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Top 22 Overly Optimistic Quotes

#1. I'm a long-term optimist, and I don't think the problems with our society are from being overly optimistic. - Author: Ken MacLeod
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#2. I had to get into a place for myself of thinking what I would create for myself if I didn't have to worry about making money. - Author: Jada Pinkett Smith
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#3. You dance?"
"I think that might be overly optimistic," he said. "I do something. I'll try not to hurt you. - Author: Robyn Carr
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#4. Meditation is both the symbol and expression of our intention to grow. Sitting still, alone with our thoughts and feelings, we can honor missed opportunities, passing desires, remembered disappointments, as well as our inner strength, personal wisdom, and ability to forgive and love. - Author: Sebastian Pole
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#5. Analysts have always been overly optimistic. - Author: David Dreman
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#6. I have a responsibility to the people who work for me, the manufacturers I work with. There is no point to clothes that don't sell. - Author: Dries Van Noten
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#7. Not that I don't trust you, of course, but I don't trust you. - Author: John Green
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#8. As most adults know, the distinctions between one's essential character and value and people's perceptions of that character/value are fuzzy and hard to delineate, especially in adolescence. - Author: David Foster Wallace
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#9. A great song is a great song, whether it's on vinyl or CD or cassette or reel to reel or mp3. Then again, that might be an overly optimistic view, but I do think that great music will transcend the medium in which it is delivered. - Author: Moby
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#10. If you are feeling overly optimistic the Republican Candidates Debate is on. - Author: Kristen Schaal
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#11. In terms of earthly life as you understand it, it is overly optimistic to imagine that eventually all illnesses will be conquered, all relationships be inevitably fulfilling, or to foresee a future in which all people on earth are treated with equality and respect. - Author: Jane Roberts
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#12. Decrements in attention and concentration, being able to learn more efficiently, that's just not as good. Also, there are motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, we see that a lot. - Author: Shelby Harris
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#13. So the goal of spiritual leadership is to muster people to join God in living for God's glory. - Author: John Piper
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#14. Perhaps it only applies in the States, where emotional optimism is a constitutional duty - Author: Julian Barnes
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#15. I live in Italy. I visit my family in Switzerland. - Author: Ursula Andress
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#16. Of course the fall semester didn't start for another eight weeks or so. There was always a chance we were both being overly optimistic in thinking I'd be alive when it rolled around. - Author: Jenna Black
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#17. Candor values honesty, but our faction, Abnegation, values selflessness. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#18. I need thy hate as much as thy love. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#19. There are only two real ways to get ahead today - sell liquor or drink it. - Author: W.C. Fields
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#20. I may say that the only differences I expect to see revealed between the behavior of the rat and man (aside from enormous differences of complexity) lie in the field of verbal behavior. - Author: B.F. Skinner
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#21. I learned by observation that people who pursued extraordinarily unlikely goals were overly optimistic at best, delusional at worst, and just plain stupid most of the time. - Author: Scott Adams
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#22. It's a moment I'll remember forever, because it belongs to me. - Author: Jessica Sorensen
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