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#1. I take every role seriously. Personally, I never look at any role as Michael White. I've done that my entire life.

Michael Jai White

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#2. It is bad enough to be white and poor; it is worse still to be black, or brown, and female, and young, and poor. Simply said, race makes class hurt more.

Michael Eric Dyson

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#3. That's something a lot of folks don't know about me - I'm pretty darn funny.

Michael Jai White

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#4. Every member of Congress and every Senator kind of runs their own race with their own message because they don't want to necessarily have dictated from the White House what that message should be.

Christopher Michael Cillizza

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#5. In the dark of the trees he could smell splintered wood and see white upturned faces like wide white dirty flowers.

Michael Shaara

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#6. They want the Indians eliminated, and the lands opened up to white settlers, but they don't want anybody to get hurt in the process. That just ain't possible.

Michael Crichton

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#7. There's all kinds of depictions of black men. You have the Denzel Washingtons and the Will Smiths; that's wonderful, but that doesn't represent everyone. There's a Russell Crowe ... well, you know, there's a black Russell Crowe.

Michael Jai White

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#8. I was brought up bilingual, but there came a point where my mom went back to work and I got a white babysitter, so sadly I lost it. Now I can understand Spanish and put words together, but I don't speak it fluently. I'm ashamed of that.

Michael Trevino

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#9. I enjoy logic and logic puzzles. And filmmaking is one fun logic puzzle that you gotta win.

Michael Jai White

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#10. Michael Jackson was a poor black boy who grew up to be a rich white woman

Molly Ivins

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#11. I don't start writing a script until I can see it all in my head, then it's a matter of getting it down in white heat.

J. Michael Straczynski

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#12. 'The White Ribbon' had to be in German because of the subject matter, that was clear. But in the case of 'Amour,' it could have taken place in any country.

Michael Haneke

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#13. Preaching styles and people being slain in the spirit and things like that. Now it doesn't happen in all black churches, and it happens sometimes in white churches, right? But on average they're quite a bit different.

Michael Emerson

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#14. I've never excluded myself because of color. It's never been part of the radar, when I look at anything I do. The majority of the roles that I've played have had very little to do with being black. It doesn't matter what color you are.

Michael Jai White

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#15. The day you ever have that much control over my behavior, it will be because somebody's asking you, should she get the pine box or a plain white shroud?

Michael Chabon

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#16. I say stupid white men are always the problem. That's never going to change.

Michael Moore

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#17. White-on-white crime is a devastation in America like so-called black-on-black crime. It's not black or white-on-white crime. It's proximity murder.

Michael Eric Dyson

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#18. I feel blessed that I am able to play really dark guys in a business where they usually want you to play the same character over and over. Poor Michael Rapaport will being playing white homeboys till the day he dies. That's not the kind of career I want.

Ron Eldard

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#19. E. B. White had a romantic tenderness toward nature in a capital R, 19th-century way. He was knowledgeable, a part-time farmer, and a hardheaded realistic person.

Michael Sims

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#20. To creative people, the compendium of the white man's dialect are unfashionable, because their creations are more than what the tongue could say.

Michael Bassey Johnson

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#21. He combed his milk-white hair and crooned a tune to himself, clipped on his yellow chamois shoulder holster and stepped out into the soft night and his smooth car.
As he drove, he considered the stars. It would all be over in a flash.

Michael Moorcock

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#22. I remember as a young man seeing these bigger-than-life, strong images of black manhood in the form of Jim Brown and Fred Williamson, Jim Kelly, Billy Dee Williams. All these guys were these alpha males who were smart, attractive. I said, 'Wow, I want to be like that.'

Michael Jai White

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#23. I make shoes for white suburban kids, not the poor black kids. That would be like opening a restaurant for people without stomachs.

Michael Jordan

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#24. I love the movie 'Taken,' but the dialogue in the beginning of that movie is hilarious. They're talking, these commando types, and there's dialogue like, 'Hopefully your daughter appreciates what you're doing for her. Does she know that you're doing it?' What guys talk like this?

Michael Jai White

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#25. And in the incendiary wake of Michael Brown's and Eric Garner's deaths at the hands of white police officers in the summer of 2014, a conventional production of Driving Miss Daisy that in no way subverts the text now seems nothing short of obscene. There

Jordan Tannahill

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#26. In 2004, I was on the West End stage in The Woman In White, and for every show I had to climb into a fat suit to play the obese Count Fosco. It was hard work, and unbearably hot, but I sailed through because I'd always kept myself fit.

Michael Crawford

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#27. For me there's nothing better than putting the white shirt on for England and playing for England. I'd get worried if it wasn't like that.

Michael Owen

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#28. The greatest biodiversity of an species is typically found in the place where it first evolved
where nature first experimented white all the possibilities what an apple, or a potato or peach, could be.

Michael Pollan

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#29. When Michael Jackson, a poor black boy who grew up to be a rich, white woman, married Elvis Presley's daughter the Scientologist. Makes you proud to be an American, dudn't it?

Molly Ivins

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#30. Inside the White House there were always extreme amounts of doubt about whether they should be escalating in Afghanistan. In fact, most of the president's advisers said, "This is probably not going to work." A lot of people in the military said, "This is probably not going to work."

Michael Hastings

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#31. My mother birthed three children and she adopted myself and another African-American son. My adoptive parents were Finnish. I grew up in a white picket neighborhood.

Michael Franti

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#32. I was pretty much a child of 'Monty Python.' I grew up loving that type of humor and even structured a lot of humor in the same fashion.

Michael Jai White

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#33. A good day's filming at last ... John Horton's rabbit effects are superb. A really vicious white rabbit, which bites Sir Bor's head off. Much of the ground lost over the week is made up. We listen to the Cup Final in between fighting the rabbit
Liverpool beat Newcastle 3-0.

Michael Palin

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#34. Where else but in America can a poor black man like Michael Jackson grow up to be a rich white woman?

Red Buttons

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#35. Why we do what do matters. When we lose our why, we lose our way. We inevitably get lost when we don't know why we are doing what we are doing.

Michael White

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#36. I love the '70s. I think the '70s had the best music and the best movies.

Michael Jai White

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#37. It was the Michael Jordan/Nike phenomenon that really let people see that athletes were OK, and black athletes were OK. Defying a previous wisdom - not only that black athletes wouldn't sell in white America, but that the NBA as a predominantly black sport could not sell in white America.

David Stern

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#38. If we go into white congregations, non-whites will sometimes say it felt like worship never started. It was sort of dead and didn't feel that warmly received. But so - and there are different realities either way, and it makes it difficult for all groups to try and cross boundaries.

Michael Emerson

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#39. Exactly what the great white eats in an emergency is a mystery ichthyologists solved by the late twentieth century after decades of investigation: whatever it wishes.

Michael Capuzzo

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#40. Today it is imperative that any distinction or division should be overcome, because the choice between saving the world and changing it is a false one. They are intimately related, the work of redemption and the work of restoration.

Michael White

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#41. There's a great book about John Kennedy and his relationship to civil rights called 'The Bystander.' The title alone suggests that he did as little as possible, any minimal critical effort, to really facilitate civil rights in the White House.

Michael Eric Dyson

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#42. I don't cook. I think they named the 'Mike'-rowave after me.

Michael Jai White

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#43. Most people say I look mean, and because I play so many tough roles and because of my size and my martial arts background, they think I am, but I'm really not.

Michael Jai White

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#44. I go to gyms quite a bit, martial arts gyms, MMA gyms. I try to train with the best people, with who's who in the martial arts, just to keep myself sharp.

Michael Jai White

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#45. It had been raining for weeks. Maybe months. He had forgotten the last day that it hadn't rained, when the storms gave way to the pale blue of the Gulf sky, when the birds flew and the clouds were white and sunshine glistened across the drenched land.

Michael Farris Smith

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#46. I am very cautious of people who are absolutely right, especially when they are vehemently so.

Michael Palin

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#47. To make an absolutely gross generalization, I think a lot of people feel like if you're mixed, more often than not you're quote unquote white. So if you're mixed, you embrace the mainstream culture more than the African-American culture.

Keegan-Michael Key

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#48. I voted for the black guy, and what we got was the white guy

Michael Moore

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#49. His body had almost no hair and his naked little circumcised johnson was nearly as pale as the rest of him, white as a boy's - perhaps over time one's genitals emerge from the pots and bubbling vats of love permanently stained, like the hands of a wool dyer.

Michael Chabon

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#50. A white van drove slowly - as slowly as only an inexperienced and frightened driver could go
down San Pablo Avenue. It came to a stop at a distance, and Caine found himself hoping it was
trouble. Trouble he could handle. A fight would be a wonderful relief from the tedium.

Michael Grant

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#51. I have been visited by every shade of grief and know that it doesn't come in black or white

Michael Robotham

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#52. And there in the snow lay the pictures, like jewels bedded in white silk. They were paper-thin sheets of colored transparent isin glass of every size and shape, some round, some square, some damaged, some intact, some as large as church windows, others as small as snuffbox miniatures.

Michael Ende

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#53. I'd love to have Michael Jackson [in my show] because he's black and white. So he would appeal to a universal demographic.

George Lopez

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#54. Angel, Michael's still waiting for you to come home." Her face went deathly white. "It's been over three years. He can't still be waiting." "He is.

Francine Rivers

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#55. He lifted his shirt, and on his back was the White Rabbit, wearing his waistcoat and looking at his watch. It was just like the illustration from the book. Only standing next to him, back-to-back, was another White Rabbit wearing a leather motercycle jacket and boots and smoking a cigar.

Michael Thomas Ford

Michael White Quotes #268134
#56. The coverage [of crimes] is different. It's less angry when white [athletes] are involved, less accusatory, less judgemental. I see that in the pieces that are written and reported. At times it bothers me to the point that I just stop reading ... just stop.

Michael Wilbon

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#57. Michael Taylor is not being executed for homicide. Michael Taylor is being executed for raping a white female.

John Simon

Michael White Quotes #266568
#58. After a show, I'll get the 16-year-old white kid whose lip is pierced, his head is shaved and his parents hate him, and the young gangster from the screwed-up 'hood, and they say that now they realize there's someone out there who thinks like they do.

Michael Franti

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#59. Everybody seemed to be on a cell phone. The marble floor and high ceiling took all of the voices and multiplied them into a fierce cacophony of white noise.

Michael Connelly

Michael White Quotes #264267
#60. The world wants to define me by my mammary glands and melanin. It is just fascinating that Michael Mann has never been asked what it is like to be a white male filmmaker.

Victoria Mahoney

Michael White Quotes #232521
#61. For an actor, it's great fun to play one of these hungry white sharks. Audiences love to hate them.

Michael Douglas

Michael White Quotes #231086
#62. When I do an action thing, it speaks louder than the things that I've done that are dramatic and comedy. Actually, if you look at my resume, I have just as much comedic things as dramas, and I have far less action things than all of the other things, but I'm kind of defined as an action person.

Michael Jai White

Michael White Quotes #219209
#63. I believe that it is my job to fight for the rights of others to have the same rights that I take for granted. As a white, American male, I have had it quite good. I recognize that and fight every day for everyone to have the same opportunities that I have had.

Michael Skolnik

Michael White Quotes #216844
#64. I enjoy playing real human beings after playing a lot of larger than life characters. I love playing true to life characters and that is what I intend to do for the majority of my career.

Michael Jai White

Michael White Quotes #199969
#65. This book, 'Stupid White Men,' has sold now over four million copies worldwide. Probably about half of that may be in the U.S. and Canada, and the rest, overseas.

Michael Moore

Michael White Quotes #294809
#66. Twenty thousand birds moved away from me as one, like a ground-hugging white cloud, clucking softly.

Michael Pollan

Michael White Quotes #169050
#67. My own particular feline companion answers, or rather doesn't answer, to Cinnamon. One of my kids must have given her the name, even though she's mostly gray and white.

Michael Dirda

Michael White Quotes #159981
#68. The note took long moments to fade and, when it had at last died away, there was an absolute hush over the world, the milling millions were still, there was an air of expectancy. And then the White Lords came.

Michael Moorcock

Michael White Quotes #159331
#69. I have the most eclectic audience - I've got gay, I've got straight, black, white, rich, poor, young, old, in 45 countries. And they don't all come because I'm the Sinatra kid, though that's a big part of it. My biggest successes have come from pop songs that I write myself.

Michael Buble

Michael White Quotes #157416
#70. The great white joker in the sky dooms us all to stupidity or poverty from birth. No two things on earth are equal or have an equal chance, not a leaf or a tree.

Michael Shaara

Michael White Quotes #140683
#71. Since I do seven different styles of martial arts, I don't foresee myself fighting the same in any two movies. I think every fighting style should fit the character that's doing the fighting.

Michael Jai White

Michael White Quotes #135623
#72. The White Hand did not fry all the brain. He fried some
from the right hemisphere and some from the left. The
remaining brain, The White Hand wrapped in tin foil,
carefully. Tomorrow is, after all, another day, and food should be kept
in storage so it won't go bad.

Siberian Hellhole By Michael Mulvihill

Michael White Quotes #128429
#73. The white Christian heterosexual married male is the epitome of everything right with America!

Michael Savage

Michael White Quotes #107497
#74. So the tradition from Europe is that you're supposed to emphasize the mind over the body, so you sing from a very kind of staid perspective. Again, there are charismatic white congregations all over, and they don't sing that way. But, you know, on the average.

Michael Emerson

Michael White Quotes #104037
#75. I used to think of George Michael as being mechanical, like a scientist in a white coat, working in a laboratory, creating perfect harmonies, and all the while I was secretly admiring him.

Boy George

Michael White Quotes #91474
#76. Here. Where I am anonymous and alone in a white room with no history and no parading. So I can make something unknown in the shape of this room. Where I am King of Corners.

Michael Ondaatje

Michael White Quotes #85483
#77. Oh let the lemons lie there,
upended yellow boats, their empty inboards
so clean and white, let them always ferry
such distractions from ourselves.

Michael J. Rosen

Michael White Quotes #441332
#78. Making jokes is about the most wrong and stupid thing a bemused, middle-aged, white heterosexual Anglo Saxon sort of Celt Australian male can do these days.

Michael Leunig

Michael White Quotes #517438
#79. In the dim light of the closed bar, he thought at first it was silver, but as he reached inside and held it up, he saw that it was a gleaming white, so dazzling he knew he had never properly seen the color white before, only paler, inferior shades.

Michael Montoure

Michael White Quotes #514942
#80. I said if you're thinkin' of being my brother, it don't matter if you're black or white.

Michael Jackson

Michael White Quotes #509619
#81. But Eisenhower's advice was consistent, from his days as a general, to his years in the White House, to his role as veteran counselor: don't fight unless you are in it to win. Don't waste time and lives with half measures.

Nancy Gibbs; Michael Duffy

Michael White Quotes #505543
#82. My favorite TV couple is Edith and Archie Bunker. Because they were such individuals that I can't imagine anyone else playing them. And I think that Archie was one of the greatest characters ever on television. Even with his flaws, you loved him.

Michael Jai White

Michael White Quotes #493464
#83. The only fool he tolerated gladly was himself

Michael White

Michael White Quotes #482644
#84. There's a lot of life there, but it's a different sort, because there's a lot less immigrants and a lot more racial, the mix of black and white in particular. I've actually never been to their worship for an extended period of time, so I can't comment wisely on it.

Michael Emerson

Michael White Quotes #477090
#85. Maybe that is why kids like Dumbledore: because he is funny rather than a miserable old sod with a long white beard.

Michael Gambon

Michael White Quotes #469537
#86. My book aspires, as Lewis Carroll's White Queen so eloquently put it, to believe six impossible things at once, if not before breakfast then certainly by supper.

Michael McCord

Michael White Quotes #459067
#87. It was '86. We were a big enough name and we had enough cache that MTV wanted to play us, so, along with Michael Jackson and Madonna, they played our upside-down, black-and-white, backward, single unedited footage of a rock quarry with orange letters over the top of it and called it art.

Michael Stipe

Michael White Quotes #455508
#88. I don't know when the last time I had fried chicken was. Must've been years. As soon as I think about eating it, I think about the stomach ache I'd get.

Michael Jai White

Michael White Quotes #447969
#89. Jeremiah Wright is one of the greatest prophetic preachers that black America has produced. What I find striking is that many white brothers and sisters miss the fact that there would be no black church if the white church wasn't political and racist in refusing to worship with us.

Michael Eric Dyson

Michael White Quotes #523887
#90. What's happening is that Asian and Latino and other groups without that history are more likely to end up in either black churches or white churches and then make them multiracial churches. I talk about that in the US we have two cultures.

Michael Emerson

Michael White Quotes #434837
#91. Most of life seems to be finding that line between one extreme and another and walking it. This is called judgement. Too many folk try to avoid it by claiming every issue is black or white.

Michael Laird

Michael White Quotes #408307
#92. I love all of the government conspiracy stuff. I love all of the shady backroom White House dealings that are going on, and all of the politics involved. That kind of stuff is just fascinating to me.

Michael Graziadei

Michael White Quotes #372074
#93. The movie, 'Remember the Titans,' is my favorite movie, staring Denzel Washington. I love the way in this movie the game of football brings those boys together, it unites those boys on that football field. It unites a whole town, black, white, old, young, rich and poor.

Michael Irvin

Michael White Quotes #371831
#94. To me, the responsibility of an actor is to recreate humanity honestly. I never feel like an actor, I always look at it from a blue collar perspective.

Michael Jai White

Michael White Quotes #352028
#95. The first movie I ever saw was a blaxploitation movie. It was called 'Monkey Hustle.' Like I said, just listen to the name. That's a blaxploitation movie. It had these incredible, bigger-than-life images of people who looked like I did. Or who looked like I wanted to look like.

Michael Jai White

Michael White Quotes #342866
#96. I wear the same thing every day. I always pack two black jackets, loads of black T-shirts, loads of white jeans. I feel a little fresh and glamorous and graphic.

Michael Kors

Michael White Quotes #341601
#97. His little black-and-white cat with the black-and-white wings would fly through the rooms sometimes, but most often it would be discovered sleeping somewhere where it was most inconvenient for it to sleep. And

Michael Moorcock

Michael White Quotes #332252
#98. One day in 1984, at the height of his fame, Michael Jackson made a visit to the White House. President and Nancy Reagan may not have dug his music, but they understood the power Mr. Jackson commanded as a common pop-cultural touchstone for just about everyone else.

Monica Crowley

Michael White Quotes #311107
#99. For me, as a child, I certainly thought that there were more black people in the world than white people.

Keegan-Michael Key

Michael White Quotes #309161
#100. In reality, there are very few villains who view themselves as villains. They just have a certain agenda at a certain time.

Michael Jai White

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