as it drifts, whereas the macro economy is like a large ocean liner, very ponderous and difficult to maneuver but without such a rough journey. - Author: Clive Granger
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#18. Everyone froze.
In real time the whole sequence had probably taken ten seconds. In the slow motion of crisis time it had unreeled in ponderous elegance, and the crystalline immobility that followed was intensified by the lingering smell of gunfire, like an olfactory echo of the big bang. - Author: Robert B. Parker
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#19. Indian democracy has often been likened to the stately progress of the elephant - ponderous in its gait and reluctant to change course, but not easily swayed from its new path when it does. - Author: Shashi Tharoor
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#20. The crowd mistrusts the allurement of paladins. The masses, ponderous bodies that they are, and fragile on account of their very heaviness, fear adventure; and there is adventure in the ideal. - Author: Victor Hugo
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#21. But even so, amid the tornadoed Atlantic of my being, do I myself still for ever centrally disport in mute calm; and while ponderous planets of unwaning woe revolve round me, deep down and deep inland there I still bathe me in eternal mildness of joy. - Author: Herman Melville
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#22. [I]t is really the ponderous books which I envy. How easy merely to put down everything you think or imagine. No holding back, no telling oneself that this does not belong, or that. No hewing to the line. No cutting. No fear of letting the interest die. No wastebasket. How wonderful. And how dull! - Author: Mary Roberts Rinehart
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#23. The things of God are of deep import; and time, and experience, and careful and ponderous and solemn thoughts can only find them out. - Author: Joseph Smith Jr.
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#24. For me, being a writer is not an altered state. It's very ponderous, and very - it's like being a shoemaker. - Author: Anne Lamott
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#25. Blue loved this ponderous, scholarly Gansey, too involved with facts to consider how he appeared on the outside. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#26. The only sounds here were lazy, ponderous, gentle sounds. A bee hung low in the warm afternoon haze, and he watched it unafraid, listened to the dull electric razor sound of its wings cutting the air. Birds sang sweet and unseen, and a hundred eyes watched him from the dark. - Author: Michael Montoure
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#27. If you desire information on some point of law, you are not likely to ponder over the ponderous tomes of legal writers in order to obtain the knowledge you seek, by your own unaided efforts. - Author: Felix Adler
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#28. My greatest affliction ... is perhaps the major theme of my writings, the affliction of loneliness that follows me like a shadow, a very ponderous shadow too heavy to drag after me all of my days and nights. - Author: Tennessee Williams
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#29. I am not good at deception,' said Tuesday gloomily, flushing.
Right, my boy, right,' said the President with a ponderous heartiness, 'You aren't good at anything. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
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#30. Women do that as they age, they lighten, become air, their souls ephemeral with memory and experience. Men become more ponderous with the passing of the years, heavy with regret. - Author: Robert Goolrick
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#31. Suddenly, as if the movement of his hand had released it, the load of her accumulated impressions of him tilted up, and down poured in a ponderous avalanche all she felt about him. - Author: Virginia Woolf
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#32. Three old men with moon-silver hair and slow, ponderous movement took him in their arms and laid him on a marble slab and set silver coins on his eyes and swung incense over him, murmuring as
priests do to fill what might otherwise be a god-sent silence. - Author: M.C. Scott
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#33. The ponderous tomes are bales of the mind's merchandise. - Author: Robert Aris Willmott
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#34. What you take to be hyprocrisy is sometimes a certain caution, sometimes genuine, though ponderous, childish, sometimes a mixture of both. - Author: Jean Rhys
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#35. Mammoth organizations, these ponderous processes. Many people don't realize that the nuclear capability that this country [USA] amassed and maintained over the period of the Cold War cost $6 trillion . - Author: George Lee Butler
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#36. I'm giving my whole life to breaking the butterfly of a John Rockefeller upon the wheel of my ponderous articles, - Author: Doris Kearns Goodwin
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#37. A foolish man in wealth and authority is like a weak-timbered house with a too-ponderous roof. - Author: Roger Chamberlain
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#38. Enormous morning, ponderous, meticulous; gray light streaking each bare branch, each single twig, along one side, making another tree, of glassy veins. - Author: John Banville
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#39. The judge like a great ponderous djinn stepped through the fire and the flames delivered him up as if he were in some way native to their element. - Author: Cormac McCarthy
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#40. Strength may wield the ponderous spade, May turn the clod, and wheel the compost home; But elegance, chief grace the garden shows, And most attractive, is the fair result Of thought, the creature of a polished mind. - Author: William Cowper
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#41. ...books were portals into worlds she yearned to know, whether they be ponderous volumes crammed with accumulated knowledge or whimsical fantasies featuring magical creatures. - Author: Kerry Alan Denney
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#42. I would pore for hours over the stalls of worn necklaces, sets of gilt spoons, sugar tongs in the shape of hen's feet or midget hands, clocks that didn't work, flowered china, spotty mirrors and ponderous furniture, the flotsam left by those receding centuries in which, more and more, I was living. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#43. But soft you, the fair Ophelia: Ope not thy ponderous and marble jaws, But get thee to a nunnery - go! - Author: Mark Twain
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#44. The sun is a-wait at the ponderous gate of the West. - Author: Sidney Lanier
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#45. A strong and bitter book-sickness floods one's soul. How ignominious to be strapped to this ponderous mass of paper, print and dead man's sentiment. Would it not be better, finer, braver to leave the rubbish where it lies and walk out into the world a free untrammelled illiterate Superman? - Author: Cornelia Funke
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#46. I wouldnt mind seeing opera die. Ever since I was a boy, I regarded opera as a ponderous anachronism, almost the equivalent of smoking. - Author: Frank Lloyd Wright
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#47. Upon laying a weight in one of the scales, inscribed eternity, though I threw in that of time, prosperity, affliction, wealth, and poverty, which seemed very ponderous, they were not able to stir the opposite balance. - Author: Joseph Addison
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#48. What is there so ponderous in evil, that a thumb's bigness of it should outweigh the mass of things not evil, which were heaped into the other scale! - Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne
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#49. Everywhere there is craft and technique; everywhere there is artistry and form. Art itself, technique, is ponderous and clumsy, and because of its awkwardness it obstructs that inner element ... - Author: Kazimir Malevich
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#50. Within, there were several ponderous brazen-bound volumes of medieval date, a thin manuscript of yellowing parchment, and two portraits whose faces had been turned to the wall, as if it were unlawful for even the darkness of the sealed closet to behold them. - Author: Clark Ashton Smith
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#51. A day-time song like 'Word Starts Attack,' I want to make your heart blow up and make you want to punch the air with your fist. It can't be ponderous. - Author: Johnny Marr
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#52. When we are able to receive life's challenges as koans rather than problems, they become interesting and exciting, rather than ponderous and depressing. - Author: Brenda Shoshanna
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#53. Perhaps in the world's destruction it would be possible at last to see how it was made. Oceans, mountains. The ponderous counterspectacle of things ceasing to be. The sweeping waste, hydroptic and coldly secular. The silence. - Author: Cormac McCarthy
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#54. Along the wide curving moat surrounding the palace, rows of cherry trees announced the end of their seasonal beauty. Some of the trees were weeping: blossoms in white and palest pink, ponderous with decreptitude, eddying on the brown water, stirred by the paddling of ducks. - Author: John Burnham Schwartz
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#55. Walking on willow tree roads by a river dappled with peach blossoms, I look for spring light, but am everywhere lost. Birds fly up and scatter floating catkins. A ponderous wave of flowers sags the branches. - Author: Wang Wei
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#56. Rose shifted her shopping bag off her lap and with a grunt levered her ponderous body upright; she smiled broadly at me, and with a cheery "Ta Gert, ta girls," she waddled towards the exit while I eased my shoulders in relief from the confining pressure of her body. God, what a huge woman. - Author: E.R. Braithwaite
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#57. To move the wheels of justice is a ponderous business. - Author: Mary Astor
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#58. It isn't that I dislike artists, but I can't stand anyone who puts on those ponderous airs of a man of character. - Author: Osamu Dazai
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#59. I am sure my love's more ponderous than my tongue. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#60. The machinery of filmmaking is really slow and ponderous and I don't know how you're going to make it any faster with any of the systems, whether it's Red, Sony, or whatever. - Author: Michael Seresin
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#61. Gormenghast, that is, the main massing of the original stone, taken by itself would have displayed a certain ponderous architectural quality were it possible to have ignored the circumfusion of those mean dwellings that swarmed like an epidemic around it s Outer Walls. - Author: Mervyn Peake
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#62. Oh! snatched away in beauty's bloom,
On thee shall press no ponderous tomb;
But on thy turf shall roses rear
Their leaves, the earliest of the year. - Author: Lord Byron
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#63. Dangerous knowledge is often hidden under ponderous grammar and obscurantist vocabulary. - Author: Brent Weeks
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