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#1. One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don't clean it up too quickly."
~ (1919-), American writer, producer, humorist. - Author: Andy Rooney
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#2. I've talked to you on a number of occasions about the economic problems our nation faces, and I am prepared to tell you it's in a hell of a mess-we're not connected to the press room yet, are we? - Author: Ronald Reagan
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#3. (Incidentally, they had a fire in that room, because of all the chaotic mess that they had - too many wires - and it destroyed the cyclotron. But I'd better not tell about that!) (When - Author: Richard Feynman
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#4. The lighthouse teaches me to work hard, to keep my room clean, to be honest and to be nice to people." Then, reflecting, looking down at her feet, "My room is a mess and I lie sometimes and I'm not always nice to people but that's the idea. - Author: Jeff VanderMeer
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#5. I expected everyone to file out of the room, but the wedding party began to embrace happily. Raymond grabbed me. "God, you're a mess." He wiped the dampness on my cheeks with his index finger. "Such a mush. - Author: Santino Hassell
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#6. I think it's very important to distinguish between objectivity - which tends to be open, flexible, skeptical of its own certainty and open to new information - and objectivism - which thinks, "No, we know it all, we've got it, so real thinking and learning can come to an end." - Author: W. J. T. Mitchell
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#7. The best sex of my life has officially wiped me out, every muscle a relaxed mess of orgasmy uselessness. He breathes hard, staring at me, then wipes his mouth and hops off the bed, walking bare assed out of the room. - Author: Alessandra Torre
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#8. The front room of his house was what I called 'untidy chic'. Prefects weren't subject to the same Rules on room tidiness, but since no one really enjoyed clutter, a certain style of ordered untidiness was generally considered de couleur for a prefect's room. - Author: Jasper Fforde
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#9. A lot of people who are straight-shooting ... they're only happy to be so blunt when talking about others. They're not so upfront about who they are, what flaws they have, and what their issues are. - Author: Suzanne Wright
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#10. You look in my room and it looks neat enough, but if you dared to look under my bed or in my closet, oh what a mess! - Author: Tamera Mowry
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#11. It's good to leave your room super-messy when you're away. Whoever tries to break into your room will thought it has already been ransacked. - Author: Douglas Adams
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#12. Fighting was an exhausting business, and so was fear. - Author: Diana Gabaldon
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#13. Aqualung was a difficult and very tense album to record ... while I was playing the solo, Jimmy Page walked into the control room and started waving, I thought, should I wave back and mess up the solo or should I just grin and carry on ? ... I just grinned - Author: Martin Barre
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#14. Fifteen men in one room. This was the worse mess I think I'll ever see. - Author: Bella Jeanisse
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#15. The animal is making quite a mess," the butler droned.
"Are you referring to the monkey, or to my nephew?" Fennington drawled, strolling into the room.
"Hm. How long did you lurk outside the room waiting forthat opportunity?" Bennett asked - Author: Suzanne Enoch
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#16. I'll be your mess, you be mine
That was the deal that we had signed
I bought a hazmat suit to clean up your waste
Gas masks, gloves, to keep us safe
But now I'm alone in an empty room
Staring down immaculate doom
Messy - Author: Gayle Forman
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#17. Being sexy is exhausting. - Author: Kristan Higgins
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#18. A benefit of friendship is knowing whom to tell secrets to. - Author: Alessandro Manzoni
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#19. I was struck by the way in which meanings are historically attached to words: it is so accidental, so remote, so twisted. A word is like a schoolgirl's room
a complete mess
so the great thing is to make out a way of seeing it all as ordered, as right, as inferred and following. - Author: William H Gass
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#20. My mother comes in my room and says, "Just look at this mess! This is a pig sty!" Now, I've already been in the room five hours, and she wants me to LOOK at it. - Author: Bill Cosby
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#21. The old Victorian laws against homosexuality were still on the statute books until the early 1990s. As a gay man living in Ireland, I and people like me found it easy to feel less than citizens. - Author: Colm Toibin
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#22. 'MaerskKendal' is a rarity with its British flag, the 'LONDON' home port painted on its bow, its two British chief officers, and its portrait of the queen in the mess room, apparently common courtesy on British ships, but a little alarming to me. - Author: Rose George
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