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Top 11 Mel Robbins Quotes

#1. You were born not to be just fine

Mel Robbins

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#2. A map was a fine thing to study when you were disposed to think of something else, being made up of names that would turn into a chime if you went back upon them.

George Eliot

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#3. If you are wondering if the Rule works if you count forward 1- 2- 3- 4- 5, instead of backwards 5- 4- 3- 2- 1, the answer is no - it doesn't. Just

Mel Robbins

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#4. Much of that which passes for conversation these days is the lobbing of small bombs of dogma and little clots of banality at one another.

Dee Hock

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#5. Marry ... into a family that will enable your children to feel proud of both sides of the house.

Robert E.Lee

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#6. Fear-bola attacks the part of the brain responsible for rational thinking. It starts with a low-grade concern about the two health care workers diagnosed with Ebola in Dallas and slowly builds into fear of a widespread epidemic in the United States.

Mel Robbins

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#7. To become conscious of what is horrifying and to laugh at it is to become master of that which is horrifying

Eugene Ionesco

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#8. Wisdom delights in water; love delights in hills. Wisdom is stirring; love is quiet. Wisdom is merry; love grows old.


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#9. If you only ever did the things you don't want to do, you'd have everything you've ever wanted.

Mel Robbins

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#10. You need to recognize that the risk of moving toward your dreams is much lower than the slow, everyday punishment you inflict on yourself by suppressing your dream

Mel Robbins

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#11. The F-bomb. It's everywhere. You hear it all the time. And I honestly don't understand what the appeal is over the word.

Mel Robbins

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