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#1. But the aircraft a year ago had been different. It was not a squat, fat-bellied cargo plane but a needle-nosed single-pilot jet. - Author: Lois Lowry
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#2. Remember preconceptions? Even though I'd landed hoping simply to somehow scrape the transatlantic fare home, I'd been an arrogant swine, imbued with that Old World toffee-nosed attitude: The United States of America's got no culture, not deep down. - Author: Jonathan Gash
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#3. Ah?" he said, vaguely. "No, I dinna think so. Still," he said with a smile, pulling his attention suddenly back to her, "I wouldna be likely to. A young burke of sixteen's too taken up wi' his own grand self to pay much heed to what he thinks are naught but a rabble of snot-nosed bairns. - Author: Diana Gabaldon
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#4. I detest 'Jingle Bells,' 'White Christmas,' 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer,' and the obscene spending bonanza that nowadays seems to occupy not just December, but November and much of October, too. - Author: Richard Dawkins
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#5. I'm no more used to being without a weapon than you are. (Cassandra)
She's right about that. Her teddy bear is a six-inch retractable knife with a snub-nosed .38 Special. (Katra) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#6. I'm a hard-nosed businessman, that if a company is paying its way, increasing profits for thirty-odd consecutive years, you don't put it into receivership. - Author: Sean Quinn
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#7. My favorite holiday memory was sitting at home all day in my pajamas during winter break for school watching a bunch of old Christmas movies like 'Jack Frost' and 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' with my siblings and parents. - Author: Becky G
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#8. Ethiopians imagine their gods as black and snub-nosed; Thracians blue-eyed and red-haired. But if horses or lions had hands, or could draw and fashion works as men do, horses would draw the gods shaped like horses and lions like lions, making the gods resemble themselves. Xenophanes - Author: Christopher Hitchens
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#9. I'm like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. If I'm not ready, the sled isn't going to go. - Author: Kevin Garnett
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#10. All in November's soaking mist We stand and prune the naked tree, While all our love and interest Seem quenched in the blue-nosed misery. - Author: Ruth Pitter
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#11. We have lots of evidence that putting investments in early childhood education, even evidence from very hard-nosed economists, is one of the very best investments that the society can possibly make. And yet we still don't have public support for things like preschools. - Author: Alison Gopnik
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#12. The Ethiopians say that their gods are snub-nosed and black the Thracians that theirs have light blue eyes and red hair. - Author: Xenophanes
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#13. I always saw myself as a big-nosed, big-eared kid. I've never tried to kind of capitalize on that stuff. I think a lot of people do when they can. - Author: Benn Northover
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#14. Multiculturalism means your kid has to learn some wretched tribal dirge for the school holiday concert instead of getting to sing 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.' - Author: Henry Hazlitt
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#15. I have mild albinism, which means I am very sensitive to light, so the animal representation of my spirit would have to be a mole. I am particularly fond of that most Lovecraftian of mammals, the star-nosed mole, and tend to choose it for online icons and avatars. - Author: Sarah Monette
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#16. It'll be the Date to End All Dates," I told Gary as he nosed his way through my closet. "And yes, before you ask, it is capitalized just like it sounds. Great plans should always be capitalized. - Author: T.J. Klune
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#17. I came out of the old Second City in Chicago. Chicago actors are more hard-nosed. They're tough on themselves and their fellow actors. They're self-demanding. - Author: Bill Murray
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#18. I started my car and put Chase out of my mind as I nosed out into the merry brutality of Friday-night traffic in Miami. - Author: Jeff Lindsay
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#19. Marlys was a sturdy woman in her fifties, white curls clinging to her scalp like vanilla frosting. She wore rimless glasses, a homemade red-checked gingham dress, and low-topped Nikes. Short-nosed and pale, she had a small pink mouth that habitually pursed in thought, or disapproval. - Author: John Sandford
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#20. I think all the roles I've played really center around either the great conflict or how the great conflict affects the people that I love. I've been cast often as a hard-nosed, hyper-confident guy. - Author: Andre Braugher
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#21. The naked mole is, like, the ugliest freakin' creature in the world. It is so radically, unbelievably disgusting. And the star-nosed mole is also. It looks like it snorted a firecracker. They live way underground, and to get footage of them is basically impossible. - Author: Ze Frank
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#22. Like the women in my family, I've found the women in my lab a hard-nosed, ambitious lot who have gone on to be faculty members at top universities. In my own family, it is my father who is prone to bursting into tears. - Author: Venkatraman Ramakrishnan
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#23. Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer, dead at 53. Over Barcelona today, the famed reindeer was hit by a flock of seagulls and a 747. Eyewitnesses report, that the reindeer in Spain was hit mainly by the plane. - Author: Colin Mochrie
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#24. I think that the environmental movement is wisely moving away from a largely emotion-based argument for the spiritual or intrinsic value of Nature with a capital "N" and evolving toward a very hard-nosed case for the economic value of natural capital, ecosystem services, biodiversity, etc. - Author: Edward Norton
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#25. I'm not even tone deaf, that's the arse-mothering, fuck-nosed, bugger-sucking wank of the thing. - Author: Stephen Fry
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#26. Seattle's Hooverville Northwest of downtown, in the old Scandinavian neighborhood of Ballard, tugboats belching plumes of black smoke nosed long rafts of logs into the - Author: Daniel James Brown
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#27. The European upper-class could not decide if the Jews were a noble race of persecuted biblical heroes, everyone a King David and Maccabee, or a sinister conspiracy of mystically brilliant, hook-nosed, hobbits with almost supernatural powers. - Author: Simon Sebag Montefiore
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#28. Now the profile of our country looks a little less hard nosed / but that picket line persisted and that clinic's since been closed / they keep pounding their fists on reality hoping it will break / but I don't think there's a one of us leads a life free of mistakes - Author: Ani DiFranco
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#29. The country has moved off track. The people in Washington don't have the hard-nosed business experience needed to get the economy up and running. - Author: Doug Ose
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#30. If you annoy the Hog-nosed Snake enough, he will roll over on his back and play dead. If you turn him right-side up , he will roll over to prove that he is dead. [Footnote:] While he is playing dead, you can go straight up to him and step on his head or smash him with a big club. - Author: Will Cuppy
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#31. She sees washing lines and women squatting by a stream, and the creaking ropes of a swing beneath a big tree, and a big dog, cowering from the taunts of the village boys, and a hawk-nosed man digging a ditch, shirt plastered to his back with sweat, and a veiled woman bent over a cooking fire. - Author: Khaled Hosseini
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#32. Men imagine gods to be born, and to have clothes and voices and shapes like theirs....Yea, the gods of the Ethiopians are black and flat-nosed, and the gods of the Thracians are red-haired and blue-eyed. - Author: Michio Kaku
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#33. Well what would you have us do, Jason? Swan into a hardware store without any cash and say "give us your best rack or we'll set the adorable button-nosed robots on you for bunny-boiler death by cuddling?" Jared Thomas in Red Gods Sing - Author: Trevor Barton
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#34. It was passed on by the hook-nosed herdsmen of the grasslands, from the dwellers in tents to the dwellers in the squat stone cities where kings with curled blueblack beards worshipped round-bellied gods with curious rites. - Author: Robert E. Howard
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#35. The new-school hip-hop generation exists with a mandate to 'keep it real'; this has to do with embracing a hard-nosed truth about the world and letting the chips fall where they may. - Author: Todd Boyd
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#36. red-nosed reindeer did not stand a chance. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#37. Her messy bun was too full and evenly greying to be her real hair; the way it splayed out behind her beak-nosed face made her look like a Polish chicken. - Author: Madison Key
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#38. Look, you runny-nosed little runt. You're going to back off right now, or I'm going to rip that safety pin out of your nose and pin your mouth shut. - Author: Dan Brown
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#39. She did not look her best: so thin, so large-nosed, with that pink-and-white checked duster tied round her head. She felt her disadvantage. But she had had a good deal of suffering and sorrow, she did not mind any more. - Author: D.H. Lawrence
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#40. And who are you supposed to be? the King of snot-nosed delinquents? - Author: Michael Buckley
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#41. The real reason Jews don't have more Hanukkah music is that, historically, American Jewish singer-songwriters were too busy making Christmas music. 'White Christmas,' 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,' 'Silver Bells' and 'The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting)' were all written by Jews. - Author: Matisyahu
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#42. The longer you stay in the job that you do the more you learn about what those around you do. As an actor I've always nosed around apologetically about: "oh wouldn't it be interesting if I could do that?" I can't imagine not wanting to do this everyday. - Author: Jason Bateman
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#43. Santa knows Physics: Of all colors, Red Light penetrates fog best. That's why Benny the Blue-nosed reindeer never got the gig. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#44. A sharp character - no youth as I feared - a Faubourg Marigny type, Mediterranean, big-nosed, lumpy-jawed, a single stitched-in wrinkle over his eyebrows from just above which there springs up a great pompadour of wiry bronze hair. His face aches with it. He has no use for me at all. - Author: Walker Percy
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#45. I was obsessed with this idea that these things that you collect, they just say so much about who you are. I can't say it came from hard-nosed business analysis ... It was just something I really want to see built. - Author: Ben Silbermann
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#46. Sir Falwick," said Geralt, not ceasing to smile. "If he draws his sword, I'll take it from him and beat the snotty-nosed little brat's arse with the flat of his blade. And then I'll batter the door down with him. - Author: Andrzej Sapkowski
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#47. Especially given the severity of some of her curses. God help him if any of them ever came true. Why, he'd be a two-headed, three-toed, monkey-nosed, blind son of a cesspit-licking lackey if she had her way. (Braden) - Author: Kinley MacGregor
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#48. The car whispered up the slope and nosed quietly out above the trees. He was driving like a careful insult. - Author: Mary Stewart
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#49. The hook-nosed teacher looked past Quirrell's turban straight into Harry's eyes - and a sharp, hot pain shot across the scar on Harry's forehead. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#50. God help him if any of them ever came true. Why, he'd be a two-headed, three-toed, monkey-nosed, blind son of a cesspit-licking lackey is she had her way. - Author: Kinley MacGregor
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#51. Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose. And if you ever saw him, you would even say it glows. - Author: Johnny Marks
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#52. I'm hard-nosed about luck ... If you're persistent in trying and doing and working, you almost always make your own fortune. - Author: Jerry Della Femina
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#53. You might have thought that a world such as ours, so hard-nosed and cynical and brash, would have very little time for transcendence, spiritual values of goodness and compassion, gentleness, and caring, but we actually do experience them. - Author: Desmond Tutu
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#54. Aesthetics has become too important to be left to the aesthetes. To succeed, hard-nosed engineers, real estate developers, and MBAs must take aesthetic communication, and aesthetic pleasure, seriously. We, their customers, demand it. - Author: Virginia Postrel
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#55. Time wasn't passing so much as kneeling beside him in a torn tee-shirt disclosing the rodent-nosed tits of a man who disdains the care of his once-comely bod. - Author: David Foster Wallace
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#56. If blacks were given the right to vote, that would place every splay-footed, bandy-shanked, hump-backed, thick-lipped, flat-nosed, woolly-headed, ebon-colored in the country upon an equality with the poor white man. - Author: Andrew Johnson
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#57. They say 'Chaos is the ally of the desperate man,' and I reckon it applies to dwarves and snot-nosed boys too. Let's test is at the front gate, shall we? - Author: Gillian Bronte Adams
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#58. I was a snot-nosed teenage skater at one point, who listened to only punk records and hung around people that had that idea of what is okay to do and what isn't okay to do. - Author: Ariel Rechtshaid
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#59. Without question, the single most important attribute of a successful entrepreneur is integrity. And that's not some philosophical or theoretical malarkey; it's hard-nosed fact. - Author: David S. Rose
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#60. Mrs Weaver nosed among the books, too dim-witted to grasp that they were in alphabetical order. - Author: George Orwell
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#61. We are going to tickle some Aes Sedai under the chin, rescue a mule, and put a snip-nosed girl on the Lion Throne. Oh, yes. That's Aviendha. Don't look at her crosswise, or she'll try to cut your throat and probably slit her own by mistake. - Author: Robert Jordan
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