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#1. One of the more difficult things about being a judge is as you're listening to the evidence, you have to be formulating how you're going to explain your evaluation of that evidence. - Author: Steven Pacey
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#2. You have to be patient. Litigants are emotionally involved - they're suing or being sued, or they've been in an accident or they're charged (with a crime). They are not very objective about their situation. - Author: Steven Pacey
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#3. You really don't want to go to court and have the judge decide based on whether or not they're your friend, because you don't want to be thinking that the (judge's) friend is on the other side (of the court case). - Author: Steven Pacey
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#4. By definition, half the people leaving the courtroom are unhappy. Any good judge can make more than half the people unhappy. The job is not to make people like you or make people think you're their friend. - Author: Steven Pacey
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#5. On Gandhi: Don't ever forget, that we were not lead by a saint with his head in clouds, but by a master tactician with his feet on the ground. - Author: Shashi Tharoor
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#6. I have tried to make sure I knew the law and what the most recent changes were, and I've applied the law to the facts. I have not lost sleep over the decisions I have made. - Author: Steven Pacey
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#7. His sadness was unbearable to watch. Far worse than his rage. He looked so defeated in that sorrow - like he was surrendering, like the battle was too much. - Author: Benjamin Alire Saenz
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#8. In these matters, the only certainty is that nothing is certain - Author: Pliny The Elder
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#9. A good man can bear to listen to another talk about himself. - Author: Saul Bellow
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#10. Grief should be the instructor of the wise; Sorrow is Knowledge. - Author: Lord Byron
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#11. As you get older, you tend to be a little less patient with people - people who are not prepared, people who have unrealistic expectations, people who make unrealistic demands, people who think they're more special than other people. - Author: Steven Pacey
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#12. Being a judge is sometimes like raising children: litigants get the time they need, not necessarily the time they want, and you have to earn people's respect by communicating to them that you're going to listen, follow the law and make a fair decision. - Author: Steven Pacey
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#13. Life's renewal came and pacey flown
As sparks that roused eager jets,
Those spirits by clear morning grown;
Encompasses those extend'd spots. - Author: Nithin Purple
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#14. When I was in court I was the judge; when I was out of court I wasn't. Most people didn't address me as judge when I was in public. - Author: Steven Pacey
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#15. She succumbed to the eternal feminine passion for bargains. - Author: Georgette Heyer
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#16. And this time he would have said it, right? I love you. So much. Too much. But that was forbidden. For all time. The Elf would take his heart in payment. - Author: Cornelia Funke
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#17. Batman doesn't have to put up with this shit
why should we? - Author: Caitlin Moran
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#18. You want a judge who makes objective decisions, and that's why temperament is such an important component of being a judge. You have to earn people's respect, because they know that you are deciding the case based on the facts and the law, not because they're trying to be your friend. - Author: Steven Pacey
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#19. I sleep well. In my entire legal career, I have not lost much sleep at night worrying about things, because I've done what I could do in the time I had, and I've got some rest. - Author: Steven Pacey
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#20. He's confused. It's a classic love triangle ... like Peyton, Lucas and Brooke on One Tree Hill. Or Joey, Dawson and Pacey on Dawson's Creek. Even Bella, Edward and Jacob in Twilight, although none of you is a vampire or a werewolf. - Author: Jennifer Jabaley
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