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Top 40 Oughta Quotes

#1. This ninety-five-year-old man came hiking twenty-five miles over the mountain. Know why he could do it? Because no one ever told him he couldn't. No one ever told him he oughta be off dying somewhere in an old age home. You live up to your own expectations ... - Author: Christopher McDougall
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#2. What happened?"
"I tried to be somebody different from who I am and it didn't work out."
"The world ain't set up that way. Folks say we oughta be better than we are, but deep down they just want us to stay in our places. With our own kind.
Messes up the natural order, otherwise. - Author: Carolee Dean
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#3. I think these pipe-smokers oughta just move to the next level and go ahead and suck a dick. There's nothing wrong with suckin' dicks. Men do it, women do it; can't be all bad if everybody's doin' it. I say, Drop the pipe, and go to the dick! That's my advice. I'm here to help. - Author: George Carlin
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#4. Braden did not look amused. "Not even twenty our hours in and this arrangement is already exhausting the fuck out of me."
"Well you've given me four orgasms. That oughta take it out of a guy. - Author: Samantha Young
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#5. Then not everything is gonna be the way you think it oughta be. It seems like everytime I try to make it right, it all comes down on me. Please say honestly you won't give up on me, and I shall believe. - Author: Sheryl Crow
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#6. Can't they comprehend that not ever'thing's done for a paycheck? That sometimes you just make a thing 'cause you wanna see how it'll turn out, 'cause you have a feeling in your gut that it oughta be made? - Author: Tom Robbins
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#7. My boyfriend keeps telling me I've got to own things. So, first I bought this car. And then he told me I oughta get a house. 'Why a house?' 'Well, you gotta have a place to park the car.' - Author: Julia Roberts
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#8. Rather than face what really is, we prefer to retreat and compare what we're living through with the way we think it oughta be. Suffering comes from the comparison between the two. - Author: Brad Warner
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#9. Someone dies, there oughta be something. It oughta shake the world! You're not supposed to walk away! - Author: Lisa Henry
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#10. We ain't what we oughta be. We ain't what we want to be. We ain't what we gonna be. But, thank God, we ain't what we was. - Author: Martin Luther King Jr.
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#11. We've become a race of Peeping Toms. What people oughta do is get outside their own house and look in for a change. - Author: John Michael Hayes
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#12. Chicago is an extremely rough place to grow up in. Especially if you're the only brother on the block that's into bumpin' Alanis Morrisette ... So 'You Oughta Know,' I moved to Oregon. - Author: Ron Funches
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#13. (From Slices) Her skirt's so short, she's advertisin' the promised land. Somebody oughta slap her naked, then set a match to that git-up. - Author: Savannah
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#14. She said I'd better not make her unhappy because I oughta know that she's never unhappy alone. - Author: Megan Abbott
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#15. There are tribes all over the world who sing and dance every day as part of their lives. And we oughta do that. - Author: Dick Van Dyke
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#16. You oughta see Kathy's brother. Now there's a hood. He's so greasy he glides when he walks. He goes to the barber for an oil change, not a haircut. - Author: S.E. Hinton
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#17. A man can't get sick just because he oughta. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#18. If 10% is good enough for Jesus, it oughta be enough for Uncle Sam. - Author: Ray Stevens
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#19. If you treat what you value most in life more like a garden and less like a vending machine, you'll probably be happier. (from You Oughta Know By Now) - Author: Brian P. Cleary
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#20. I'm not trying to get myself up a notch on the ladder by shoving somebody else down on the ladder, whether it's a candidate or the president of the United States or anybody else. I just don't believe that's the way one oughta campaign, I've never done that. - Author: George H. W. Bush
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#21. I oughta be rich. But, you know, if you don't spend all your time looking after money, somebody else will. The guys who look after money, they're the ones who get the money. - Author: Robert Crumb
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#22. Why I oughta ... - Author: The Three Stooges
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#23. You really oughta warn a guy when you're going all glamorous on him, so he'd be prepared. - Author: Rosamond Du Jardin
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#24. We've got some people who think Shariah law oughta be the law of the land, forget the Constitution. But the guns are there, the Second Amendment is there, to make sure all of the rest of the amendments are followed. - Author: Louie Gohmert
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#25. Fifty cents a touch, right? This oughta cover me for a while - Author: J. Sterling
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#26. Oughta be a law everybody has to take a trip every two years just to make 'em realize how good home is. - Author: Mary Lasswell
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#27. Half voluntarily, half Winston's older brother [William] would take me in, saying, "Daddy, I think you oughta do this." And I'd say, "I think you're right, maybe I do need it." Sometimes a week later I'd leave the place; sometimes I'd stick it out for a month. - Author: William Eggleston
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#28. You boys ain't got it so bad," he said to his rigid squadmates. "You oughta see how we treat the generals, if you think you's bad off. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#29. Cormac interrupted. 'Maybe I oughta shoot you both, put you both out of your misery. - Author: Carrie Vaughn
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#30. Seems like everything people oughta know they just don't want to hear. I guess that's the big trouble with the world. - Author: Daniel Mainwaring
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#31. Firefly: Now that you're Secretary of War, what kind of an army do you think we oughta have? Chicolini: Well, I tell you what I think. I think we should have a standing army. Firefly: Why should we have a standing army? Chicolini: Because then we save money on chairs. - Author: Groucho Marx
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#32. A man oughta do what he thinks is best. - Author: John Wayne
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#33. If you want to push someone away, I strongly recommend rambling about death and theology. That oughta do it. - Author: Emery Lord
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#34. But Nicholas had no room for practicality when there was fun to be had. There was no one as capable of taking a seemingly innocuous situation and turning it into a raving adventure.
Jane. What a boring, and obviously fake, name. This oughta be fun. - Author: Sarah M. Cradit
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#35. Bigotry has always been the poison of America, and we oughta do everything to eradicate it with no excuses or explanations. - Author: Chuck Schumer
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#36. My memory is not even what most people's is, much less what it oughta be for a discussion like this. - Author: Warren Zevon
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#37. oil companies are nationalities. This plane oughta say EXXON on the side instead of U. S. Navy - Author: James W. Blinn
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#38. Muthuhfuckin' muthuhfucker! I oughta come over there kick your ass myself, worryin'me like this? I got your back homes! I got your back! - Author: Robert Crais
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#39. Everybody oughta have a dog," he said thoughtfully, his hand still scratching Beau. "Dogs teach you love and kindness. They remind you what's important." He nodded and took a sip of his coffee. "A life ain't much of a life without a dog in it, s'what I always said. - Author: Dan Gemeinhart
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#40. You never oughta drink water when it ain't running, - Author: John Steinbeck
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