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#1. Rey's parents left her at 5, and we meet her when she's late teens or early 20s, and for someone to keep hopeful that there's a better life to come, I think, is astounding. Though she starts off alone, she very much finds her place in a group of people, and that's lovely. - Author: Daisy Ridley
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#2. There are days when I still wake up angry, and no one handles it perfectly all the time, but honestly, I feel lucky to have diabetes because of the people I get to meet. The families, the kids, the parents, the other athletes. If I could pick a club to be in, this would definitely be it. - Author: Charlie Kimball
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#3. Even the best parents have to spend so much time making ends meet that they cannot help their kids with homework or afford the extra tutoring that wealthier students enjoy. To address these unjust disparities, we need an early education revolution. - Author: Sal Albanese
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#4. We had to make ends meet. My parents were divorced, so my father wasn't really in my life. We grew up like most kids, just wanting things. - Author: Jeffrey Donovan
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#5. I should have known something was wrong with my first wife. When I brought her home to meet my parents, they approved of her. - Author: Woody Allen
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#6. That's why I try to keep KF hidden from my parents. My family is really paranoid about internet strangers. You know the type; every person on the internet is a pedophile and wants to meet up with you and molest you and dismember you slowly in their basement. - Author: Taylor Nadeau
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#7. I have met a couple of six-year-olds who were apparently quite excited to meet me - before they actually met me. And when they actually met me they ran behind their parents' legs and cowered for shelter. - Author: Tom Felton
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#8. I am grateful for the lessons I learned from my parents' sacrifices. They often had trouble making ends meet, so we moved for them to find work. I remember my mom would sometimes take on second jobs, like ironing, just so we could buy groceries. - Author: Rick Scott
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#9. The best sentence a man can say to a woman is "I want to meet your parents" or "You will be a good mother one day". - Author: Yuli Pritania
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#10. When I meet other parents and they're more 'mumsy' than I am - you know, I don't want to be 'mumsy,' but I'm like, 'Were you always like that or ... what happened?' - Author: Cecily Von Ziegesar
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#11. Parents today are under a lot of stress, sometimes working two jobs just to make ends meet. They're trying to find day care for their kids and elder care for their own parents. The Federal Government shouldn't add to their worries by not living up to its obligations. - Author: Barbara Mikulski
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#12. So we children must be thankful to the imperious Dr. Young for making it possible for our parents to meet and our subsequent births. - Author: Katherine Paterson
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#13. Raising a family is difficult enough. But it's even more difficult for single parents struggling to make ends meet. They don't need more obstacles. They need more opportunities. - Author: Bill Richardson
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#14. Considering our backgrounds, I found it a strange irony that Ian and I should meet in central Borneo. Both of us were set in motion by the war in Southeast Asia. Ian enlisted. I left the country several weeks before an FBI agent arrived at my parents' front door. - Author: Eric Hansen
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#15. Some of the best friends you'll ever meet in your life, you'll meet though your children
mothers and fathers of their friends, parents from school. You'll see. That's the way it was for Bill and me. It's one of the many gifts of parenting. - Author: Michael J. Fox
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#16. But Park's parents loved each other. They kissed each other on the mouth, no matter who was watching. What were the chances you'd ever meet someone like that? he wondered. Someone you could love forever, someone who would forever love you back? - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#17. It was a good word: progress. A safe word that you snuggled up against when you were nervous. The kind of word you took home to meet your parents. - Author: Jason Mott
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#18. I used to date a girl from Buffalo. Why can't I meet a girl with normal parents? - Author: Rodney Dangerfield
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#19. The prospect of calling Zane's parents to tell them he was seriously injured, and oh, by the way, I'm your son's partner who let him go by himself into the building that blew up, nice to meet you, has he told you he likes cock? - Author: Abigail Roux
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#20. In Georgia, rednecks are just wolves in wolf clothing. In Detroit, you don't know who's a redneck until you go home and meet their parents. - Author: Joseph Bruce
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#21. I believe that two people can meet and enrich each other's lives. I'd say that about my parents. But I think it is harder and harder to commit to only one person in a lifetime. - Author: Ivana Trump
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#22. As long as we, again, kind of keep earning the sequels with material and I'm confident Mike can, I'm in. You know I always want to do those. But I also want to keep going in some of the direction as Meet the Parents has. - Author: Jay Roach
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#23. My parents always talk about Puerto Rico. My dad's whole family lives in Puerto Rico. My great grandma lives in Puerto Rico and I got to meet her a couple years ago. - Author: Danny Garcia
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#24. O friends, be men; so act that none may feel Ashamed to meet the eyes of other men. Think each one of this children and his wife, His home, his parents, living yet and dead. For them, the absent ones, I supplicate, And bid you rally here, and scorn to fly. - Author: Homer
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#25. If I had a daughter, and some guy came home with her, I'd be on him like a hawk. When I meet people's parents, I know my place. It's not that hard. - Author: Zac Efron
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#26. I meet people from really grand backgrounds who had horrible parents who took no interest in them, whereas I'm a working-class boy from Deptford who was worshipped by all my rellies. Everybody in my extended family helped to raise me, and I realise now how lucky I was to grow up among kind folk. - Author: Jools Holland
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#27. Research and development needs permanent tax credits to build the technology that spurs our growth. But no government programs alone can get America's students to study more science and math; parents must push and help their children to meet this goal. - Author: Ernest Istook
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#28. There's inevitably something missing when you grow up in this kind of an environment when your parents travel a lot. When your father is famous, you are looked at and expected of. There are standards you need to meet. - Author: Natalie Cole
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#29. Suppose we as children are selfish by nature, judging our parents in the context not of their worlds and challenges but of our worlds and how they meet our needs. Even as we mature we rarely think of them as having been young like us. - Author: Richard Paul Evans
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#30. I'm always interested to meet my friends' parents, or who they were raised by. Where they grew up, I always find very interesting. - Author: Emily Bett Rickards
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#31. When you have parents who are recognizable, there's a certain part of you that wants to know that people you meet are able to not get clouded by that. - Author: Brooklyn Sudano
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#32. As I grow older and meet more and more people, I realise how lucky I am to have had a stable family environment. Both my parents had loving families but unstable upbringings, so they wanted us to have a more stable situation. - Author: Jamie Cullum
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#33. His Zen is genetic. You should meet his parents. You could rob them at gunpoint and they would still ask you to dinner and make sure you got everything valuable in the house, - Author: Rachel Higginson
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#34. Although Ciena would have liked to have gone down to Cloud City, perhaps to meet Jude's parents, she remained aboard the Executor. - Author: Claudia Gray
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#35. And so we go and I meet his parents. And it's a very strange thing meeting your girlfriend's boyfriend's parents for the first time. Part of you is angry for obvious reasons and part of you still wants to make a good impression. On a side note, they seemed in perfect health. - Author: Mike Birbiglia
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#36. Before you get married you should meet your fiance's parents. It is not enough that you like his parole officer. - Author: Phyllis Diller
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#37. Ms. Moore, I want you to find my grandparents. This is important to me. I want to meet them and learn more about my heritage. I would like to know what my parents were like. - Author: Linda Weaver Clarke
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#38. My background's working class. My parents had to work to make ends meet. We don't come from any sense of privilege. - Author: Jon Bon Jovi
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#39. I guess the only thing to do now is meet his parents. I'm sure they're decent people. I mean they gotta be if they named their son Gaylord Focker. - Author: Robert De Niro
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#40. I think most children who are adopted ultimately want to meet their biological parents and often do. I think that is an important journey for children who are adopted to go on. - Author: Madonna Ciccone
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#41. A lot of parents make you feel very awkward when you meet them. - Author: Stephen Chbosky
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#42. There are those moments where you realize that your parents or your heroes are human and are fallible. That concept, in and of itself, is something that is dangerous to me, in a good way. It's exciting and scary to meet those people. - Author: Simon Helberg
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#43. Not long ago, I got to meet some troopers whose lives had been saved. They came with their wives, their children, their parents. It was a very moving occasion. - Author: Stephanie Kwolek
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#44. All the homeschooling parents I know meet on a regular basis with other families. They organize field trips, cooking classes, reading clubs and Scout troops. Their children tend to be happy, confident and socially engaged. - Author: Quinn Cummings
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#45. Sometimes I would like the opportunity to do character-driven comedy and that's really what I was trying to do in Meet The Parents. I think in a way this is a more old fashioned type of comedy. - Author: Jay Roach
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#46. There's a lot of, unfortunately, a lot of divorced families. I come from a divorced family. And you have parents meet someone and they have kids and you're with that whole having to meet new people and be your family. That's always a hard thing to do. - Author: Selena Gomez
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#47. He scarcely saw his parents. When Christopher was small, he was terrified that he would meet Papa out walking in the Park one day and not recognize him. - Author: Diana Wynne Jones
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#48. Jason Alan Crest, nice to meet you."
Alexis took his hand and shook it, "Alexis Amora Anderson, nice to meet you, too."
"All A's, huh?" Jason asked quirking his eyebrow at her.
"Yeah, parents. What can you do?" Alexis said, giggling, again. - Author: Lindsay Chamberlin
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#49. That's actually how my parents met. They were pen pals. My mom was in the Philippines and my father was in the States, and they wrote to each other. He went out to meet her, and they wed not too long after. - Author: Vanessa Hudgens
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#50. So, Yara brings Brent home to meet her parents, and he ends up in the E.R. - Author: Lani Woodland
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#51. If you have one of the worst schools in the city, then chances are the teachers are not going to care for you. Chances are the parents don't feel seriously about coming to meet with teachers. - Author: Bill Cosby
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#52. As parents, we must accept that our children are who they are. We can't make them into something we want, or be disappointed in them because they don't meet our artificial expectations. - Author: Lisa Unger
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#53. In the 1950s at least less was expected of women. Now we're supposed to build a career, build a home, be the supermum that every child deserves, the perfect wife, meet the demands of elderly parents, and still stay sane. - Author: Sara Sheridan
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#54. Your parents are always a big influence on you. They help you make you who you are. The main thing my parents taught me is just to be a nice person - to be generous, kind and happy. I hope it comes off when I work and meet people. - Author: Amber Le Bon
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#55. Whenever we release our need to be right about everything as parents, we are able to meet our children in a relationship of mutuality and respect. - Author: Arjuna Ardagh
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