Top 20 Mr Potty Mouth Quotes

#1. Success is about creating benefit for all and enjoying the process. If you focus on this & adopt this definition, success is yours.

Kelly Kim

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#2. What if I never stop inventing?

Jonathan Safran Foer

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#3. I work out. I'm getting toned, too. The Wii Fit really works your body. When I get off, I'm dying.

Keke Palmer

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#4. There's something darn funny about an old librarian with a potty mouth.

Patrick Carman

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#5. I'm a bit of a potty mouth. My dad used to wash out my mouth with soap, but that was just to get rid of any traces of his DNA.

Doug Stanhope

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#6. Study is the scourge of boyhood, the environment of youth, the indulgence of adults and the curative for the aged.

Saul Landau

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#7. Essentially all life uses redox chemistry to generate a gradient of protons across a membrane. Why on earth do we do that?

Nick Lane

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#8. Potty mouth, rock star, at the top and still tryna climb, Drop the top sit back recline

French Montana

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#9. Don't try to describe the ocean if you've never seen it.

Jimmy Buffett

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#10. Mindy Lujan with her feathered hair, bullying blue-lined eyes, and potty mouth that rivaled Akhil's, managing to use fuck as a verb, an adjective, and a noun, often in the same sentence, as in, "Who the fuck does that fucking fuck think she's fucking with?

Mira Jacob

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#11. It was his ability to trust," she said. "It was the way that he made good people into better people, the way that he inspired them. His crew worked because he had confidence in them - because he respected them. And, in return, they respected each other.

Brandon Sanderson

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#12. I may have a potty mouth, but I do not get caught in illicit sexual encounters in Marriotts, for fuck's sake. I guess I could be open to a Ritz-Carlton or a Four Seasons, but a Marriott, no fucking way! Yet here I am. And there's nowhere else I'd rather be. What spell has this boy cast on me? I

Rachel Cohn

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#13. The thing is, I want to play real characters and not all girls can be pretty. The thing is, you get these girls who say 'I'm a character actor' then you see them in a role and nothing has really changed but the outfit.

Juliette Lewis

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#14. It's very different working with all adults. I have a swear jar so that, if they have a potty mouth, I make them pay. That's what it's like being on set with adults.

Joey King

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#15. A wise man once told me that only by leaving someone good can you meet someone better.

Pittacus Lore

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#16. I love movies. Movies have influenced me as a writer.

Michael Connelly

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#17. I love who you are. Because you accept me for who I am. You make me laugh, sometimes even at myself. And you make me happy.

Tara Kelly

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#18. I muttered a swear word to myself. After I heard Angel cussing like a sailor when she stubbed her toe, my new resolution was to watch my language. All I needed was a six-year-old mutant with a potty mouth

James Patterson

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#19. People know what I'm doing.

Li Na

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#20. Larry woke up with a hangover that was not too bad, a mouth that tasted as if a baby dragon had used it for a potty chair

Stephen King

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