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Top 75 Never Rely Quotes

#1. I almost rely on other people to say, "Hey, you ever hear of this band?" And I'll say, "Oh, I've never heard of that!" And I listened to them and thought, "What the hell?" - Author: John Petrucci
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#2. If she were to get her key back, she thought, no one but her would ever touch it. She would wind herself well in advance so that she would never need to rely on another to keep herself alive. - Author: Ekaterina Sedia
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#3. I've had this pain. To tell you it will go away would be a lie. It will never go away. But, if you live long enough, it will cease to torture and will instead flavor you. As we rely on the bitterness of strong tea to wake us, this too will become something you can use. - Author: Eli Brown
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#4. Out of my entire annual output of songs, perhaps two, or at the most three, came as a result of inspiration. We can never rely on inspiration. When we most want it, it does not come. - Author: George Gershwin
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#5. The world takes us at our own valuation. It believes in the man who believes in himself, but it has little use for the timid man, the one who is never certain of himself; who cannot rely on his own judgment, who craves advice from others, and is afraid to go ahead on his own account. - Author: Orison Swett Marden
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#6. Get to know how to rely on yourself and think independently and never wait for savior - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#7. I never felt like I had a surface image to rely on that people would like - I always felt like my music would not be very fancy music, my voice is not very fancy, there is nothing hiding me from the audience. - Author: Jeffrey Lewis
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#8. The coward never on himself relies, But to an equal for assistance flies. - Author: George Crabbe
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#9. You can never rely on musicians. I quit high school at one point to make a go of it with this band and we kept breaking up. So I went back to school. - Author: David James Elliott
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#10. 1. If you want to stay at the top of Google, never rely on one tactic. 2. Always ensure your search engine strategies rely on SEO best practices. - Author: Adam Clarke
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#11. There are people who bring joy to our lives, but who fail to make us happy. They are the people for the moment. Never rely on their love because it is not sustainable. Their love is alike a comet that illuminates the sky, but then fades away because it lacks the sustainable energy of the sun. - Author: Janvier Chouteu-Chando
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#12. No, I can never rely on Tim to make me pretty. - Author: Helena Bonham Carter
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#13. It is sublime to think and say of another, I need never meet, or speak, or write to him: we need not reinforce ourselves, or send tokens of remembrance; I rely on him as on myself: if he did thus and thus, I know it was right. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#14. In this flirtation he was conducting, he had had to rely entirely on his personality, never a good idea. - Author: Jane Smiley
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#15. You can never rely on a horse that is educated by fear. There will always be something that he fears more than you. But, when he trusts you, he will ask you, what to do when he is afraid. - Author: Antoine De Pluvinel
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#16. Go to the source for ideas, go to the Metropolitan Museum, find your inspiration in nature, go to the Museum of Natural History, but never rely on something that someone else has done. - Author: Van Day Truex
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#17. I never sing a song more than twice because my fear of waning excitement for a piece is part of my troubles. I so rely on vibe, energy and emotions that the technical part occurs to me last. - Author: Shelby Lynne
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#18. counter-cultural. We're so used to having more than enough that many of us have never truly learned what it is to trust God to provide what we need. Yet sometimes God will lead us to this place to teach us to trust Him, to rely on His provision and to experience the wonder of His love. - Author: Jennifer Carter
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#19. I think the hardest to replace has been Johnny Collins. He was great to play with. You could always rely on him to be available for a short pass, allowing you time to clear a ball. He would never give the ball away. - Author: Richard Gough
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#20. I am working for a better United Nations. Nothing is perfect. You should never rely on only one source, but rather rely on those you believe in the most. - Author: Angelina Jolie
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#21. But you are never the same once you have acquired the knowledge that there is no self that will not crumble. We are told to learn self-reliance, but it's tricky if you have no self on which to rely. - Author: Andrew Solomon
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#22. You can't rely on the fact that people know you. At Glastonbury, when they all knew I was DJing, everyone was cheering even though they'd never heard some of the tracks I was playing before. - Author: Aphex Twin
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#23. My father's death took me to a place I had never been and a place I had never left. In his absence, I've had to rely more on myself. - Author: Gustavo Perez Firmat
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#24. So many dancers rely on some sort of magic happening on the stage. They never, for various reasons, work full out in rehearsal. That's very uncreative. They don't discover the kinds of things that add up to a remarkable performance. - Author: Benjamin Harkarvy
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#25. I never realized, you know, how much we rely on appearances," he said. "It's not that we're so smart, it's just that we don't look like we did it. We might as well be a bunch of Sunday-school teachers as far as everyone else is concerned. But these guys won't be taken in by that. - Author: Donna Tartt
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#26. But we cannot rely on memorials and museums alone. We can tell ourselves we will never forget and we likely won't. But we need to make sure that we teach history to those who never had the opportunity to remember in the first place. - Author: Dan Rather
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#27. God never intended for us to rely on others for our sense of well- being. Only He is equipped to provide that. His perfectly stable, unshifting, unconditional love is the only real measure of my worthiness. - Author: Lysa TerKeurst
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#28. All I know is that it'll never be safe for me to rely on someone else again, to need constant reassurance of who I am and who I might someday be. I can love him, but I can't depend on him to be my backbone. I can't be my own person if I constantly require someone else to hold me together. - Author: Tahereh Mafi
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#29. It was so hard to get an idea of people you had never seen. You had to rely on other people's judgment ... Other people's impressions were no good to you. They might be just as true as yours but you couldn't act on them. You couldn't, as it were, use
another person's angle of attack. - Author: Agatha Christie
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#30. If you rely on finding time to do something, it will never be done. If you want to find time, you must make time. - Author: Josh Kaufman
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#31. Our poor country is fighting at an extraordinary hard conjuncture of an unparalleled war and internal problems such as we have never seen before, and only a strong Governmental power able to rely on the confidence of the nation can save it. - Author: Alexander Guchkov
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#32. I'm talking to people all of the time. So it hasn't really had a big impact. Access is never my main concern anyway. If you keep digging and making phone calls you can get stories and not have to rely on the good graces of the Pentagon spokesperson. I am not in his good graces. - Author: Michael Hastings
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#33. Liberals lost touch with working-class Americans because they never had to have a conversation about values with those voters; they could just rely on the courts to impose their views. - Author: David Brooks
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#34. Never divulge secrets to acquaintances.
Never betray old friends for new ones.
Never mistake flattery for praise.
Never rely on dishonorable people.
Never trust your enemy's friends.
Never mistake someone's kindness for weakness. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#35. It seems to be a rule of wisdom never to rely on memory alone. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#36. You should never have to rely on another person to make you feel whole. That life is dangerous." ~Elaine to Maddie - Author: Katie Kacvinsky
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#37. Without hardship, I would never have learnt to rely on God alone for help. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#38. The Power of One Hail Mary can change the world. In all our efforts and endeavors, we can never underestimate the power of prayer, and must always rely upon the help of God. In a special way we commend our efforts to the Mother of God and our own Blessed Mother. - Author: Thomas Vose Daily
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#39. One can put some trust in the gratitude of a sovereign, and also in that of his family; under certain conditions, one can even rely upon it; but one can never expect anything from the gratitude of a nation. - Author: Otto Von Bismarck
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#40. If you are kept in ignorance of the true way and permit yourself to rely upon and be guided by the opinion of imperfect man, you can never gain the riches that will bring you peace and lasting happiness. - Author: Joseph Franklin Rutherford
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#41. Never rely on your little knowledge and understanding. There are always some things that you don't know. - Author: Maliheh Sadat Razavi
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#42. I now rely on a scanner, which reproduces the passages I want to cite, and then I keep my own comments on those books in a separate file so that I will never confuse the two again. - Author: Doris Kearns Goodwin
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#43. Crises can never break the one who relies on God's strength. - Author: T. B. Joshua
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#44. You should never rely on public transportation during the apocalypse. Everyone should know that. - Author: J. Cornell Michel
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#45. There is only thing I can rely on that has never ever disappointed me. And that is the sun setting and the moon rising. That is a type of love I can never explain. - Author: Brooke Bida
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#46. The other thing is that if you rely solely on medication to manage depression or anxiety, for example, you have done nothing to train the mind, so that when you come off the medication, you are just as vulnerable to a relapse as though you had never taken the medication. - Author: Daniel Goleman
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#47. We could never muster the strength to make lasting changes in our lives. That's why we must rely on God's strength to transform us. - Author: Alisa Hope Wagner
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#48. ... if one is to rely on human judges, it is very important that they never admit to error. - Author: David S. Landes
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#49. you create your own happiness by the choices you make. If you rely completely on others, you'll never have it, at least not in the true sense of happiness. - Author: Florence Osmund
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#50. Once more, Never think that you can live to God by your own power or strength; but always look to and rely on him for assistance, yea, for all strength and grace. - Author: David Brainerd
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#51. I've been alone most of my life because I'm the only person in the world I can rely on. For a few days I deluded myself into thinking you were someone I could believe in. That I could trust you and lean on you, that you would never lie to me. What a mistake I made. - Author: Elizabeth Camden
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#52. if you wanted something done, it was never a good idea to rely on others. Others were never as committed to achieving your goals as you were. - Author: Terry Brooks
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#53. Film is much more visual, a scene is typically a lot shorter, you're dealing with a lot more characters, a lot more locations, and you're able to rely on things that you just can never do on the stage. - Author: Beau Willimon
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#54. There are things in life that science will never be able to see. We have to rely on what has been passed from our ancestors, generation to generation. - Author: Pawan Mishra
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#55. People don't know what they want until you show it to them. That's why I never rely on marketing research. Our task is to read things that are not yet on the page. - Author: Steve Jobs
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#56. You should never rely on interviews with musicians as being factual. Most of them are mangled and even have made up stuff in them, that is to say, made up stuff by the writer or editor. - Author: Frank Black
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#57. Life works on strange laws of nature (Karma).
One never knows when a friend turns enemy & vice-versa.
Rely on your Self; self-reliance - Author: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
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#58. Remember, never rely on one plan, Tal. Always have two or more in place when you undertake something perilous. If the first one fails, go to the second plan. If the second plan fails, go to the third." "If the third plan fails, Your Grace?" Kaspar laughed. "Then run like hell if you're still alive. - Author: Raymond E. Feist
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#59. One of the reasons I've never done intensive psychotherapy or any of that stuff is that if there's anything in me that needs fixing, I want to know that I can rely on my own intuition to fix it. - Author: Kate Winslet
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#60. Respect the gods and buddhas, but never rely on them. - Author: Miyamoto Musashi
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#61. Never rely on your friends for money, or on your money for friends. - Author: Mardy Grothe
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#62. Thoroughly worldly people never understand even the world; they rely altogether on a few cynical maxims which are not true. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
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#63. No matter what changes God has performed in you, never rely on them. Build only on a Person, the Lord Jesus Christ, and on the Spirit He gives. - Author: Oswald Chambers
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#64. Then know this. Between and beneath and beyond anything else i may be, i am yours. I will never leave you. never forsake you. You may rely upon sun to rise and moon to fall. For you are the heart of me. - Author: Jay Kristoff
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#65. Our seniors' retirement should never rely on the bull of political promises or the bear of the market. - Author: Barbara Mikulski
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#66. But we will never advance this heavenly cause if we do not rely on the power of the Spirit. Jesus needed the Spirit's power - what makes us any different? - Author: John Bevere
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#67. You'll never truly know what alone is, until you're on the brink of death with no one to rely on. But after finding the strength to save yourself, you realize that the person you'll ever need is yourself. - Author: Gabriel Common
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#68. Technology is usually there to let some process go on hidden in the background. For us on 'MythBusters,' we're always trying to make the process apparent. So, we have learned to try and never rely on a technological solution when an analogue one is in front of us. - Author: Adam Savage
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#69. You need to be able to fill that space on your own, Maddie. You should never have to rely on another person to make you feel whole. That life is dangerous. - Author: Katie Kacvinsky
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#70. I can rely on me [being a director], unlike some actors. I never got anything less than what I needed from the lead actor. - Author: Russell Crowe
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#71. I never lose that terror of 'this is my last job, I'll never work again.' You can never relax and rely on whatever reputation you've built. - Author: Derek Jacobi
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#72. I never wanted to rely on my family for money. - Author: Brody Jenner
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#73. If you are in a leadership position, do not rely on your title to convince people to follow you. Build relationships. Win people over. Do that and you will never be a lonely leader. - Author: John C. Maxwell
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#74. Damson was also old enough to know that you can never rely on other people to act as you would in almost any circumstance. - Author: Josa Young
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#75. If you never asked, you were never disappointed.
If you didn't rely on someone, they could never let you down.
If you never admitted how desperately you wanted something, it didn't hurt so much when it was taken away. - Author: Virginia Kantra
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