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#1. Folk-punk artists like This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb or Paul Baribeau were popular in the Florida punk community. I saw people early on combine roots music with more aggressive music.

Benjamin Booker

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#2. I use the music almost as a compass in some kind of quasi-romantic way. I try and go to places that I'm intrigued by, and I take this music with me, using my name at the front.

Robert Plant

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#3. You're hoping that it's going to be an extraordinary experience any time you create and/or listen to music with other people. I guess what I've been saying over the past few minutes is that it's hard to do that, to create that.

Will Oldham

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#4. The art of DJing is sharing music with one another ... The technology's definitely taking it into a new direction to where it's really becoming performance-based.


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#5. Music gives me a lot of peace, either classic music with its structure or the spontaneity of Miles Davis. It brings the best in you.

Mohamed ElBaradei

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#6. You're a princess on roller skates. People like you skate through life on shiny gold blades to full orchestral music with the wind at you back. Everything comes easy to skaters ... Everyone loves you

Shelley Coriell

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#7. Let's keep the music with us. We'll always have it.

Krist Novoselic

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#8. I see it as my job to try to keep Bach in the mainstream and present his music with, rather than without, its emotional core.

Nigel Kennedy

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#9. Worse than the composers' suffering, though, was the fact that the girl was playing the music with such soul because she knew she was going to die. And am not going to die? Where is my soul that I might play the music of my own life with such enthusiasm?

Paulo Coelho

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#10. People listen to music with cavemen ears: Is it a bird song or the call of a lion? The audience at a musical is dancing in their hearts.

Marsha Norman

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#11. He has one hand over her mound and works his fingers as if he was playing guitar, making beautiful music with her tiny button. He serenades her with a love song that only his fingers know how to pick- a tune that no man can duplicate.

Jane Emery

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#12. Or future, experiencing the music with her, that unexpected prayer, and feeling grateful that I had set off in search of my kingdom. I lay down on the bed, and she continued to play. I fell asleep to the sound of her violin. I WOKE AT FIRST LIGHT, went to her room, and saw

Paulo Coelho

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#13. The dilemma of the eighth-grade dance is that boys and girls use music in different ways. Girls enjoy music they can dance to, music with strong vocals and catchy melodies. Boys, on the other hand, enjoy music they can improve by making up filthy new lyrics.

Rob Sheffield

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#14. When John Lennon left the Beatles and started making music with Yoko Ono, many people scoffed at the idea. How could this talented man with so many hit songs give it all up? Well, we all know it was love, but beyond that, it was a leap of faith to try something new.

Ashley Bryan

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#15. If people go into music with the idea of competing with other artists, then they're doing it for all the wrong reasons.

Natalia Kills

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#16. Music actually inspires me a lot. I listen to a lot of music, and often I find that if I can associate mentally a song or a piece of music with a particular character or scene, it helps me get back into the head of that character.

Cassandra Clare

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#17. I'm a dude who likes to create music with good feeling. I live like a chameleon through music. It all depends on what the beat tells me to do; that's why you're always gonna get passionate hooks, because I'm feeling the beats and the emotion behind the drums and melodies.

Kid Cudi

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#18. I have been looking for a name for years and of course it sounds like it would be easy. Americana came along for the same reason. But to me Americana means Original music with prominent folk/rock influence. Ameripolitan is Original music with prominent roots influence.

Dale Watson

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#19. I think my favorite medium is music, with my main tools being my voice and a guitar. But I do find every other medium extremely fulfilling and useful in helping everything I do. Sometimes I need to make a song just for a comic. All of the art and mediums are connected for me.

Gerard Way

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#20. A lot of my friends have been collectors, and I owe a lot to them. I'm always interested in sharing collections and learning that way. I used to trade tapes a lot. I still have a few friends who I trade music with, but it's hard to find the time. I miss that.

Michael Dumontier

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#21. On many different singles, I was able to marry my music with rappers who understood the natural bond between us.

R. Kelly

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#22. I may not take my clothes seriously. I may not have brushed or even washed my hair today. But I pronounce the word 'music' with a capital 'M.' Like God.

Rainbow Rowell

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#23. The human brain can soften as a result of incessant listening to music with an intent to commit prose.

Donal Henahan

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#24. Just sharing music with each other - that's cool. It's the selling that becomes the problem.


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#25. I've always had a lot of creative impact on the music with Timbaland.

Missy Elliott

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#26. Rock 'n' roll will never die. There'll always be some arrogant little brat who wants to make music with a guitar.

Dave Edmunds

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#27. I rebelled against the Mormon Church by going to other churches. I rebelled against my parents by not eating meat. I rebelled against my friends and myself by doing drugs. And I rebelled against everything that was holding me down by playing music with these guys.

Bert McCracken

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#28. Jimi Hendrix often spoke about being a messenger. His hope was that his music might somehow pierce our hearts and heal our souls. He finally did go so far out that he couldn't find his way back in, but he did us all a huge favor - he left his music with us.

Des Barres, Pamela

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#29. My musical knowledge is so bad it's embarrassing. When composers discuss music with someone as primitive as myself, they have to talk about it in terms of senses and emotion, rather than keys and tempo.

Jane Campion

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#30. The main reason people want to pay for Spotify is really portability. People are saying, 'I want to have my music with me.'

Daniel Ek

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#31. There weren't a lot of career opportunities in crazy-fast hardcore punk, so you didn't have a lot of ambition, just the love and passion to play music with your friends.

Dave Grohl

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#32. Writing a poem is making music with words and space.

Arnold Adoff

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#33. If you can make music with someone you don't need words.
If you wish to be a writer, write.


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#34. I started out in theatre and I definitely have wanted to add extra musical elements to my music with both imagery and text.

Glenn Branca

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#35. I really love playing music with other people. It's more fun to be on the road with others. It's kind of lonely out there when you play on your own!

Tracy Chapman

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#36. I think the tendency to paint composers or styles of music with too broad a brush - for example, identifying composers as writers of "simple" or "complex" music - has become increasingly problematic and is almost never productive.

Michael Hersch

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#37. There's no feeling as a musician better than being on stage, sharing music with strangers. People you have never met, singing along, and making that connection with somebody is so awesome.

Mike Fontenot

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#38. Dancing is very important to people who play music with a beat. I think that people who don't dance, or who never did dance, don't really understand the beat ... I know musicians who don't and never did dance, and they have difficulty communicating.

Duke Ellington

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#39. I will always make music with Stone Sour. Stone Sour will always be here.

Corey Taylor

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#40. I was never worried that synthesizers would replace musicians. First of all, you have to be a musician in order to make music with a synthesizer.

Robert Moog

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#41. If you are approaching the music with more reverence than the original guys invested into it, you are effectively doing it a disservice.

James Hunter

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#42. One thing I've always loved doing is hanging out and talking music with other artists.

Nikki Sixx

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#43. I made music with my friend, who we called Isabella Machine to which I was Florence Robot. When I was about an hour away from my first gig, I still didn't have a name, so I thought 'Okay, I'll be Florence Robot/Isa Machine', before realising that name was so long it'd drive me mad.

Florence Welch

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#44. Deftones is always my main focus. I've been doing it the longest and it's definitely a priority. I think of these as projects. It's not like I'm unfulfilled with a need to find another outlet. I look at it as making music with my friends, and I'm blessed that they're great musicians.

Chino Moreno

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#45. Perhaps our task in this shaky, fast-changing, bewildering world in which we live is to make music, at first with all that we have, and then, when that is no longer possible, to make music with what we have left.

Itzhak Perlman

Music With Quotes #1517303
#46. If you can make art with sound, can't you make music with objects?

John Zorn

Music With Quotes #1510992
#47. Pump up your bagpipes and delight our ears with decent martial music. With your permission, noble Calanthe!" "Oh mother of mine," whispered the queen to Geralt, raising her eyes to the vault for a moment in silent resignation. But she nodded her permission, smiling openly and kindly.

Andrzej Sapkowski

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#48. I give myself different roles. I think in different ways on different days. Sometimes I think of it as cooking - different flavors and different ingredients. Sometimes I think of it like orchestrating a piece of music with all the different instruments.

Joe Bradley

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#49. How do you know a partner is right for you? That has everything to do with knowing each other and practicing together until you work as one, until you begin to synchronise your movements and your thoughts and your rhythmical feel for the music with your partner.

Patsy Yvonne Helen Swayze

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#50. Being on my own in a studio is really, really different than making music with the band. I can't say I necessarily enjoy it more, but it was just a new experience for me.

Hayley Williams

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#51. My band and music are so intense they scare me, and I'm not afraid of anything. We love our music with everything we got and deliver the most inebriating fun concerts on earth every night.

Ted Nugent

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#52. Yet Gregor's sister
was playing so beautifully. Her face was leant to one side,
following the lines of music with a careful and melancholy
expression. Gregor crawled a little further forward, keeping his
head close to the ground so that he could meet her eyes if the
chance came.

Franz Kafka

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#53. John was great to work with, and a lot of fun. I wish I'd had the chance to make more music with him, of course, and to get to know him better.

Tony Levin

Music With Quotes #1447175
#54. I love all Yes music and love to play it live, but I'm most interested in making new music with Yes.

Billy Sherwood

Music With Quotes #1406523
#55. This was music that had not only escaped, but had robbed a bank on the way out. It was music with its sleeves rolled up and its top button undone, raising its hat and grinning and stealing the silver.

Terry Pratchett

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#56. I make music that I know that people will enjoy, and balance the ideas and philosophy that we put in music with music that when we play it live, people can move to it and groove to it.

Ziggy Marley

Music With Quotes #1398918
#57. It's very interesting for me to listen to music with my wife. She's not a musician but she very often makes comments about pieces in ways that are similar to what I'm thinking.

Paul Lansky

Music With Quotes #1383159
#58. I think I infuse the music with a new passion. Part of this is because I have fallen in love: I am in love with the New York Philharmonic. The chemistry has just been right. Beyond expectation.

Lorin Maazel

Music With Quotes #1379120
#59. If you write songs and if you write music that's very sincere and very honest, it's pop music, but it is pop music with a lot of honesty and a lot of heart.

Jon Secada

Music With Quotes #1375033
#60. I like my music with the rinds and the seeds and pulp left in.

Tom Waits

Music With Quotes #1368932
#61. You either have a great social life and shitty taste in music, or a fantastic taste in music with barely any social life.

John Green

Music With Quotes #1352424
#62. It's very heartening to see people who I used to do music with still doing it.

Greg Saunier

Music With Quotes #1349808
#63. Life seems terrible and disappointing, so you need to find something you need to make you stick around. Music that makes me happiest is the saddest music, with the most emotional feel.

Josh Klinghoffer

Music With Quotes #1349608
#64. It's a really diverse time in music, with all these different DJs and all these different categories, and we are all taking footnotes from everyone else. There are no real genre boundaries anymore; you can take a trance idea and put it into a trap record - it's not that uncommon.

Steve Aoki

Music With Quotes #1348517
#65. When you have the opportunity to make music with great musicians, take it. That's it. That's the only reason I need, really.

Joss Stone

Music With Quotes #1348111
#66. I listened to Kelley's record with pleasure. Great to hear real music with respect for the righteous roots. Her singing is outstanding - no frills, down to the bone and intense.

Jerry Wexler

Music With Quotes #1346599
#67. I had gone to a talent show - I was interested in American hip-hop music - with my older brother, to another town, and my town was attacked. I went from having an entire family to the next minute not having anything. It was very painful.

Ishmael Beah

Music With Quotes #1328314
#68. In a perfect world, I would do 3 weeks on 3 weeks off; so that I could always take a breather and come back to music with a fresh mind.

Tristan Prettyman

Music With Quotes #1320268
#69. A Great Work of Art is one that truly moves and inspires you. You yourself must be moved. Don't look at art with others' eyes. Don't listen to music with others' ears. You must react to art with your own feelings, your own heart and mind.

Daisaku Ikeda

Music With Quotes #1315615
#70. I probably listen to more instrumental music than music with lyrics, but at the same time I do love both.


Music With Quotes #1294346
#71. Ah, the magic of music, with it, all things are possible.

E.A. Bucchianeri

Music With Quotes #1269855
#72. Sam said nothing about it, as though he spontaneously composed music with nature all the time.

Jodi Meadows

Music With Quotes #1267130
#73. When you've been raised in care, rap music isn't just about guns and sexism. They're talking about real things you can hang on to, problems of identity that you have sympathy with. It's not just about the music, with rap: when I was in care, it meant a whole lot more than that.

Samantha Morton

Music With Quotes #1262656
#74. I promise you, Laurence, you piss them off enough, and they'll make sweet music with your bones.

J.G. Cressey

Music With Quotes #1249492
#75. This is a cause that musicians can take to heart because one of our main reasons for being is to share our music with other people, and this takes us to people who probably wouldn't otherwise get to hear music on quite this level.

Boz Scaggs

Music With Quotes #1247797
#76. If you play music with passion and love and honesty, then it will nourish your soul, heal your wounds and make your life worth living. Music is its own reward.


Music With Quotes #1245638
#77. You can't speak Music with notes alone, but you can speak Music without notes at all!

Victor L. Wooten

Music With Quotes #1242423
#78. We went from being thought of and talked about as "a band that plays a so-and-so style of music" (a grunge band, a stoner band, etc) to "a band that plays music with a certain sensibility or style to it". I'm not able to see quite what that is, but it's there and some people like it a lot.

Bent Saether

Music With Quotes #1182844
#79. I'm always gonna be all over my CD the most, of course. My talent is my talent. I ain't really tripping off no ego; I just like to make good music with good people.

Meek Mill

Music With Quotes #1168868
#80. I write music with an exclamation point!

Richard Wagner

Music With Quotes #1140711
#81. The people who I grew up making music with, we've all grown up and become successful in different ways. My manager supported me since I was 16 and believed in me as a musician. He's been there since Day 1, and there's so much to be said about doing something with people that you love.


Music With Quotes #1133487
#82. By packaging a full album into a bundle of music with ringtones, videos and other combinations and variations, we found products that consumers demonstrably valued and were willing to purchase at premium prices. And guess what? We've sold tons of them.

Edgar Bronfman Jr.

Music With Quotes #1121467
#83. I decided that I wanted to explore all kinds of music with my cello, not just the Western classical tradition. I just wanted to try and expand my vocabulary and bring that different kind of music to my audience.

Maya Beiser

Music With Quotes #1118822
#84. In the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra we play such a diversity of music, with 10 arrangers in the band, we don't really worry about whether it's contemporary or not.

Wynton Marsalis

Music With Quotes #1105582
#85. The life I love is making music with my friends.

Willie Nelson

Music With Quotes #1102897
#86. When reggae was introduced to the world, it was a voice of the oppressed, a music with integrity that you can enjoy holistically. Throughout the years, what has become commercial kind of strayed from the integrity.

Stephen Marley

Music With Quotes #1096885
#87. The most important thing is to find people that you enjoy - friends that you enjoy playing music with.

Michael Glawogger

Music With Quotes #1091557
#88. I record all of my music with authentic instruments in a studio before we start editing, doing many, many versions. The music shapes the film as we edit so it has an organic relationship to the content.

Ken Burns

Music With Quotes #1076265
#89. It's great to have all this stuff at home. But when you want to make it for real, there's still nothing like making music with a bunch of other great musicians in the same room. That's one thing that'll never change.

Ronnie Milsap

Music With Quotes #1075255
#90. When I started Rolling Stone in November 1967, the magazine's initial chapter was to cover rock & roll music with intelligence and respect. Even then, we knew that the fervor sweeping our generation encompassed more than just music.

Jann Wenner

Music With Quotes #1072286
#91. Simple people ... listen to music with their hearts and enjoy it more than those who are spoiled, jaded, blase.

Elfriede Jelinek

Music With Quotes #1060526
#92. I've had the privilege of meeting and/or interviewing most of the top metal and hard rock artists at various points in my career and sharing their stories and music with millions of fans on air through TV and radio.

Eddie Trunk

Music With Quotes #1059894
#93. Shania Twain brought a whole other fan base to country music with her sound, the way the videos were produced.

Faith Hill

Music With Quotes #1059245
#94. As a songwriter, pop music really is a love and a joy and a science, and I feel like a lot of people look at pop music with a very formulaic perspective in numbers and patterns, but an outsider would think that the process is very natural.


Music With Quotes #1053576
#95. Although cover notes for classical music albums tend to say that the trill of flutes suggests mountain streams and so on, I don't think anybody listens to music with the expectation that they're going to be presented with a sort of landscape painting.

Brian Eno

Music With Quotes #1017350
#96. The Medicine Man, taking his music with him, is passing quietly into the Great Silence, where the old songs were "Received in Dreams" by "inner-plane communication."

Frances Densmore

Music With Quotes #1005197
#97. I always try not to overload my music with orchestration and to use only those instruments that are absolutely necessary.

Abel Korzeniowski

Music With Quotes #989449
#98. I love the outdoor festival feeling. When I'm on stage, it's very gratifying to watch people on the lawns enjoying the music with a glass of wine.

Joshua Bell

Music With Quotes #978127
#99. Every band had their own distinctive sound, but it was pretty much dancing music and rhythmic music with a tremendous emphasis on copying the Cuban models.

Ruben Blades

Music With Quotes #312622
#100. Dancing, apart to music with a beat, is my legacy.

Chubby Checker

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