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#1. I am I, and wish I wasn't"; - Author: Anonymous
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#2. was still wrong. - Author: Britt Simpson
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#3. We are dealing with veterans, not procedures; with their problems, not ours. - Author: Omar N. Bradley
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#4. The 'boom-bust' cycle is generated by monetary intervention in the market, specifically bank credit expansion to business. - Author: Murray Rothbard
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#5. When I did that interview with Hepburn, the only ground rule was, you did not discuss Spencer Tracy. Spencer Tracy's widow is still alive, and she respected that. - Author: Morley Safer
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#6. The time will come when public opinion will no longer tolerate amusements based on the mistreatment and killing of animals. The time will come, but when? When will we reach the point that hunting, the pleasure in killing animals for sport, will be regarded as a mental aberration? - Author: Albert Schweitzer
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#7. Freedom to rock, freedom to talk. Freedom, raise your fist and yell. - Author: Alice Cooper
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#8. I was a rhythmic and athletic gymnast for a little while. Then, when I quit gymnastics, I fell in love with yoga. So sometimes I think I'd like to open up a yoga studio. - Author: Nina Dobrev
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#9. Geoff Nelder's ARIA has the right stuff. He makes us ask the most important question in science fiction-the one about the true limits of personal responsibility. - Author: Brad Linaweaver
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#10. Geoff Nelder inhabits Science Fiction the way other people inhabit their clothes. - Author: Jon Courtenay Grimwood
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#11. It is, of course, quite natural that a biologist whose attention had been aroused by noticing in his own case the phenomena of precocious old age should turn to study the causes of it. - Author: Elie Metchnikoff
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#12. The gastric laboratory uses its protein ferment under an acid reaction. - Author: Ivan Pavlov
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#13. And I gave Malfoy a black eye, and Neville tried to take on Crabbe and Goyle single-handed! He's still out cold but Madam Pomfrey says he'll be all right - talk about showing Slytherin! - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#14. Don't think you haven't lived long enough to have a story to tell. - Author: Patrick Ness
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#15. A challenging economy is always good for design. It unites necessity and functionality. You are forced to be creative with poor materials. - Author: Diane Von Furstenberg
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#16. People, you have six senses! The last one is common! Use it! - Author: Michael Ruhlman
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#17. Love your life. Because your life is what you have to give. - Author: Tom Hiddleston
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