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#1. Fit experts envision a future in which you'd carry your body scan in your cell phone or on a thumb drive, using the data to order clothes online or find them in stores. But who's going to pay for all those scanners, which cost about $35,000 each, and the staff to run them? - Author: Virginia Postrel
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#2. He doesn't need to act normal," said Ty sharply.
"He bumped into a pay phone and said, 'Excuse me, miss,' on our way in," said Julian. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#3. What we want is for people to know that you can get affordable health care and most young Americans, they're not covered and the truth is they can get coverage all for what it costs to pay your cell phone bill. - Author: Barack Obama
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#4. Once you join the queue for the immigration line, pay attention to what the expeditor tells you. Have your papers ready. Don't have your cell phone out. Take off your hat. Open your passport to the page with your photo and present it to the immigration officer already open. - Author: Hanya Yanagihara
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#5. She stared at the phone, feeling guilty. She finally slid across the overstuffed Pleather couch and away from watching old episodes of The Twilight Zone. She was free tonight, apparently, so she might as well pay Ben a visit. She picked up the phone and dialed his cell. - Author: Joe DeRouen
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#6. We have two selves: a real-world self and a phone self, and the nonsense our phone selves do can make our real-world selves look like idiots...Act like a dummy with your phone self aand send some thoughtless message full of spelling errors, and the real-world self will pay the price. - Author: Aziz Ansari
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#7. Last time I spoke to my mom she called me from a pay phone, and we didn't have the best talk. Ever since my stepdad passed away three years ago, she has been very depressed and hasn't been herself at all. - Author: Eric West
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#8. Mitt Romney speaking to a $50,000-a-plate Republican fundraiser says he doesn't have to worry about the 47 per cent of Americans who don't pay tax. He was not counting on the smart phone recording his speech and then posting it on YouTube. - Author: Malcolm Turnbull
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#9. In search of a pay phone. He found a phone inside the bus depot. He dialed his bank's number from memory. Nine-forty in the West, twelve-forty in the East. Lunch time in Virginia, but someone should be there. - Author: Lee Child
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#10. He bumped into a pay phone and said, 'Excuse me, miss,' on our way in," said Julian.
"It's polite to apologize," said Mark with the same small voice.
"Not to inanimate objects. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#11. You're losing your touch , Natasha. An unencrypted pay phone? Amateur hour. - Author: Chris Samnee
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#12. Life is an adventure," Karen's mother used to tell her, "so be sure you experience it when it happens." It was one of Grace Tyler's favorites, one of several rules in her "Mom" arsenal, along with the ones about always having umbrellas and clean underwear and quarters for the pay phone. - Author: Tom Savage
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#13. And understand that scarce spectrum is used today for example for cell phone operators, they have to pay for the airwaves they use, for their services. - Author: Robert McChesney
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#14. Uber is efficiency with elegance on top. That's why I buy an iPhone instead of an average cell phone, why I go to a nice restaurant and pay a little bit more. It's for the experience. - Author: Travis Kalanick
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#15. Our businesses can't create jobs when they're losing revenue, and the unemployed can't apply for jobs when they can't pay their phone bill. - Author: Chellie Pingree
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#16. I don't want to pay good money to hear ordinary people's lunatic views. Most of the people who phone in are [lunatics] - certainly in Britain. - Author: John Gimlette
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#17. Good old traditional audio-only phone conversations allowed you to presume that the person on the other end was paying complete attention to you while also permitting you not to have to pay anything even close to complete attention to her. - Author: David Foster Wallace
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#18. An hour later, Amina stood at a pay phone in a mall hallway, where poop and perfume and the grease from the food court formed the kind of atmosphere you might find in Jupiter's red spot - Author: Mira Jacob
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#19. Many of my friends and colleagues are in the public eye, so they have to pay close attention to what they wear. But every woman needs to stay on her toes in this era of cell-phone cameras and Facebook. - Author: Nina Garcia
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#20. I went through all my electric bills, the water bills, the phone bills, elevator contracts, and I found enough wasteful spending without reducing any programs anywhere, without reducing any services, I found enough wasteful spending to pay my entire salary for three years. - Author: Thomas Massie
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#21. Inexpensive phones and pay-as-you go services are already spreading mobile phone technology to many parts of that world that never had a wired infrastructure. - Author: Howard Rheingold
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#22. You can use my phone, if you'll pay the roaming charges," I said.
"I need a land line," he said "A pay phone."
"You're out of touch with the times," I said. "A pay phone might be a little hard to find. Nobody uses them anymore. - Author: Jeff Lindsay
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#23. I asked the man on the phone from the National Endowment for the Arts what this fellowship entailed, and he said, 'Well, first there's $10,000.' I asked him, 'Can I pay it in installments?' - Author: Johnny Gimble
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#24. To tell you the truth I am hard put to think of anyone who's career was affected significantly by making all those phone calls and I must be wrong. I must be wrong! Because it has just got to pay off! - Author: Dabney Coleman
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#25. Almost everything in 'A Day With Wilbur Robinson' has some basis in truth. And yes, my sister did pay me to feed her grapes while she talked to her boyfriend on the phone. - Author: William Joyce
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#26. It wasn't long before he spotted another pay phone, a slanted structure near the river, and Annie and Emma waited patiently while he once again dialed and then hung up, but there was a strange comfort in the numbers, and words had never come easily to him anyways. - Author: Jennifer E. Smith
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#27. Sponsored stories are not a great way to monetize mobile traffic. The phone is way more of a publishing tool than a reading tool. The attention users pay to the streams on mobile is far less than on the desktop. - Author: Keith Teare
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#28. So, it was to the pay phone that she descended, bearing the coin of the realm. - Author: Tom Robbins
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#29. When I was shooting 'The Bourne Identity,' I had a mantra: 'How come you never see James Bond pay a phone bill?' It sounds trite, but it became the foundation of that franchise. - Author: Doug Liman
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#30. It's really annoying when you're trying to get to know someone and she doesn't pay attention to you because she's obsessed with her phone. - Author: Cory Monteith
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#31. Friends call me Hitch. Maybe it can be turned into a 900-phone number. People would pay to talk to me. - Author: Christopher Hitchens
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#32. My cell phone bill and my cable gets cut off all the time. Not because I don't have the money, but because I just forget to pay my bills. - Author: Erin Cummings
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#33. Never listen to a phone call that isn't meant for you. Never read a letter that isn't meant for you. Never pay attention to a comment that isn't meant for you. Never violate people's privacy. You will save yourself a lot of anguish. - Author: Edward Kennedy
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#34. Face your financial issues head on. Open your bills, pick up the phone, call your lender. If applicable, tell them you're struggling and explain why. If you lost your job or took a pay cut, be ready to prove it. - Author: Jean Chatzky
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