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#1. Ram-fication of Ravan-ous thoughts is what Dussehra all about.


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#2. Miss Lucy's called the bell o' St. Ogg's, they say: that's a cur'ous word,' observed Mr. Pullet, on whom the mysteries of etymology sometimes fell with an oppressive weight.

George Eliot

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#3. Have to start taking things mildly seriously, now! Ugh! Just the word sends shivers down my spine. Serious. Seeeerious. Cereal-ous. Trix are for kids. College is not for kids. College is for grown-ups.

Sara Wolf

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#4. One of the major contributions of the Protestant faith to the world is the culture of dignity of labour.

Sunday Adelaja

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#5. The landscape thinks itself in me and I am its consciousness.

Paul Cezanne

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#6. So I can't show you how, exactly, health care is a basic human right. But what I can argue is that no one should have to die of a disease that is treatable.

Paul Farmer

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#7. The thoughts of great men are the common heritage of humanity and let our countrymen receive inspiration and guidance from these thoughts.

Bhagat Puran Singh

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#8. The risk of just one terrorist with just one nuclear weapon is a risk we simply cannot afford to take.

John O. Brennan

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#9. I don't think there's any danger of my ever becoming complacent about losing. I always hated to lose, regardless of what it was, even when the family was playing Yahtzee.

Darin Erstad

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#10. When I first put on the red wig and the red dress, I couldn't believe it was happening. I was like, 'Oh my gosh, this is the dress everyone knows 'Annie' for, and I'm wearing it.'

Lilla Crawford

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#11. The TV season is a year-long thing now, and the networks are starting to look at it that way, thanks to cable, satellites, and competition.

Drew Carey

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#12. Christianity sedulously fosters, and in a sense permanently satisfies, man's craving for mental dissatisfaction by offering him the comfort of a crucified God.

Michael Polanyi

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