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#1. There exists a microscopic breed of brain beetle, commonly known as an 'idea'. An idea desires only one thing: To catch the perfect brain wave. - Author: Leah Broadby
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#2. There is a moment in the history of every nation, when ... the perceptive powers reach their ripeness and have not yet become microscopic: so that man, at that instant ... with his feet still planted on the immense forces of night, converses by his eyes and brain with solar and stellar creation. - Author: Marsilio Ficino
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#3. Death is really no more than the voluntary liquidation of an economy of microscopic free agents, the redemption of the debt of structured life. - Author: Charles Stross
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#4. The experienced physician, mechanic, or physiologist looking at a wound, an engine, a microscopic preparation, "sees" things the novice does not see. If both, experts and laymen, were asked to make exact copies of what they see, their drawings would be quite different. - Author: Rudolf Arnheim
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#5. Jacques La Borwitz had his points, no doubt, but so have the sub-microscopic protozoa, so has a dog prowling for a bitch and a bone." -Cecelia Brady - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#6. The ladies looked one another over with microscopic carelessness. - Author: Arthur Baer
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#7. One last word are you quite quite ure that - well not tomorrow of course and not after tomorrow but - well - some day any day you will not come to live with me I will create a brand new God and thank him with piercing cries if you give me that microscopic hope. - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
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#8. Friends, are you a man according to Gods definition? Have you ever placed yourself under God's microscopic eyes? Have you examined yourself according to his standards of judgment? Does he call you a man - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#9. We, the English educated Indians, often unconsciously make the terrible mistake of thinking that the microscopic minority of the English-speaking Indians is the whole of India. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#10. stromatolites - a kind of living rock made by billions and billions of microscopic cyanobacteria. The tiny respirations of these organisms over millions of years largely created Earth's oxygen-rich atmosphere, paving the way for more complex living things. - Author: Bill Bryson
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#11. You're one microscopic cog in his catastrophic plan. - Author: Nick Cave
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#12. But that's the part that's so unfair. I have nothing else on my mind. How come I have to be the one sitting around analyzing him in like microscopic detail, and he gets to be the one with other things on his mind? - Author: David Levithan
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#13. The study of Nature brings into a harmonious whole the questions of the Infinite, the Historic, and the Microscopic as part of the Great Creator's work. - Author: Robert Baden-Powell
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#14. As of now, string theorists have no explanation of why there are three large dimensions as well as time, and the other dimensions are microscopic. Proposals about that have been all over the map. - Author: Edward Witten
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#15. By means of microscopic observation and astronomical projection the lotus flower can become the foundation for an entire theory of the universe and an agent whereby we may perceive Truth. - Author: Yukio Mishima
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#16. I was strictly a college-ruled man myself, having no talent for illustration and a microscopic scrawl that made wide-ruled seem roomy. The blank pages were usually the most popular - Author: Rachel Cohn
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#17. Memories are microscopic. Tiny particles that swarm together and apart. - Author: Jenny Offill
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#18. Balzac's ambition was to be omnipotent. He would be Michelangelesque, and that by sheer force of minuteness. He exaggerated scientifically, and made things gigantic by a microscopic fulness of detail. - Author: William Ernest Henley
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#19. For when you are put into the Vortex you are given just one momentary glimpse of the entire unimaginable infinity of creation, and somewhere in it a tiny little marker, a microscopic dot on a microscopic dot, which says You are here. - Author: Douglas Adams
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#20. Pornography is the quadraphonics of sex. It adds a third and fourth track to the sexual act. It is the hallucination of detail that rules. Science has already habituated us to this microscopics, this excess of the real in its microscopic detail, this voyeurism of exactitude. - Author: Jean Baudrillard
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#21. I walked out of Spielberg's 'Lincoln' having such a thirst for more. It used such a microscopic albeit enormous event in American history. It used such a small piece of his presidency to illustrate him as a president through the lens of that event. - Author: Jesse Johnson
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#22. Scan not a friend with a microscopic glass, you know his faults, now let the foibles pass. - Author: George Harrison
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#23. The microscopic world became my obsession. - Author: Willard Wigan
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#24. Confronted with the truly microscopic, all loftiness is hopeless, completely meaningless. The diminutive of the parts is more impressive than the monumentality of the whole. I no longer have any use for the sweeping gestures of heroes on the global stage. I'm going for a walk. - Author: Joseph Roth
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#25. The problem was precision, perfection; the problem was digitization, which sucked the life out of everything that got smeared through its microscopic mesh. - Author: Jennifer Egan
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#26. I'm constantly embarrassed. I fidget and twist my hair and pull weird faces and stutter. Some days I feel quite confident, then others there's a microscopic flaw about myself physically, which will make me embarrassed to walk the streets. - Author: Graham Coxon
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#27. The modern nose, like the modern eye, has developed a sort of microscopic, intercellular intensity which makes our human contactspainful and revolting. - Author: Marshall McLuhan
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#28. Every living being is also a fossil. Within it, all the way down to the microscopic structure of its proteins, it bears the traces if not the stigmata of its ancestry. - Author: Jacques Monod
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#29. My work speaks of the finite and the infinite, of the macroscopic and the microscopic, the internal and external, by the masculine and feminine powers, but sex is like a snake, it slithers through everything. - Author: Ernesto Neto
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#30. He had three
incision sites: one where the microscopic camera had gone in and
two where they'd done the actual work, and the abuse he'd taken
today went straight to her heart. "Oh, Pace."
"I'm guessing that wasn't an 'Oh, Pace, you're so sexy, take me.' - Author: Jill Shalvis
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#31. The quiet, melancholy music gradually gave shape to the undefined sadness enveloping his heart, as if countless microscopic bits of pollen adhered to an invisible being concealed in the air, ultimately revealing, slowly and silently it's shape. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#32. Reality ground my expectations into microscopic particles. - Author: Craig Groeschel
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#33. The world was full of holes, tiny apertures of meaninglessness, microscopic rifts that the mind could walk through, and once you were on the other side of one of those holes, you were free of yourself, free of your life free of your death, free of everything that belonged to you. - Author: Paul Auster
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#34. I am indeed sorry to say this, but I fear your microscopic problems do not interest me. - Author: Douglas Preston
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#35. Through microscopic examination one can find in almost every life incidents or traits that can be destructive when they are magnified. - Author: Marvin J. Ashton
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#36. I've spent more time than many will believe [making microscopic observations], but I've done them with joy, and I've taken no notice those who have said why take so much trouble and what good is it? - Author: Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek
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#37. Deep understanding of causality sometimes requires the understanding of very large patterns and their abstract relationships and interactions, not just the understanding of microscopic objects interacting in microscopic time intervals. - Author: Douglas R. Hofstadter
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#38. It has been recognized since the dawn of microbiology that the soil is inhabited by a living microscopic population which is responsible for the numerous reactions that take place in the soil and that affect the life and economy of man in many ways. - Author: Selman Waksman
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#39. I am merely an insignificant creature on a microscopic blue dot in the vastness of space. - Author: Abhijit Naskar
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#40. If string theory is right, the microscopic fabric of our universe is a richly intertwined multidimensional labyrinth within which the strings of the universe endlessly twist and vibrate, rhythmically beating out the laws of the cosmos. - Author: Brian Greene
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#41. Why has not Man a microscopic eye? For this plain reason, Man is not a Fly. Say what the use, were finer optics giv'n, T' inspect a mite, not comprehend the heav'n. - Author: Alexander Pope
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#42. In practice it is possible to determine directly the skin colour and hence the ethnic affiliations of the ancient Egyptians by microscopic analysis in the laboratory; I doubt if the sagacity of the researchers who have studied the question has overlooked the possibility. - Author: Cheikh Anta Diop
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#43. It's hard to believe that this is how it's done. That this is how we get here into the world, by accident or design, the microscopic pieces of ourselves borne by fluids and blood and growing into a tiny kingdom of cells inside someone else's body It seems so difficult to become alive. So improbable. - Author: Dan Chaon
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#44. He sleeps with everything that moves, and his brain is located in his pants - which means it's microscopic. - Author: Kody Keplinger
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#45. There's that effect that is very physical, very down there at the synaptic level, which really means microscopic cellular level, but also molecular level, because all of those structures are operating on an electrochemical basis and so the changes there are very important. - Author: Antonio Damasio
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#46. But there was something telling about that photograph, I thought; our protective glass frame shattered and now here we were, punctured with microscopic holes that might one day tear. Those holes all had names: mortgage, adolescent child, lack of communication, retirement savings, cancer. - Author: Mary Kubica
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#47. Eating plain toast will detonate her.
"I'll have some honey."
When the bread is done I scrape on a microscopic layer of it and pour a cup of coffee, black. She pretends not to listen or watch as I crunch through my breakfast. I pretend that I don't notice her pretending. - Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
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#48. You can't look prim and righteous wearing a microscopic miniskirt and mile-high heels. Well it's pretty hard, anyway. - Author: Meg Cabot
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#49. I just like the insides of things and finding ways into microscopic worlds. There's also an element of control, taking things apart and putting them back together. It's a very tedious task. You can be alone and create a world for yourself. - Author: Mackenzie Davis
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#50. We see eternity through a microscopic window of time. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#51. Children are made of eyes and ears, and nothing, however minute, escapes their microscopic observation. - Author: Fanny Kemble
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#52. And when I give thanks for the seemingly microscopic, I make a place for God to grow within me. - Author: Ann Voskamp
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#53. With Millais's paintings, it's microscopic; when he does hair, it's extraordinary: you can see every strand. - Author: Samuel Barnett
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#54. For the things in the chair, perfect to the last, subtle detail of microscopic resemblance - or identity - were the face and hands of Henry Wentworth Akeley. - Author: H.P. Lovecraft
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#55. One of the reasons they [the Japanese] have bad eyesight is probably these microscopic characters [furigana] which have many lines and strokes to them.& We wonder why they went mad and bombed Pearl Harbor when they knew they couldn't win. That [the Japanese language] would be a reason. - Author: L. Ron Hubbard
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#56. The qubit acts as a bridge between the microscopic and the macroscopic worlds. - Author: Aaron D. O'Connell
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#57. But living creatures are idiosyncratic. They are created in such a way that they can actualize only what their microscopic minds wish for. The concept of limitless is bound heavily by the minor actualization of what perfection is ... - Author: Lionel Suggs
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#58. How the fuck should I know if it's still good? Eat it. You get sick, it wasn't good. You people, you think I got microscopic fucking eyes. - Author: Justin Halpern
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#59. Can you think of any problem, in any area of human endeavour, on any scale, from microscopic to global, whose long-term solution is in any demonstrable way aided, assisted, or advanced by further increases in population, locally, nationally, or globally? - Author: Albert Allen Bartlett
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#60. While primarily a photographer, I do not see or think photographically; hence the story of Indian life will not be told in microscopic detail, but rather will be presented as a broad and luminous picture. - Author: Edward S. Curtis
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#61. God cannot be found on a microscopic slide, but in the hearts of men. - Author: Edgar Magnin
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#62. Snowflakes, leaves, humans, plants, raindrops, stars, molecules, microscopic entities all come in communities. The singular cannot in reality exist. - Author: Paula Gunn Allen
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#63. The Internet is global and seemingly omniscient, while iPods and phones are all microscopic workings encased in plastic blobjects. Compare that to a steam engine, where you can watch the pistons move and feel the heat of its boilers. I think we miss that visceral appeal of the machine. - Author: Scott Westerfeld
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#64. it was the thought of being injected with tiny machines that was making me queasy. Microscopic alien robots were swimming in my blood. It was creepy. - Author: Craig Alanson
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#65. ... The wonders of life and the universe are mere reflections of microscopic particles engaged in a pointless dance fully choreographed by the laws of physics. - Author: Brian Greene
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#66. Digital mechanics predicts that for every continuous symmetry of physics there will be some microscopic process that violates that symmetry. - Author: Edward Fredkin
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#67. How can our leaders be so hypersensitive to the most microscopic of perceived anti-Jewish slurs, yet so entirely indifferent to flagrant and vicious anti-Christian insults? - Author: Daniel Lapin
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#68. A microscopic phantom of the universe; this is all that we are able to be. - Author: Henri Frederic Amiel
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#69. I had a microscopic eye for the blemish, for the grain of ugliness which to me constituted the sole beauty of the object. - Author: Henry Miller
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#70. I realized then that we miss so much of life while we are part of it. We fail to see ninety percent of the glories of nature, for to do so would require vision that is simultaneously telescopic and microscopic. - Author: Amy Tan
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#71. There is a strong religious commitment to the sanctity of human life, but, paradoxically, some of the most fervent protectors of microscopic stem cells are the most ardent proponents of the death penalty. - Author: Jimmy Carter
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#72. The actual gap between Labor, Likud and the new central party is microscopic. - Author: Amos Oz
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#73. Made up of a dozen billion microscopic nerve-cell units interconnected by millions upon millions of conducting nerve-threads weaving incredibly intricate patterns, the brain, as an object of research, presents a defiant challenge to its own ingenuity. - Author: William Feindel
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#74. It is fortunate, I think, that nature is not bounded by human reason and by laboratory work and experimentation, for by the laws of pure reason and by microscopic investigation, it might easily have been proved, long before this, that children could not be born. - Author: Maria Montessori
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#75. Obviously those who burn to be professional jesters mean that they want to be successful comedians. And those are always an elite, microscopic portion of the population. But oh, how they try. - Author: Dick Cavett
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#76. It was summer and moonlight and we had lemonade to drink, and we held the cold glasses in our hands, and Dad read the stereo-newspapers inserted into the special hat you put on your head and which turned the microscopic page in front of the magnifying lens if you blinked three times in succession. - Author: Ray Bradbury
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#77. The healing power of even the most microscopic exchange with someone who knows in a flash precisely what you're talking about because she experienced that thing too cannot be overestimated. - Author: Cheryl Strayed
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#78. I didn't know then what a sperm was, and so wouldn't understand his answer for several years. "My boy," he said, "you are descended from a long line of determined, resourceful, microscopic tadpoles
champions every one. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#79. The "present" does not exist in an objective sense any more than "here" exists objectively, but the microscopic interactions within the world prompt the emergence of temporal phenomena within a system (for instance, ourselves) that interacts only through the medium of a myriad of variables. Our - Author: Carlo Rovelli
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#80. You certainly can't tell anything from the microscopic structure of the brain whether the person was an idiot or a genius. - Author: Ashley Montagu
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#81. Just as we were misled into untenable ideas of the aether through trusting to an analogy with the material ocean, so we have been misled into untenable ideas of the attributes of the microscopic elements of world-structure through trusting to analogy with gross particles. - Author: Arthur Stanley Eddington
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#82. I was a microscopic life-form, infinitely large, stumbled backstage of its playhouse, caught a nanosecond glance of its own reality and nearly vaporized in shock. - Author: Johann Sebastian Bach
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#83. I think there must be some other life forms, even if they're microscopic. - Author: Liam Neeson
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#84. It is a big temptation to me, when I create a character for a novel, to say that he is what he is because of faulty wiring, or because of microscopic amounts of chemicals which he ate or failed to eat on that particular day. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#85. There should be a word for the microscopic spark of hope that you dare not entertain in case the mere act of acknowledging it will cause it to vanish, like trying to look at a photon. You can only sidle up to it, lookong past it, walking past it, waiting for it to get big enough to face the world - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#86. I am sixteen when my mother steps out of her skin one frozen January afternoon- pure self, atoms twinkling like microscopic diamond chips around her, perhaps the chiming of a clock, or a few bright flute notes in the distance- and disappears. No one sees her leave, but she is gone. - Author: Laura Kasischke
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#87. I sincerely hoped I'd beaten the bedding enough that any unwelcome guests of the microscopic variety had gotten the word their invitation was revoked. Pancho - Author: April White
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#88. When you work at a microscopic level, you have to control every part of your body movement - your fingertips, your joints, the pulse in your fingers. - Author: Willard Wigan
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