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#1. Kennedy invited us into the White House-the first time in the history of the White House picketers had been invited inside. This made front page headlines. - Author: Peter Coyote
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#2. All the picketers look bored and hot and like they - Author: Anita Shreve
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#3. The test of a true myth is that each time you return to it, new insights and interpretations arise. - Author: Starhawk
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#4. I used to be a lot more afraid of climate change. Now I spend my time working, planning, trying to move forward. - Author: Margaret D. Klein
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#5. But recalling how my ex had nasty BO after track practice never made me feel better. It seemed disingenuous to hold things against him that before I readily accepted as the price of love. - Author: Daria Snadowsky
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#6. You're so brutal to those who love you, Scarlett. You take their love and hold it over their heads like a whip. - Author: Margaret Mitchell
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#7. He didn't ask "Where will you spend eternity?" as religious the-end-is-near picketers did but rather, "With what, in this modern democracy, will you meet the demands of your soul? - Author: Saul Bellow
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#8. I didn't respond to people thrusting microphones at me and asking me questions that were unanswerable in a sound bite. - Author: Bill Ayers
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#9. We'll be alone in the hotel. Almost the only guests. You can rest all day and think of nothing, nothing. It doesn't matter who you are or how you got stuck here or where you're going next. You don't even have to move. You lie in the shade. I know you like to lie in the shade. - Author: Anonymous
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#10. I see those picketers, and I think you know, if I weren't a loving, non-violent, spiritual person, I would really go over there and grab those signs and smash them over their heads and shove them up their asses. But ... I'm a loving, spiritual person. - Author: Ellen DeGeneres
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