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#1. Photography was seen as the enemy of all the values of late modernism ... and as things turned out, it was. - Author: Mel Bochner
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#2. It's better not to make a promise than to make one you can't keep. - Author: V.C. Andrews
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#3. The trouble is not that we are never happy-it is that happiness is so episodical. - Author: Ruth Benedict
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#4. If I see something that's extremely challenging, I'm like, 'That seems really hard. Let's try it.' It's just my personality. - Author: Condola Rashad
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#5. Photography Cannot Record Abstract Ideas (Title of a 16x20 inch photograph depicting an index card on which that phrase is handwritten.) - Author: Mel Bochner
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#6. In 1967 there was no place for photography in a contemporary art gallery. It was almost impossible to get an art dealer to look at, let alone exhibit, anything photographic. - Author: Mel Bochner
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#7. When I got into the Beatles, I must have only been about six or seven but old enough to take notice. We used to have an old radiogram which, for readers of a certain age, was like a big cabinet thing with a record player inside it. - Author: Paul Weller
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#8. No time for monsters. - Author: Mark Andrew Poe
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#9. I think that what trips up a lot of great musicians is that they become involved with too many things that aren't where their strengths lie. - Author: Will Oldham
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#10. The kind of classic pose of a female model is to look kind of sexy and a bit annoyed. - Author: Caitlin Moran
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#11. As machines become more and more efficient and perfect, so it will become clear that imperfection is the greatness of man. - Author: Ernst Fischer
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#12. Colm sighed...
-She's quite beautiful. Like a fairy and a goddess all wrapped into one.
-How very... poetic of you.
He felt a sharp tug in the vicinity of his heart.
-And most accurate
He added

Colm & Graham - Author: Donna Kauffman
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#13. The first time you go on holiday is the test of a relationship, when you really find out if you're compatible or not. You find out what's annoying about that person, and whether or not you're willing to put up with that because you love them and you don't want to be alone. - Author: Alice Lowe
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