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#1. Instead of pitting nature against nurture, we must understand that both work in harmony. We can influence our nature through nurture. - Author: Gudjon Bergmann
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#2. The proud make every man their adversary by pitting their intellects, opinions, works, wealth, talents, or any other worldly measuring device against others. - Author: Ezra Taft Benson
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#3. That's what cricket's all about: two batsmen pitting their wits against one another - Author: Fred Trueman
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#4. Bowls have become network-owned, commercial enterprises, in some cases, pitting average teams in money-losing bowls for the benefit of a few. - Author: Charles E. Young
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#5. School presents daily exercises in dis-association. It forces unwelcome associations on most of its prisoners. It sets petty, meaningless competitions in motion on a daily basis, pitting potential associates against one another in contests for praise and other worthless prizes. - Author: John Taylor Gatto
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#6. Revelations come when you're in the thick of it, pitting yourself up against something larger than yourself. - Author: Frank Langella
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#7. The great monuments are raised up like dams, pitting the logic of majesty and authority against all the shady elements: it is in the form of cathedrals and palaces that Church and State speak and impose silence on the multitudes. - Author: Georges Bataille
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#8. There are many individuals, companies and even countries operating in what I call a 'me first' mentality, which is effectively a purely competitive approach to life, treating the planet as if it has infinite resources and pitting one country against another for supremacy. - Author: Simon Mainwaring
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#9. President Obama's version of America is a divided one - pitting us against each other based on our income level, gender, and social status. His policies have failed! We are not better off than we were 4 years ago, and no rhetoric, bumper sticker, or campaign ad can change that. - Author: Mia Love
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#10. People love pitting strong females against each other. - Author: Madonna Ciccone
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#11. There is little sense in pitting a lesser sense of duty against a greater one. No leader could expect loyalty to hold under those circumstances. - Author: C.S. Pacat
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#12. For my part, I make this pledge to all of you: The politics of division, of pitting east against west, urban versus rural, region against region, and people against people will have no place in my Administration. - Author: Ed Rendell
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#13. We're at the end of an era of failed leadership. We have been led by a divider [ Barack Obama] who has sliced and diced the electorate, pitting American against American for political purposes. - Author: Rick Perry
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#14. Our country, if you read the 'Federalist Papers,' is about disagreement. It's about pitting faction against faction, divided government, checks and balances. The hero in American political tradition is the man who stands up to the mob - not the mob itself. - Author: Jonah Goldberg
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#15. I cannot consider fighting in competitive Manly Fun any more than I can consider pitting my running, swimming or climbing body against other bodies. Nothing, then, or now, arouses me or will ever arouse me from a perfect disinterest in ball games. - Author: Hal Porter
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#16. A work of art expresses itself as a balance sheet pitting the spoken against the unspoken. - Author: Russell Sherman
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#17. 'I Am Legend' is quite unusual for its time. I just wanted to write a story about female boxers, and I couldn't get that going in my mind. I don't know exactly where the idea of just a man pitting himself against a robot boxer came from. - Author: Richard Matheson
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#18. The press seems to love pitting women against each other. - Author: Jeanne Tripplehorn
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#19. Taunting Death ... means pitting oneself against a wily enemy who cannot lose. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#20. The Obamacare contraception mandate was never about freedom. It was always about pitting secularism against religion, and using the power of government to sponsor secularism. - Author: Ben Shapiro
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#21. But under it all they were men, penetrating the land of desolation and mockery and silence, puny adventurers bent on colossal adventure, pitting themselves against the might of a world as remote and alien and pulseless as the abysses of space. - Author: Jack London
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#22. Some Christians make the mistake of pitting love against law, as if the two were mutually exclusive. You either have a religion of love or a religion of law. But such an equation is profoundly unbiblical. - Author: Kevin DeYoung
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#23. The world is sagging, snagging, scaling, spalling, pilling, pinging, pitting, warping, checking, fading, chipping, cracking, yellowing, leaking, stalling, shrinking, and in dynamic unbalance. - Author: Donald Barthelme
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#24. Inconsistent parenting creates confusion. When I'm pitting mom against dad, they never know what to expect. - Author: Bauvard
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#25. I love pitting people against each other. My whole life is based on that. It brings out the best in people and the worst in people. If the worst comes out, you don't want them working for you. - Author: Donald Trump
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#26. I believe that in games, when you're talking about pitting my wits and my brain against your wits and your brain, that simplicity of the game becomes a dominant factor. - Author: Nolan Bushnell
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#27. policy discussion usually means pitting one model against another. Viewpoints and policy prescriptions that aren't backed by a model typically don't have standing. - Author: Dani Rodrik
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#28. For me, half the joy of achieving has been the struggle and the fight, the pitting myself against the world and all its competition - and winning. - Author: Conrad Veidt
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#29. Pitting your dream against someone else's is a fantastic way to get discouraged and depressed. - Author: Jon Acuff
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#30. puny adventurers bent on colossal adventure, pitting - Author: Jack London
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