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Top 72 Music Concerts Quotes

#1. The desire to share is not a vague, windy sentiment, not when you see the massive rise in live concerts in response to the phenomenon of downloading music ... People want to get rid of the headphones and be part of a shared experience. - Author: Richard Eyre
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#2. I loved radio for the music, concerts, parties and to think you could get paid for it. - Author: Laura Davies
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#3. It's wonderful doing concerts in places like New York and London, but I feel a responsibility to also bring my work home, to bring world-class, classical music to Somerset. - Author: Charles Hazlewood
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#4. I worked with Snoop, but I would love to work with him again, but DMX ... I would love to work with him as well ... I met him in Atlanta; I went to one of his concerts; I would love to do a song with him. I respect him and really like his music. - Author: Bow Wow
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#5. I don't think anyone listening to my music needs any special knowledge. They don't need to have a background in contemporary music. They don't need to go to new-music concerts all the time in order to be able to understand it. - Author: Missy Mazzoli
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#6. Concerts are never real music, you have to give up the idea of hearing in them all the most beautiful things of art. - Author: Frederic Chopin
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#7. A cough is the basic sign of inattention. Musicians never, in my experience, cough when playing in public. - Author: Charles Rosen
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#8. I have new music coming out. I'm working on some television shows. I still do a tremendous amount of concerts. I'm doing my restaurant. I got a club coming in New York. The restaurant is called Doug E. The club is called Fresh. - Author: Doug E. Fresh
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#9. [At a musical concert:] ... the music's pure algebra of enchantment. - Author: Conrad Aiken
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#10. Just as all pop music is not simplistic, not all contemporary concert music is complex. Often what a person connects with goes much deeper than generalized issues of simplicity and complexity. - Author: Michael Hersch
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#11. Whenever I visit a city, I like to see what classical music concerts are on offer. - Author: Park Chan-wook
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#12. For those of you in the cheap seats I'd like ya to clap your hands to this one; the rest of you can just rattle your jewelry! - Author: John Lennon
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#13. I'm mostly a jazz fan and I've never really been into rock 'n' roll music - although I guess Coldplay isn't really rock 'n' roll - but he's made me a convert. I do go to their concerts whenever we're in the same town and I don't even have to wear earplugs any more, which I did in the beginning. - Author: Blythe Danner
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#14. I am tired before the concert, not afterward. - Author: Arthur Rubinstein
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#15. Music has been a huge passion of mine ever since I started playing the piano at age 3. Going to concerts, performing on my own, and listening to my favorite artists growing up confirmed that love for music and made me want to pursue it as a career. - Author: Daya
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#16. I don't see why people want new plays all the time. What would happen to concerts if people wanted new music all the time? - Author: Clive Barnes
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#17. But an innovation, to grow organically from within, has to be based on an intact tradition, so our idea is to bring together musicians who represent all these traditions, in workshops, festivals, and concerts, to see how we can connect with each other in music. - Author: Yo-Yo Ma
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#18. Let's buy books so as not to read them; let's go to concerts without caring to hear the music or see who's there; let's take long walks because we're sick of walking; and let's spend whole days in the country, just because it bores us. - Author: Fernando Pessoa
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#19. The only times she ever felt at peace now were at his concerts. Then she could sit quietly, watching him, and sate her heart. In his music was where he lived and revived, and where she'd first loved him. And she knew, always, always when she was there, that he played for her. - Author: Vivien Shotwell
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#20. She had forgotten about this, the narcotic of the crowd. This is why you came to hear music. To stop being yourself, to let that thing that you supposedly were go, and just be part of a mob, synchronized by the heavy beat, mesmerized by a singer with big smeary red lips, her spooky chant. - Author: Janet Fitch
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#21. I am just glad that I can take the music to the people who want to hear it. I love my audiences. I am deeply indebted to them for giving me the chance to sing my concerts, make records, and do what I love. Whatever people call it, it is great to have a voice! - Author: Judy Collins
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#22. My friends joke that I'm dead until I get onstage. I'm dead right now as you're speaking to me. - Author: Lady Gaga
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#23. Classical music was my starting point. My mum would expose me to a lot of music and take me to really weird concerts when I was possibly too young. - Author: Planningtorock
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#24. Recording a song for a film doesn't take much time; it's hardly an hour's job, but concerts are constant, and so is travelling, so I've to take time out to work on my albums because I'm passionate about creating my own music. When you love something dearly, you set your priorities accordingly. - Author: Kailash Kher
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#25. To the U.S. and the world, I'm just known as some funny song and some funny music, some funny video guy. But in Korea I'm doing one of the biggest concerts; it's not a dance music concert. I'm playing with the band, so I change my every song to a rock song. - Author: Psy
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#26. Is the phrase 'pay' or 'play the piper'
I inquire, why
'Cause I admire a desire to flip the switch
Yeah make a way to face the music like
Life savings for a mosh pit riot
Listen to a mix
Rock the tickets, higher volume
Velocity which shakes a cockpit's pilot - Author: Criss Jami
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#27. Regular church-goers are substantially more likely than non-attenders to read, to take newspapers and magazines, to listen to classical music, to attend symphony concerts, operas, and stage plays. - Author: Rodney Stark
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#28. Nashville was totally different than I ever dreamed. I had only seen the music business on television and been to a couple of concerts. I had no clue. - Author: Faith Hill
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#29. We sometimes take photos (or record a video) so that we can later see what was happening while we were busy taking photos (or recording a video). - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
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#30. I'm approaching a period in my life though where I'd like to be totally absorbed into music, doing concerts, writing something. Basically, that IS what I am doing. - Author: Roscoe Mitchell
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#31. Our eyes met and locked as the song came to a halt, followed by a screaming conclusion from the crowd, girls around us pressing me into the stage, forcing all the air out of my lungs, but I'd forgotten about doing anything so basic as breathing. - Author: Emme Rollins
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#32. I was a teenager doing teenager things, and now I have the honor of being on tour with musical giants Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull. I'm doing my music and performing in my own concerts! It just goes to show that anything is possible with hard work. - Author: Prince Royce
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#33. When recordings replaced concerts as the dominant mode of hearing music, our conception of the nature of performance and of music itself was altered. - Author: Charles Rosen
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#34. Everyone should be able to go to a concert and enjoy music, and not feel like they're going to be harassed. That's how I see punk music. - Author: Joe Armstrong
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#35. My whole childhood was filled with classical music and going to concerts of the New York Philharmonic and other New York ensembles and organizations, but interestingly, I didn't become conscious of wanting to be a musician until I was about 11. I was a rather late starter. - Author: Gunther Schuller
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#36. In the music world, concerts unfold strictly according to plan. But, as I'd been finding out, in the book world, things keep changing by the second. - Author: Dan Hill
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#37. I think that it was really rock-and-roll stars, women who were breaking boundaries with their bodies and their voices and their beings and their music. I spent a lot of time at concerts,just watching women rock out. They expressed so much of what I believed could be possible. - Author: Eve Ensler
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#38. The majority of people who keel over dead at concerts are killed by a long trumpet passage. - Author: Garrison Keillor
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#39. I insist on a Steinway for my recordings, my concerts and my home. It is the only piano I want to hear my music played on. - Author: Michel Legrand
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#40. I've never really been nervous about any concerts. I enjoy it so much. All that matters is getting the songs played well, trying to get them to sound as close to the record live, which isn't easy, because my music is quite complicated to play. - Author: Adam Ant
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#41. I regularly go to concerts with my children sharing the music. - Author: Peter Hook
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#42. I'm experiencing the mood to go out and share the music. I don't look at these concerts as a platform for people to watch me, look at me. No, a tour is about an interaction. A thing, myself, a band, and the people who support what I do and enjoy what I do. - Author: Lenny Kravitz
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#43. Often times at a concert, I just close my eyes. Music is very transportive and visual for me like that. - Author: Gotye
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#44. You create a community with music, not just at concerts but by talking about it with your friends. - Author: David Byrne
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#45. I love seeing young girls and their parents and grandparents at my concerts all loving the music from Grease when I perform those songs (and yes, I do perform a bunch of them!). - Author: Olivia Newton-John
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#46. The nice thing about growing up in that kind of environment is you were exposed to so much
music, plays, art exhibits, rock concerts. - Author: Perrey Reeves
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#47. In my day-to-day, I do a bit of yoga, I go biking, I read, I watch shows, I go to music concerts. - Author: Lizzie Brochere
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#48. Music was not a big deal to me when I was in middle school. And then I slowly became a big jazz fan. Even more than concerts, a lot of my high school time was spent going to jazz clubs in the city. - Author: Nick Kroll
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#49. The strings all soar,
The reeds implore,
The brasses roar with notes galore.
It's music that we all adore
It's what we go to concerts for. - Author: Lloyd Moss
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#50. Even in music concerts in Mumbai and different parts of the world, seats are reserved for sponsors. - Author: Zubin Mehta
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#51. My mother always took my brothers and me to music lessons. There were six children. Our parents attended our concerts and encouraged us to study and enjoy many different types of music. - Author: Wynton Marsalis
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#52. The biggest problem with American music right now, is that kids don't listen. They come by it honestly, Americans don't listen anyway. When people go to concerts, they say I'm going to see ... not, I'm going to hear. - Author: Branford Marsalis
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#53. If you read reviews of concerts, the word 'creative' comes up all the time. However, performers playing music usually aren't creative. Critics might say they are, but they're just playing another persons work. They didn't create it. - Author: Ned Rorem
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#54. He had done regular live concerts from San Quentin jail until the civil rights people got him under the Cruel and Unusual Punishment clause. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#55. My band and music are so intense they scare me, and I'm not afraid of anything. We love our music with everything we got and deliver the most inebriating fun concerts on earth every night. - Author: Ted Nugent
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#56. Most big concerts sound disgusting and awful and insultingly bad. It's like going to the cinema and been shown a scratchy film which is upsidedown and the bulb had gone on the projector. The quality of large-scale live music is so shocking. - Author: Brian Eno
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#57. I started singing Folksongs with my mother when I was 6 years old. We sang at Folk festivals and concerts and schools. There was always music being played either on record, Jazz and Folk, by musician friends of my mother. I took to singing very early, I believe it has been a Gift I was born with. - Author: Vicki Sue Robinson
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#58. My job in this life is to give people spiritual ecstasy through music. In my concerts people cry, laugh, dance. If they climaxed spiritually, I did my job. I did it decently and honestly. - Author: Carlos Santana
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#59. I grew up listening to the quartets and I loved that so much that I wanted to see if I could make music and make it happen. It was just a series of events ... me going to concerts and saying "I think I can do that". - Author: Bill Gaither
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#60. I'm afraid concerts spoil people for everyday life. - Author: L.M. Montgomery
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#61. It is interesting that our biggest fans are the greatest names of the classical music scene, such as Julian Rachlin, Janine Jansen, Mischa Maisky and Gidon Kremer. They even make guest appearances in our concerts occasionally. - Author: Aleksey Igudesman
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#62. I have very eclectic taste in music, but when it comes to going to concerts, I like going to rock concerts. - Author: Fran Drescher
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#63. We're passionate musicians, but we felt classical concerts were more like a funeral because nobody talked and everybody was dressed so conservatively. We thought that's kind of strange, because music is full of life! We thought we could break through that barrier with theater and comedy elements. - Author: Aleksey Igudesman
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#64. We do a lot of light classical programming with that, too ... obviously ... a lot of Tchaikovsky music, Grieg, things like that which have become less classical with classical concerts. - Author: Skitch Henderson
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#65. I can remember dancing around living room with my two sisters to the music of Paganini and Mozart. I can still remember my dad combing the newspaper, circling all the free concerts in town, and on the weekends, we would go as a family. - Author: Lindsey Stirling
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#66. A hundred years ago, concerts were far more come-what-may - people played cards, drank beer and appreciated the music. If we go some way towards restoring that spirit, I'll be happy. - Author: Charles Hazlewood
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#67. Throughout my career, nervousness and stage-fright have never left me before playing. And each of the thousands of concerts I have played at, I feel as bad as I did the very first time. - Author: Pablo Casals
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#68. History, like a badly constructed concert hall, has occasional dead spots where the music can't be heard. - Author: Archibald MacLeish
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#69. Just going to Bangladesh was an experience ... if you go into small villages in the U.K., they're backward and culturally devoid. But if you go into small villages in Bangladesh, they have classical music concerts. - Author: Sarah Gavron
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#70. I run around, I listen to a lot of music, go to a lot of concerts. And when I see someone that gases me, I try to go out of my way to involve them somehow in what I'm doing or get involved in what they're doing. - Author: John Zorn
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#71. All my concerts had no sounds in them; they were completely silent. People had to make up their own music in their minds! - Author: Yoko Ono
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#72. If people would like to come to my concerts I'd love them to come. And if they like the music that I make, I love that too. But I do not make music for other people. I make it to please myself. - Author: David Gilmour
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