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Top 9 Minnesota Accent Sayings

#1. If you leave the church service thinking about how good the pastor was, he has missed the mark. If you leave consumed with Christ, the pastor has been used by the Lord.

Howard G. Hendricks

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#2. He found insanity no excuse, however, for irrational behavior.

Brandon Sanderson

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#3. I've done some version of that Minnesota accent - that Midwestern accent - in sketch comedy for years. It's the quickest way to symbolize you're a mom.

Allison Tolman

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#4. There's a little truth in all jive, and a little jive in all truth.

Leonard Barnes

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#5. I've been trying not to be a big baby by insisting on holding his hand in front of the angels, but the urge is strong. I don't want to embarrass him even when he's unconscious. But now that the others are gone, I sit beside him and hold his hand. It's warm, and I pull it to my chest to warm me up.

Susan Ee

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#6. All the people we used to know, they're an illusion to me now.

Bob Dylan

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#7. He could never explain the most excruciating pain was always the personality that hijacked his brain without warning.

Jewel E. Ann

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#8. So, as much as it is about this continuing war, the reinstated draft, and their individual views, it's really sort of a deeply human tale, and a character study as well.

Elijah Wood

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#9. A belief is a lever that, once pulled, moves almost everything in a person's life.

Sam Harris

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