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Top 51 Most Beautiful English Quotes

#1. I have preferred to teach my students not English literature but my love for certain authors, or, even better, certain pages, or even better than that, certain lines. One falls in love with a line, then with a page, then with an author. Well, why not? It is a beautiful process. - Author: Jorge Luis Borges
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#2. I think yes is the most beautiful and necessary word in the English language. - Author: Sally Potter
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#3. May cause drowsiness.' - the most beautiful words in the English language. Once it was 'do you have a t-shirt I can borrow?' Now it's 'may cause drowsiness. - Author: David Nicholls
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#4. In a couple of Ahdaf Soueif's novels, she gets at the certain kind of English that's being spoken by Egyptians. It's a beautiful, expressive English but it is non-standard, "broken" English that happens to be efficient, eloquent, and communicates perfectly well even if it is breaking rules. - Author: Elliott Colla
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#5. The two most beautiful words in the English language are 'cheque enclosed. - Author: Dorothy Parker
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#6. The question now was ... whether that beautiful fabric [the English constitution] ... was to be maintained in that freedom ... for which blood had been spilt; or whether we were to submit to that system of despotism, which had so many advocates in this country. - Author: Charles James Fox
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#7. I read the Bible to myself; I'll take any translation, any edition, and read it aloud, just to hear the language, hear the rhythm, and remind myself how beautiful English is. - Author: Maya Angelou
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#8. I speak a number of languages, but none are more beautiful to me than English. - Author: Maya Angelou
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#9. Somebody once said that the Irish derived the greatest benefit from the English language. They court it like a beautiful woman. They make it bray with donkey laughter, they fling it at the sky like paint pots full of rainbow colors. - Author: Malachy McCourt
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#10. There, Clover found the "gardens and great trees and old cottages ... so beautiful" that seeing them exhausted her. It was as if, she joked with her husband, "this English world is a huge stage-play got up only to amuse Americans. It is obviously unreal, eccentric, and taken out of novels. - Author: Natalie Dykstra
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#11. I have many, many editions of the books, and they are all rather different. In the end, the one I used was the most recent French translation. French suits the tales well, and it's a beautiful translation. The Italian one is good as well ... English has fallen short. - Author: Marina Warner
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#12. There stood a young man who had the figure of a Greek athlete and the face of an English one...Just where he began to be beautiful the clothes started. - Author: E. M. Forster
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#13. The word 'bollocks' is one of the most beautiful and flexible in the English language. It can be used to express emotional states ranging from ecstatic surprise to weary resignation in the face of inevitable disaster. And - Author: Ben Aaronovitch
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#14. With the requests of some he complied, and has published a discourse, delivered before the Society for recovering drowned persons, which may be justly pronounced one of the most beautiful and interesting sermons in the English language. - Author: John Strachan
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#15. The English language is direct, unapologetic, and wonderfully amoral. Italian has a beautiful sound, but you cannot help but feel that you are always dealing with ghosts from the past and the looming dark presence of the Vatican. - Author: Chiara Barzini
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#16. French is the most beautiful," he said, "and Italian is the most poetic, and Russian the most powerful, German the most solid. But more business is done in English than in any other. - Author: Pearl S. Buck
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#17. Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English
but are great in remembering signs - Author: Karl Lagerfeld
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#18. All that gleaming leather and gold stamping and beautiful type belongs in the pine-panelled library of an English country home; it wants to be read by the fire in a gentleman's leather easy chair--not on a secondhand studio couch in a one-room hovel in a broken-down brownstone front. - Author: Helene Hanff
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#19. We'd read about sirens in English this fall; Greek mythology bullshit about women so beautiful, their voices so enchanting, that men did anything for them. Turned out that mythology crap was real because every time I saw her, I lost my mind. - Author: Katie McGarry
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#20. I love the novel of 'The English Patient'; I think it's a profoundly beautiful novel. I love the movie of 'The English Patient'; I think it's a profoundly beautiful movie. And they're totally different. You accept each on its own terms, and that's kind of the ideal. - Author: Ayelet Waldman
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#21. Before me begging did she stand, Pouring out sorrows like a sea; Grief after grief: - on English Land Such woes I knew could never be; And yet a boon I gave her; for the Creature Was beautiful to see; a Weed of glorious feature! - Author: William Wordsworth
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#22. The English countryside is the most staggeringly beautiful place. I can't spend as much time there as I like, but I like everything about it. I like fishing, I like clay- pigeon shooting. - Author: Guy Ritchie
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#23. There's no substitute for the love of language, for the beauty of an English sentence. There's no substitute for struggling, if a struggle is needed, to make an English sentence as beautiful as it should be. - Author: Harper Lee
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#24. A word Gorgeous is much sexier than a word Beautiful - Author: Rahul
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#25. I have always felt cookbooks were fiction and the most beautiful words in the English language were 'room service. - Author: Erma Bombeck
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#26. He shook his head,'Fuck, you say such fucking weird things.'
'Is that still your favourite word?' asked Isola interestedly, 'I like "verisimilitude". Tolkein said the most beautiful English phrase is "cellar door", - Author: Allyse Near
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#27. They wanted to manipulate our songs - our fantastic, well-written songs with a soulful drive - beautiful English R&B - and turn them into pop rubbish. We might as well have been writing children's lullabies for all that did for me. We had to get away from that asshole. - Author: Diane Rinella
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#28. Baseball. If there's a more beautiful word in the English language. I have yet to hear it ... baseball has served as such a powerful link between Dad and me, and later between me and my son. - Author: Tim Russert
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#29. English dialogue is the best in the world. So dry and direct. The Italian language is beautiful, but it is too literary. - Author: Bernardo Bertolucci
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#30. The purpose of life is to be beautiful, to be bountiful, to be blissful, to be graceful and grateful. What a wonderful English word-grateful. If one is great and full, one is God. And whenever smallness faces you, you should be great, and full-full of that greatness. - Author: Harbhajan Singh Yogi
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#31. English is a beautiful language, a remarkably precise language with a million words to choose from to deliver your exact shade of meaning. - Author: Laura Fraser
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#32. The difference between a contemporary liberal and a socialist is that to a liberal the most beautiful word in the English language is 'forbidden', whereas to a socialist the most beautiful word is 'compulsory'. - Author: John McCarthy
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#33. I really want to adopt a child ... I want to be called 'Mom.' It really is the most beautiful word in the English language. - Author: Patti Stanger
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#34. Though I do manage to mumble around in about seven or eight languages, English remains the most beautiful of languages. It will do anything. - Author: Maya Angelou
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#35. Wamblecropt is the most exquisite word in the English language. Say it. Each syllable is intolerably beautiful. - Author: Mark Forsyth
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#36. You are like the winged goddess from Greek mythology. As beautiful and soaring like an angel as her". #MilanoVeneziani. #ItalianPassion: - Author: Olga Goa
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#37. Most English-speaking people, for instance, will admit that cellar door is 'beautiful', especially if dissociated from its sense (and its spelling). More beautiful than, say, sky, and far more beautiful than beautiful. Well then, in Welsh for me cellar doors are extraordinarily frequent. - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#38. I once met a beautiful, proper English girl. I bid her adieu ... she bid me a don't. - Author: Rodney Dangerfield
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#39. I felt a curious thrill, as if something had stirred in me, half wakened from sleep. There was something very remote and strange and beautiful behind those words, if I could grasp it, far beyond ancient English.
(on reading the Cynewulf lines about the star Earendel) - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#40. And it occurred to me, standing there, just breathing with her, quiet settling around us, that those might be the three most beautiful words in the English language. We have time. - Author: Ransom Riggs
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#41. Are there any more beautiful words in the English dictionary than 'see you tomorrow? - Author: Jennifer Flackett
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#42. Belladonna, n.: In Italian a beautiful lady; in English a deadly poison. A striking example of the essential identity of the two tongues. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
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#43. The English and Japanese are the most inventive dressers in the world, but French girls are the most beautiful. I am still always amazed by the style of French girls, and the only reason is that they dress according to themselves and not according to fashion. They know what suits them. - Author: Lou Doillon
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#44. I think Lucy Ferry, now Birley, is absolutely beautiful. She's a modern girl, but she moves beautifully. Amanda [Harlech] moves beautifully when she's not working. All those English leftover society girls. - Author: Manolo Blahnik
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#45. The most beautiful words in the English language are not 'I love you', but 'It's benign'. - Author: Woody Allen
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#46. In an idealized world, we would all be able to do what our English teachers told us to do, which is to write beautiful prose where enthusiasm is conveyed by word choice and grammar. - Author: Will Schwalbe
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#47. Although I feel very French, a part of my heart is in the States. When my brother and I arrived, we didn't really speak any English, and when we left, that's all we spoke when we played together. It was just a beautiful place to grow up. - Author: Delphine Arnault
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#48. Frugality is one of the most beautiful and joyful words in the English language, and yet one that we are culturally cut off from understanding and enjoying. The consumption society has made us feel that happiness lies in having things, and has failed to teach us the happiness of not having things. - Author: Elise Boulding
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#49. Georgian England, to see those wonderful houses being built. And the clothes were interesting too, although I wouldn't want to wear a wig. It's also the most beautiful period of English landscape gardening. They had famous gardeners like Capability Brown. - Author: Alan Titchmarsh
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#50. My father's mother was from Liverpool and she had this very beautiful English china. I only wanted to drink my cocoa out of my grandmother's cup and saucer. - Author: Patti Smith
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#51. Summer afternoon - summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language. - Author: Henry James
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