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#1. Saw him come outta the garage at you, I knew," he muttered against my skin. "I was strugglin' with it but I knew then. I knew you were my girl. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#2. like an idiot pitching change into a well that nobody ever said was open for wishing. - Author: Kathleen Rooney
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#3. Why even live? If that's your goal, if you're just clamoring your way to the top, I mean, why even have a life? Somebody was telling me the other day about the lives of investment bankers who work ninety hours a week and how it affects their patterns of consumption. - Author: Larkin Grimm
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#4. [Y]ou will understand the game behind the curtain too well not to perceive the old trick of turning every contingency into a resource for accumulating force in the government. - Author: James Madison
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#5. If my sinfulness appears to me in any way smaller or less detestable in comparison with the sins of others, I am still not recognizing my sinfulness at all. - Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
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#6. Facts we would always place before our readers, whether they are palatable or not, and it is by placing them constantly before the public in their nakedness that the misunderstanding between the two communities in South Africa can be removed. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#7. My mother gave me a pair of diamond earrings when I was 13. It symbolised becoming a teenager. I also remember getting a collection of costume jewellery from my grandmother when I was in high school. - Author: Erin Wasson
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#8. I've always felt that 'game over' is a state of failure more for the game designer than from the player, - Author: David Cage
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#9. Perhaps we should all settle down and think about what's good in the world and what we want to do here. If we find this planet and its history and its story to be sacred, let's preserve and nourish it, and then we can go home at night and say whatever prayers we choose. - Author: Ursula Goodenough
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#10. The truth is, we pamper little griefs into great ones, and bear great ones as well as we can. - Author: William Hazlitt
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#11. Have you got something against faith?"
"Have you got something against reason? - Author: Sam Hunter
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#12. I think that the Peeps or Peppies or Pipes diaries would be much more popular had there been a universal pronuncation of his name. - Author: Groucho Marx
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#13. Daniel said, 'If the body is strong, the soul weakens. If the body weakens, the soul is strong. - Author: Benedicta Ward
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#14. If you accept others as equals, you embrace them unconditionally, now and forever. But if you let them know that you tolerate them, you suggest in the same breath that they are actually an inconvenience, like a nagging pain or an unpleasant odour you are willing to disregard. - Author: Arthur Japin
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