Top 100 Other Boys Quotes

#1. Like thousands of other boys, I had a little chemical laboratory in our cellar and think that some of our friends thought me a bit crazy.

Linus Pauling

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#2. It was with some difficulty that I got through the multiplication tables. The fact that I recollect nothing more of those days than having learnt, in company with other boys, to call our teacher all kinds of names, would strongly suggest that my intellect must have been sluggish, and my memory raw.

Mahatma Gandhi

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#3. That's because Narnia was a Christian allegory pretending to be a fantasy series, you asshole," said one of the other boys. "C.S. Lewis never went through any doors. He didn't know how it worked. He wanted to tell a story, and he'd probably heard about kids like us, and he made shit up.

Seanan McGuire

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#4. Boys are different from girls, but boys are also different from other boys, just as girls are different from other girls. Calling a book 'for boys' or 'for girls' is well-meaning, but to me, not terribly helpful.

Marie Lu

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#5. But you are a black boy, and you must be responsible for your body in a way that other boys cannot know.

Ta-Nehisi Coates

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#6. I dare you to ask him," Frank said. The other boys were listening. Almanzo put his hands in his pockets and said: "I'd just as lief ask him if I wanted to." "Yah, you're scared!" Frank jeered. "Double dare! Double dare!

Laura Ingalls Wilder

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#7. The difference between him and the other boys at such a time was that they knew it was make-believe, while to hime make-believe and true were exactly the same thing. This sometimes troubled them, as when they had to make-believe that they had had their dinners.

J.M. Barrie

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#8. Some boys ... Are perfect shits. & other boys are very, very beautiful.

Benjamin Alire Saenz

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#9. When other boys dreamt of going to the moon or becoming doctors, I wanted to be a designer.

Olivier Theyskens

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#10. There are worse things in the world than a boy who likes to kiss other boys.

Benjamin Alire Saenz

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#11. Other boys mean questions have to get settled. Who's coolest? Who's hardest? Who's brainiest? Normal boys care about this stuff

David Mitchell

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#12. Everything we do means something, Ender realized. Them laughing. Me not laughing. He toyed with the idea of trying to be like the other boys. But he couldn't think of any jokes, and none of theirs seemed funny. Wherever their laughter came from, Ender couldn't find such a place in himself.

Orson Scott Card

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#13. The other boys started to complain that pushing off walls was movement, not combat. "There is no combat without movement," Ender said.

Orson Scott Card

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#14. Why aren't I like other boys?

Alexei Nikolaevich

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#15. To put it bluntly, he could die. Any moment. But so could Robert and Sal and Toby. At least I am here with him. He's not alone. Our other boys? They are alone out there without us.

Suzanne Hayes

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#16. If the girl could only have spoken to the other boys and girls, the ones that had followed the golden-eyed boy before her, she would have known that there is always something left to lose.


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#17. Nothing I did or said among the other boys came to me naturally. As a result, in every encounter, even the most glancing, I had to be a performer, for at all times I was aware I was impersonating a human being.

Edmund White

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#18. Other boys were happy enough to enjoy the show, they just wanted to be entertained in the body's shadow theater.

Janet Fitch

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#19. The other boys at Yale came from wealthy families, and none of them were investing outside the United States, and I thought, 'That is very egotistical. Why be so shortsighted or near-sighted as to focus only on America? Shouldn't you be more open-minded?'

John Templeton

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#20. Then there was Mani, the Mighty Good-For-Nothing. He towered above all the other boys of the class. He seldom brought any books to the class, and never bothered about homework. He came to the class, monopolized the last bench, ans slept bravely. No teacher ever tried to prod him.

R.K. Narayan

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#21. Anna glanced over at her father and Mac added, Sometimes it's like that. Some boys want to date other boys, and some girls like other girls best. As long as people are happy, it all works out.

Kaje Harper

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#22. It was a problem that needed squaring away and I squared it away for them. By now it seemed like it was something I was doing all my life. If you count my father sending me out to beat up other boys so he could win beer bets, maybe it was. Evidently

Charles Brandt

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#23. It is so stupid to say, as Edward does, that Aubrey ought to like what he detests, because other boys do. Aubrey is himself, and no one can alter him, so what is the use of saying he ought, when he won't?

Georgette Heyer

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#24. Joe, when you really start trusting those other boys, you will feel a power at work within you that is far beyond anything you've ever imagined. Sometimes, you will feel as if you have rowed right off the planet and are rowing among the stars.

Daniel James Brown

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#25. Peleus acknowledged this. "Yet other boys will be envious that you have chosen such a one. What will you tell them?"
"I will tell them nothing." The answer came with no hesitation, clear and crisp. "It is not for them to say what I will do.

Madeline Miller

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#26. It's fun chasing boys, especially when you're young, but I think it takes time and life experience to notice the other boys.

Reese Witherspoon

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#27. I once preached to a man in a telephone booth,
Long ago during the days of my youth,
I grew up different from the other boys,
As a little boy I studied the scriptures and avoided toys

Lisbon Tawanda Chigwenjere

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#28. [As a young teenager] Galois read Legendre]'s geometry from cover to cover as easily as other boys read a pirate yarn.

Eric Temple Bell

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#29. We are fighting to make those dear old places where
we had played as children, safe for other boys and girls--fighting for the preservation and safety of all sweet, wholesome things.

L.M. Montgomery

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#30. I really thought I was quite a respectable lad, and might have been half inclined to boast that I was not like other boys, - untruthful, dishonest, disobedient, swearing, Sabbath-breaking, and so on. But, all of a sudden, I met Moses,

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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#31. There are boys so enraptured by love that they can't get their hearts to slow down enough to get some rest, and other boys so damaged by love that they can't stop picking at their pain.

David Levithan

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#32. Oh, Mia. You haven't even begun to find out who you really are, and, believe me, other boys are going to fall in love with you. If a guy can't see how special you are, he isn't good enough for you.

Kristin Hannah

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#33. It's true, I had an extremely delicious life, but that was my life at home, and perhaps because I was only a child, or for whatever reasons, I found the company of others, especially other boys, quite terrifying and upsetting.

Harry Mathews

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#34. I did think of becoming a priest quite late on, when other boys were thinking of knocking over fences and going out with girls. I would have made a very good bishop: nice housekeeper, nice clothes - god, the clothes.

Colm Toibin

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#35. It's a shame for a woman's history to be all about men-first boys, then other boys, then men, men, men. It reminds me of the way our school history textbooks were all about wars and elections, one war after another, with the dull periods of peace skimmed over when they happened.

Elizabeth Kostova

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#36. When I walked to school in the mornings I would start out alone but would pick up four other boys along the way. We would set out together after school across the village green.

Roald Dahl

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#37. It was a table that could seat six, but Ben was the only one there. She had never seen Ben with any of the other boys. It was too bad, because she believed Ben Hanscom had treasures buried inside. He would yield them up to a kind and patient prospector...if one ever came along.

Stephen King

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#38. So many other boys and girls grew up with holes in their chests gaping as wide as the Christian fissure that had spat them into the world. Maureen

Lisa McInerney

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#39. Some boys... Are perfect shits. & other boys are very, very beautiful.

Benjamin Alire Saenz

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#40. All through my school life I was appalled by the fact that masters and senior boys were allowed quite literally to wound other boys, and sometimes very severely.

Roald Dahl

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#41. I wanted all of her and resented other boys for wanting any part of her.

Jonathan Franzen

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#42. He toyed with the idea of trying to be like the other boys. But he couldn't think of any jokes, and none of theirs seemed funny. Wherever their laughter came from, Ender couldn't find such a place in himself. He was afraid, and fear made him serious.

Orson Scott Card

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#43. Sometimes, though not often, he had dreams, and they were more painful than the dreams of other boys. For hours he could not be separated from these dreams, though he wailed piteously in them. They had to do, I think, with the riddle of his existence.

J.M. Barrie

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#44. I want to drag you off and hide you away," he whispered.
"I always knew you were beautiful, but now everyone else will too. I won't be able to keep other boys away from you, and it'll make me crazy.

Ann Aguirre

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#45. Fighting's not a good idea, said Jon-Johan, and the other boys nodded, ending the discussion then and there, even though we girls probably lost some degree of respect for them on that occasion.

Janne Teller

Other Boys Quotes #1514651
#46. My world was completely different to other boys my age. When I was six I was earning money, and by 10 I was paying more tax than the parents of other pupils. I feel a lot older than my years. Because I was working with adults, I had to mature a lot quicker.

Aaron Johnson

Other Boys Quotes #1545074
#47. Oh, yes. I knew I was weird by the time I was four. I knew I wasn't like other boys. I knew I was more fearful. I didn't like the rough and tumble most boys were into. I knew I was a sissy.

Robert Crumb

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#48. At school, I enjoyed playing the bassoon. I was in the orchestra and played the melody when the other boys sang hymns at prayers time.

James Dyson

Other Boys Quotes #1648500
#49. Well. He's a very sensitive boy. He's really never been a terribly good mixer with other boys ... '
Sensitive. That killed me. That guy Morrow was about as sensitive as a goddamn toilet seat.

J.D. Salinger

Other Boys Quotes #1653673
#50. I wasn't like other boys. At any rate, I wasn't like my three elder brothers: they excelled at football and they were like other boys, going up to bed each night hugging annuals filled with stories about the glories of Pele and Danny McGrain.

Andrew O'Hagan

Other Boys Quotes #1694715
#51. You know who should watch out?" Imogene lowered her voice to a conspiratorial whisper.
"Gavin's brothers. Mmm-hmm. Now that Gavin is tying the knot, Carolyn has a bee in her bonnet about getting all her other boys married off.

Sara Humphreys

Other Boys Quotes #1723556
#52. There is an old story about the boy at Eton who committed suicide. The other boys in his house were gathered together and asked if any of them could suggest a reason for the tragedy. After a long silence a small boy in the front put up his hand: 'Could it have been the food, sir?

Auberon Waugh

Other Boys Quotes #1756941
#53. I wouldn't change it you know," he said, his breath raising goose bumps on the skin of my neck. "The girls, the other boys, everything we experienced before this moment. Because that was all wrong. And I think we needed to feel what was wrong to know what's right.

Megan Erickson

Other Boys Quotes #1767247
#54. I learned lots of dirty jokes very young. There was this girl who told me them. The gang I led went in for shoplifting and pulling girls' knickers down. Other boys' parents hated me.

John Lennon

Other Boys Quotes #1783444
#55. But what [Gansey] said was, "I'm going to need everyone to be straight with each other from now on. No more games. This isn't just for Blue, either. All of us."
Ronan said, "I'm always straight."
Adam replied, "Oh, man, that's the biggest lie you've ever told."
Blue said, "Okay.

Maggie Stiefvater

Other Boys Quotes #14748
#56. Matt and Mark (Hughes) used to pound each other on the farm as young boys.

Mike Goldberg

Other Boys Quotes #63066
#57. They had parted as boys, and now life presented one of them with a fugitive and the other with a dying man. Both wondered whether this was due to the cards they'd been dealt or to the way they had played them.

Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Other Boys Quotes #93302
#58. I won't miss coaching. What you miss is that camaraderie with those boys and the other coaches. You miss that.

Bobby Bowden

Other Boys Quotes #102523
#59. Where're we goin'?" he grumbled. "Across the street to grab a bite to eat. Everyone's waitin' on us." "Everyone?" Curtis frowned. "Yeah, you know, the other six who you donated sperm for." Curtis shook his head in disbelief. Some of the things that came out of his boys' mouths.

Nicole Edwards

Other Boys Quotes #107865
#60. And now," he continued, speaking to Milo, "where were you on the night of July 27?"
"What does that have to do with it?" asked Milo.
"It's my birthday, that's what," said the policeman as he entered "Forgot my birthday" in his little book. "Boys always forget other people's birthdays.

Norton Juster

Other Boys Quotes #129484
#61. But some boys like boys more -
And some girls make other girls hearts soar!

Christina Engela

Other Boys Quotes #209089
#62. One fine day, in the middle of the night, two dead boys got up to fight. Back to back they faced each other. They pulled out their swords and shot one another. One deaf cop, on the beat heard the noise, and came and shot the two dead boys.

Holly Black

Other Boys Quotes #221434
#63. O I never thought that joys would run away from boys,
Or that boys would change their minds and forsake such summer joys;
But alack I never dreamed that the world had other toys

John Clare

Other Boys Quotes #232776
#64. Boys never seemed stupider than when they were surprised by the bad behavior of other men.

Rebecca Scherm

Other Boys Quotes #277424
#65. Just remember,' a Marine Corps lieutenant colonel told me as he strapped his pistol belt under his arm before we crossed into Kuwait, 'that none of these boys is fighting for home, for the flag, for all that crap the politicians feed the public. They are fighting for each other, just for each other.

Chris Hedges

Other Boys Quotes #322477
#66. I was traumatised in the medieval Afghan society at Sarana village by the local boys of Omar's Taliban who forced my in-laws to subjugate me for trying to be different. There can be Omars in other religions, too, who oppress women.

Sushmita Banerjee

Other Boys Quotes #324042
#67. We came from the '60s era, when we started and made so many hits. The song value from the '60s was so darn good, you've got The Beatles, The Beach Boys, all of Motown, and plenty of other people, too ... amazing records, amazing songs.

Mike Love

Other Boys Quotes #361869
#68. Maybe attraction was aligned in heaven before our birth because there was no other way to explain my feelings. There were millions of boys on the earth. Why did it feel so strong?

Belinda Jeffrey

Other Boys Quotes #366926
#69. We made this stupid rule and this stupid rule.
Boys are not allowed to love each other.
Then we painted a bison on the wall.

Andrew Smith

Other Boys Quotes #374575
#70. There is less flogging in our great schools than formerly-but then less is learned there; so what the boys get at one end they lose at the other.

Samuel Johnson

Other Boys Quotes #424045
#71. There were no glimmering moments where their looks hooked on to each other and grew hot, and no catching sight of one of the boys in a ray of sun and thinking, I wonder what his skin tastes like.

Stephanie Perkins

Other Boys Quotes #429863
#72. Imagine having a well-cultivated pirate crew and established career as the terror of the seas, only to have some bloody ten-year-old show up claiming he's the spirit of youth and joy and your unholy nemesis, Oh, and he's rallied a bunch of other little boys to come and kill you.

Austin Chant

Other Boys Quotes #440075
#73. Talking with other parents really gave me some lessons that I try to hold on to now, as a parent of two boys.

Joe Lando

Other Boys Quotes #446711
#74. Boys torment each other when there's nothing else to do and no Frenchmen to fight.

Christian Cameron

Other Boys Quotes #450278
#75. Fishing keeps men boys longer than any other pursuit

Zane Grey

Other Boys Quotes #457393
#76. On ladies' nights they watch frozen-faced while their men embrace and fool about commenting to each other that they are all overgrown boys. Of the love of fellows they know nothing. They cannot love each other in this easy, innocent, spontaneous way because they cannot love themselves.

Germaine Greer

Other Boys Quotes #532825
#77. People say I've 'retained' my Cockney accent. I can do any accent, but I wanted other working-class boys to know that they could become actors.

Michael Caine

Other Boys Quotes #536216
#78. I think because I'm 6'4 and have blond hair and I didn't dress like any other kind of a boy, people just immediately thought I was some kind of circus animal.

Patrick Wolf

Other Boys Quotes #559848
#79. I'm making music for other people to listen to for pleasure. And hopefully, later on maybe they'll listen to it and go, "That bass line, boy, did you hear the way those drums interacted with that?"

Lauryn Hill

Other Boys Quotes #624443
#80. I brought samples in, because I didn't have any comic book samples, and I brought all these illustrations that I had influenced by Norman Rockwell and a couple of the other big boys. That's all I had, that's all I brought.

Dan DeCarlo

Other Boys Quotes #624986
#81. Girls who kiss boys, girls who date them, girls who call them on the phone ... that's all they do. There are other things I want to do.

Garret Freymann-Weyr

Other Boys Quotes #648171
#82. I always joke to my dad and thank him for giving me this little boy body, when I was 6 or 7, my gymnastics coach looked at my quads and told the other coach to come over and see my quads. They were big then and still are. But I've kind of embraced it through the years.

Ali Krieger

Other Boys Quotes #668826
#83. One thing about excellence, it's an exclusive club. And it's only for those who really want to pay dues to the s
. My daddy told me when I was a boy: The only way you can be different from other people is to do some s
they don't want to do.

Wynton Marsalis

Other Boys Quotes #685570
#84. When I am grown to man's estate I shall be very proud and great. And tell the other girls and boys Not to meddle with my toys.

Robert Louis Stevenson

Other Boys Quotes #716231
#85. This wise old whiskery fish swims up to three young fish and goes, 'Morning, boys, how's the water?' and swims away; and the three young fish watch him swim away and look at each other and go, 'What the fuck is water?' and swim away.

David Foster Wallace

Other Boys Quotes #719601
#86. Julian Schnabel painted a picture that he dedicated to my character in Rumble Fish. It was called The Motorcycle Boy. I remember when he brought it over to me at the Mayflower Hotel [in New York] years ago. This is when you and I knew each other.

Mickey Rourke

Other Boys Quotes #723672
#87. My early wounds were the English school system among other things. It wasn't merely the discipline, it was the ways in which boys got what was called the school spirit.

George Woodcock

Other Boys Quotes #800057
#88. He never pays attention, he always knows the answer, and he can never tell you how he knows. We can't keep thrashing him. He is a bad example to the other pupils. There's no educating a smart boy.

Terry Pratchett

Other Boys Quotes #842070
#89. In times past there were rituals of passage that conducted a boy into manhood, where other men passed along the wisdom and responsibilities that needed to be shared. But today we have no rituals. We are not conducted into manhood; we simply find ourselves there.

Kent Nerburn

Other Boys Quotes #857720
#90. Pink is female - but why? Are girls any more pink than boys? Are boys any more blue than girls? It's something that has been sold to us, mostly so other things can be sold to us.

David Levithan

Other Boys Quotes #860294
#91. Other people make angels out of boys like you.

But I? Choked-up lungs and erratic flight; I
leave too fast to find the light.

Elisabeth Hewer

Other Boys Quotes #884656
#92. Girl understand each other in a way boys never will.

Jenny Han

Other Boys Quotes #905976
#93. How about we get rid of separate bathrooms for boys and girls? Gays and straights share the bathroom with zero issues. We need to put an end to the sexist pooping policies of yesterday. The only way to achieve gender equality is to start crapping in front of each other.

Daniel Tosh

Other Boys Quotes #922717
#94. Like most Catholic boys, I wanted to be Jesus Christ. I could never get the turn-the-other-cheek thing down, though.

Jim Carrey

Other Boys Quotes #949888
#95. I love black leggings with cowboy (I mean cowgirl!) boots, and other-slightly less trendy-things like my boys' Wrangler jeans and my husband's worn deerskin work gloves. I love most things country, because country, to me, is home.

Ree Drummond

Other Boys Quotes #953708
#96. They stared each other down, and while the dorky eleven-year-old in my soul kind of hoped that two hot boys might fight over me, the rational, seventeen-year-old knew that Archer need to get out of here, fast.

Rachel Hawkins

Other Boys Quotes #1045257
#97. What was it about needy girls? Jules wondered. They felt like they had the right to be needy, because they knew that other people would be interested in - although annoyed at - their needs. ... They got all the attention. Boys turned their focus toward them, and messy situations results.

Meg Wolitzer

Other Boys Quotes #1063895
#98. I don't have the time, skill level, or experience to date one guy, let alone two. Fortunately, there's more to life than boys. How about we focus on something other than me finding a mate?

D.R. Graham

Other Boys Quotes #1071860
#99. My mother is such an incredibly strong woman. She raised a family of five boys extremely well. She made us all strong, loving, caring people. We all support each other. I'm really thankful to her.

Henry Cavill

Other Boys Quotes #1093302
#100. People say i am a genius. I might be one but i am not the only one. There are many other Pakistani girls and boys like me. All those gems need, is a little bit of polishing. And I will do it. That's my aim

Arfa Karim

Other Boys Quotes #1121789

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