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Top 15 My Neighbor Totoro Sayings

#1. What, do they run already? Then I die happy. - Author: James Wolfe
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#2. While I still do a lot of horror, it doesn't feel to me like I'm repeating myself. I like to stay interested. I'm kind of turning into one of those elder statesmen, like a Vincent Price or a Donald Pleasence. I like to think of myself alongside those guys. - Author: Robert Englund
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#3. But I have a gut feeling on this and it's not the oh-look-it's-a-bright-shiny-world kind. (Tate) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#4. I take comfort in knowing that the inevitable passage of time will erase my crimes from history. - Author: Dennis B. Boyer
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#5. You can be whatever you want - so long as you're sure it's what you actually want, rather than one of two equally dodgy choices foisted onto you. - Author: Caitlin Moran
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#6. I love the work of Hayao Miyazaki. 'My Neighbor Totoro' and 'Castle in the Sky' are two of the great films that he's made that I just love. - Author: John Lasseter
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#7. I've gotten a lot more comfortable with the audition process, but there's something that really turned me off initially when I was younger, to auditioning. The idea that I couldn't get to the person that was actually making the film really frustrated me. - Author: Amy Seimetz
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#8. Sookan, don't look so sad and dark. I will never stop thinking of you. Nothing will end; nothing ever does. Everything good that touches our lives becomes part of us forever. You know that. - Author: Sook Nyul Choi
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#9. Ah, Ivy, thought Alexia happily, spreading a verbal fog wherever she goes. - Author: Gail Carriger
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#10. We know - more from the faces immortalized on a handful of photographs than from the words of survivors - that the women and men who experienced that moment in Hiroshima believed they had encountered the beginning of the end of the world. There will never be enough future to prove them wrong. - Author: Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht
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#11. I would love to take a road trip across Italy in an Aston Martin S Coupe. - Author: Esha Gupta
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#12. I question the value of stars. I think they're overrated. They get too much money, too much praise. - Author: Elia Kazan
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#13. It was a well-known fact that keeping track of time was not Parry Pretty's forte ... If time were Parry's pet, it would have died tied to a tree somewhere out back long ago. - Author: S.J. Musgraves
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#14. I enjoy acting now more than I ever have. I've had lots of difficult times when I was younger, but that was all tied up with thwarted ambition. It's hard being a young actor, because you don't realise until later that it's only ever about doing the work. - Author: Brian Cox
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#15. I was always the Southern gentleman. - Author: Lance Bass
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