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#1. If it be love indeed, tell me how much.
There's beggary in the love that can be reckon'd.
I'll set a bourn how far to be belov'd.
Then must thou needs find out new heaven, new earth.
Antony and Cleopatra - Act 1, Scene 1 - Author: William Shakespeare
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#2. Movies like 'The Interview' and 'Team America: World Police' don't often show the realities of life in North Korea and the human rights violations perpetrated by the government there. - Author: Jennifer Armintrout
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#3. Did people think I sounded black? Totally, but that was a marketing tool as well, but also this is how I grew up and these are my influences. - Author: Taylor Dayne
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#4. Thirteen thousand dollars a year is not enough to raise a family. That's not enough to pay your bills and save for their future. That's barely enough to provide for even the most basic needs. - Author: Thomas Carper
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#5. The wand is mighter then the sword. - Author: Nancy Gibbs
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#6. I'd like to believe that I would be able to give in the same way Mandela did, but in reality, I don't know whether that is true. It is much more likely that I would be left with an immense sense of injustice and immense desire for revenge. - Author: Naomie Harris
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#7. Since we are part of nature ... we empathize deeply with its ways ... they serve as models of how things should be ... - Author: Lawrence Halprin
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#8. Literary detection and firearms don't really go hand in hand; pen mighter than the sword and so forth. - Author: Jasper Fforde
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#9. My ultimate goal and our ultimate goal is to be individuals, to sustain what we been able to sustain. - Author: Nelly
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#10. Our children want more than presents, that want our PRESENCE. - Author: Heather Schuck
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