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#1. If we don't get this economy going, the numbers that represent this stimulus package are going to be small compared to the loss of revenue to the federal government for our economy. - Author: Judd Gregg
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#2. You don't want people who have never had to deal with adversity - you want people who have been able to deal successfully with adversity. That's what adds to society. Those are going to be the hardest-working, best people. - Author: Linda Ronstadt
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#3. Beating is the worst, and therefore the last means to be us'd in the correction of children, and that only in the cases of extremity, after all gently ways have been try'd, and proved unsuccessful; which, if well observ'd, there will very seldom be any need of blows. - Author: John Locke
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#4. A good watch may serve to keep a recconing at Sea for some days and to know the time of a Celestial Observ[at]ion: and for this end a good Jewel watch may suffice till a better sort of Watch can be found out. But when the Longitude at sea is once lost, it cannot be found again by any watch. - Author: Isaac Newton
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#5. Only you can allow yourself to be angry. - Author: A.S. King
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#6. That game gave us a lot of confidence and the fans something to cheer for. - Author: Bill Vaughan
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#7. The Iraq conflict, while not a cause of extremism, has become a cause for extremists. - Author: Porter Goss
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#8. I very much dislike doctrinaire liberals - they want to own your minds. And I don't like reactionary conservatives. I like to face issues in terms of conditions and not in terms of someone's inborn political philosophy. - Author: Carl Albert
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#9. [T]he Famous Rules which the French call, Des Trois Unitez , or, The Three Unities, which ought to be observ'd in every Regular Play; namely, of Time, Place, and Action. - Author: John Dryden
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#10. I believe it is our values and our ideals that ultimately bind us together as a nation. But it is the English language which serves as the means by which we can communicate these values to those around us. Our common language, English, is that which unites us. - Author: Asa Hutchinson
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#11. I have divers times endeavoured to see and to know, what parts the Blood consists of; and at length I have observ'd, taking some Blood out of my own hand, that it consists of small round globuls driven through a Crystalline humidity or water. - Author: Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek
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#12. I have often observ'd the loudest Laughers to be the dullest Fellows in the Company. - Author: Mary Wortley Montagu
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#13. You and Jack need to get a move on. I thought for sure he'd have you in bed by now." She folds her arms, eyeing me from head to toe. "What is wrong with you?" My - Author: Heather R. Blair
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#14. I know I'm going to get in trouble! - Author: Herman Cain
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#15. If I can't trust my child with what is happening in our home how do I think he or she will ever experience trust? - Author: K.L. Jordaan
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