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Top 60 Pleased With Myself Quotes

#1. And do we also have, do we have ... a party of minor deities from the Halls of Asgard? Away to his right came a rumble of thunder. Lightning arced across the stage. A small group of hairy men with helmets sat looking very pleased with themselves, and raised their glasses to him. - Author: Douglas Adams
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#2. Because I'm a Karamazov. Because when I fall into the abyss, I go straight into it, head down and heels up, and I'm even pleased that I'm falling in just such a humiliating position, and for me I find it beautiful. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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#3. I am who I choose to be. I have always been what I chose, though not always what I pleased. - Author: Lois McMaster Bujold
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#4. In painting, you have to destroy in order to gain ... you have got to sacrifice something you are quite pleased with in order to get something better. Of course, it's a risk ... - Author: Graham Sutherland
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#5. God has been pleased to prescribe limits to his power and to work out his ends within these limits. - Author: William S. Paley
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#6. Well, good for you, a breakthrough. The Neanderthals will be pleased to have their leader back. - Author: Kate Stewart
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#7. There is in souls a sympathy with sounds:
And as the mind is pitch'd the ear is pleased
With melting airs, or martial, brisk or grave;
Some chord in unison with what we hear
Is touch'd within us, and the heart replies. - Author: William Cowper
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#8. The problem with looking in the mirror is that you never know how you will feel about what you see. Sometimes, when my hormones are out of sync, I have no interest in the mirror, and if I do look I think everything is all wrong. Other times, I am quite pleased with what I see. - Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
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#9. She did not delude herself into expecting Francis to love her. He had never been taught how to love, but had an arresting way of looking pleased at Adah's achievements. - Author: Buchi Emecheta
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#10. I'll keep my head down," Mally assured him. "I'll be careful."
"If anything happens
"If anything happens I'll tell you immediately."
Ivan seemed pleased at that and relaxed against a tree trunk.
"Good. I don't want your mother chasing me around Lenzar with a carving knife. - Author: M.L. LeGette
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#11. But I can only write what the muse allows me to write. I cannot choose, I can only do what I am given, and I feel pleased when I feel close to concrete poetry - still. - Author: Ian Hamilton Finlay
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#12. Coach Hedge grunted like he was pleased to have an excuse. He unclipped the megaphone from his belt and continued giving directions, but his voice came out like Darth Vader's. The kids cracked up. The coach tried again, but this time the megaphone blared: The cow says moo! - Author: Rick Riordan
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#13. When the new ownership came in, they made some decisions I wasn't pleased with. And when they changed the whole aspect of it, I just totally lost interest. - Author: Alonzo Mourning
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#14. Mathematics was hard, dull work. Geography pleased me more. For dancing I was quite enthusiastic. - Author: John James Audubon
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#15. I thought it was important to speak about what I believe would be the right response to Russian aggression in Ukraine. I'm pleased to hear there is more sanctions maybe coming tomorrow. But the truth of the matter is I think we need less talk and more deeds. - Author: Mike Pence
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#16. Tonight, I am pleased to announce that I have secured $1 million from the Convention Host Committee to fund the beautification of Boston's neighborhoods. - Author: Thomas Menino
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#17. It was inevitable at some point that I would bump into one of my father's plays. The reality of the situation is that I'm a jobbing actor, and any actor would give their eye-teeth to have one of those roles. It's a no-brainer! I'm pleased the stars have aligned around 'Arcadia.' - Author: Ed Stoppard
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#18. I would be pleased if someone would invent a pill to remove my impatience, moodiness, and occasional bursts of anger. But if they did, I wouldn't be able to write my novels or paint. - Author: Orhan Pamuk
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#19. Being infinitely amazed, so do I give thanks to God, Who has been pleased to make me the first observer of marvelous things, unrevealed to bygone ages. - Author: Galileo Galilei
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#20. We are not greatly pleased that our friends should respect our good qualities if they venture to perceive our faults. - Author: Luc De Clapiers
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#21. So they put them to flight by Allah's permission. And Dawood slew Jalut, and Allah gave him kingdom and wisdom, and taught him of what He pleased. And were it not for Allah's repelling some men with others, the earth would certainly be in a state of disorder; but Allah is Gracious to the creatures. - Author: Anonymous
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#22. He is a man whom it is impossible to please, because he is never pleased with himself. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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#23. Could a mare only like mares or stallions, or could a mare like whatever she damn pleased? Maybe she just didn't know enough yet to understand what she was or what she wanted. Or maybe she was lots of things, just as her skin was a mixture of browns. Maybe she didn't have to like anything. - Author: Lila Bowen
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#24. God is pleased to communicate himself to the simple and humble and to use the smallest and lowliest to make them great and exalted. In a word, it is He Himself who has called and approved them and even inspired their humble manner of living. - Author: Vincent De Paul
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#25. Oftentimes, the best negotiations result in a deal that benefits both parties. There are times when you simply want to go for the jugular, but often, you want the other person to feel pleased with the outcome, even if you are the clear victor. - Author: Ivanka Trump
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#26. If we get to shoot the third one, which I'm really hoping we do, the third one's great. There's a big uprising and rebellion, and my character Gale's a big part of that. If we get to shoot that, I'll be very, very pleased. - Author: Liam Hemsworth
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#27. Children are not meant to be studied, but enjoyed. Only by studying to be pleased do we understand them. - Author: Wilfred Owen
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#28. Back when I was young, lists seemed like fences on the open range. But secretly, I was pleased to be corralled among other literary thoroughbreds. - Author: Clive Sinclair
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#29. I had done all that I could, and no Man is well pleased to have his all neglected, be it ever so little. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#30. Ma Baxter rocked complacently. They were all pleased whenever she made a joke. Her good nature made the same difference in the house as the hearth-fire had made in the chill of the evening. - Author: Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
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#31. We are pleased we haven't got one on order. It's too big an aircraft. - Author: Willie Walsh
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#32. For who is pleased with himself. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#33. Academic achievement was something I'd always sought as a form of reward. Good grades pleased my parents, good grades pleased my teachers; you got them in order to sew up approval. - Author: Caroline Knapp
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#34. I heard a bird so sing, Whose music, to my thinking, pleased the king. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#35. My parents were very pleased that I was in the army. The fact that I hated it somehow pleased them even more. - Author: Barry Humphries
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#36. What's with the strange clothes?"
I smile through my labored breath, pleased to be making progress. "Where I'm from, you'd be the one dressed strangely."
Thank goodness, she slows a bit. "And what planet is that again?"
"Er. Canada. - Author: Cyn Balog
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#37. Ultimately, the fruit of faithful leadership is knowing we've pleased the audience of One. - Author: Bob Kauflin
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#38. And some part of him saw it was going to be all right. the heart is pleased by one thing after another. - Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
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#39. There is nothing by which a man exasperates most people more, than displaying a superior ability of briliancy in conversation. They seem pleased at the time; but their envy makes them curse him at their hearts. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#40. If two people are so unalike, as you and I, they are pleased when they discover points of agreement. But if they are as alike as Nietzsche and I, they suffer from their differences. - Author: H.F. Peters
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#41. This car had the wings of Mercury, I thought, for higher yet we climbed, and dangerously fast, and the danger pleased me because it was new to me, because I was young. - Author: Daphne Du Maurier
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#42. We are pleased to dismiss politics as entirely corrupt, if not financially, intellectually. - Author: Gore Vidal
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#43. Everyone had heard what happened and they were all so pleased, so very pleased. Which seems a little odd, but in Cainsville "a little odd" was the norm. - Author: Kelley Armstrong
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#44. Life is having its way with me now. And I'm really pleased. - Author: Jeff Bridges
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#45. Culture is the habit of being pleased with the best and knowing why. - Author: Henry Van Dyke
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#46. I think I subconsciously put myself in these situations where the girlfriend isn't pleased with me. I'm useless as a boyfriend. That's how I managed to write all these songs. - Author: Tom Odell
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#47. I'm a very smug show-off at heart. I'm altogether too pleased with myself. The big boost for me is to be able to turn out something that I think is pretty marvelous. I'm not in it for money, I'm just in it for the glory. - Author: Alan Moore
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#48. I was willing to pay any price including subservience to secure this love, hoping that with each piece of myself I gave up he would be so pleased that he, too, would be transformed. - Author: Susan Strasberg
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#49. It pleased the Almighty, to whose great will Holy Will I submit myself with Christian submission. - Author: George Frideric Handel
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#50. Never have I greater reason for suspicion that when I am particularly pleased with myself, my faith, my progress, and my alms. - Author: Christian Scriver
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#51. Sometimes I will look away very quickly, and freeze frame that first impression, pleased with myself that I have outsmarted my own smartness, and perceived a colour as it actually is. - Author: Catherine Taylor
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#52. I have little patience with anyone who is not self-satisfied. I am always pleased to see my friends, happy to be with my wife and family, but the high spot of every day is when I first catch a glimpse of myself in the shaving mirror. - Author: Robert Morley
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#53. A fondness for satire indicates a mind pleased with irritating others; for myself, I never could find amusement in killing flies. - Author: Madame Roland
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#54. It's very silly," she said, "but I go on with it in spite of myself. I'm afraid I'm too easily pleased; no novel is so silly I can't read it. - Author: Henry James
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#55. If I am not pleased with myself, but should wish to be other than I am, why should I think highly of the influences which have made me what I am? - Author: John Lancaster Spalding
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#56. I remember as a kid being asked if I was Jewish or Irish. I said, like the glib little 15-year-old I was, 'You can be both.' Feeling very pleased with myself. Before they smacked me. - Author: Lenny Abrahamson
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#57. I'm not hard on myself - I brush those things off - but there are days when I'm pleased with myself, and days when I think I have elf ears. - Author: Chaley Rose
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#58. The only time I'm pleased with myself is when I'm exhausted and shaking from having written too much. - Author: Mabel Seeley
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#59. I find I am much prouder of the victory I obtain over myself, when, in the very ardor of dispute, I make myself submit to my adversary's force of reason, than I am pleased with the victory I obtain over him through his weakness. - Author: Michel De Montaigne
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#60. Like piss," she hollered, shaking her head.
"There are some drawbacks," said Zamira, "to raising children among sailors. But then I myself am no doubt making the largest contribution to her vocabulary."
"Piiiisssss," yelled Cosetta, giggling and immensely pleased with herself. - Author: Scott Lynch
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