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#1. Wisdom of the Ages: "Being Poor" Of all the crimes committed in America, undoubtedly the most unforgivable. - Author: Matthew D. Heines
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#2. Never keep your blessings all to yourself. Share them with those who need and you will receive more. - Author: Timothy Pina
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#3. Naked we're born, naked we'll go,
See how the vain are soon brought low.
God speed the poor boy on his way,
Fear not, we'll meet some other day. - Author: Matthew Skelton
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#4. Papa, please get the moon for me. - Author: Eric Carle
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#5. Poor people have the desire to prosper but their mindset stop them. - Author: Matthew Ashimolowo
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#6. Poor people are as much in danger from an inordinate desire towards the wealth of the world as rich from an inordinate delight in it. - Author: Matthew Henry
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#7. That was Mahogany!! - Author: Suzanne Collins
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#8. By and large, the poor do not want some small life. They don't want to game the system or eke out an existence; they want to thrive and contribute. - Author: Matthew Desmond
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#9. If incarceration had come to define the lives of men from impoverished black neighborhoods, eviction was shaping the lives of women. Poor black men were locked up. Poor black women were locked out. - Author: Matthew Desmond
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#10. A person with a poor mind set is always afraid to take risk. - Author: Matthew Ashimolowo
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#11. To live your life without expectation-without the need for specific results-that is freedom. That is Godliness. - Author: Neale Donald Walsch
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#12. Lyrical poetry is much the same an every age, as the songs of the nightingales in every spring-time. - Author: Heinrich Heine
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#13. I woke early the next morning, well before the others, and smiled at my brothers, my protectors. The sister in me wanted to stay. But the princess in me got up and went to prepare for the new day. - Author: Kiera Cass
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#14. God says it is our duty as Christians to take care of widows and orphans and to help the poor within the Christian society ... And Jesus said, "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me" Matthew 25:40 KJV]. - Author: Billy Graham
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#15. We oft know little of who we were, only something of who we are, and nothing of who we may be. - Author: Charlie Fletcher
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#16. Establishing publicly funded legal services for low-income families in housing court would be a cost-effective measure that would prevent homelessness, decrease evictions, and give poor families a fair shake. - Author: Matthew Desmond
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#17. A poor man fear for money works against him. - Author: Matthew Ashimolowo
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#18. I try not to get caught up in how our society is so inundated with images, and stay very focused on the work that I'm doing. - Author: Lynsey Addario
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#19. Poor Matilda! She sleeps in the Grave, and her broken heart throbs no more with passion. - Author: Matthew Gregory Lewis
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#20. Save your money, pay your taxes, it doesn't last forever ... - Author: Stone Cold Steve Austin
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#21. The universe hiccups, and we poor fools try to figure out why. - Author: Matthew Quick
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#22. In 1930, the death rate for Milwaukee's blacks was nearly 60 percent higher than the citywide rate, due in large part to poor housing conditions. - Author: Matthew Desmond
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#23. It is winter--the best time to dream of spring. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#24. Today, the majority of poor renting families in America spend over half of their income on housing, and at least one in four dedicates over 70 percent to paying the rent and keeping the lights on. - Author: Matthew Desmond
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#25. For many landlords, it was cheaper to deal with the expense of eviction than to maintain their properties; it was possible to skimp on maintenance if tenants were perpetually behind; and many poor tenants would be perpetually behind because their rent was too high. - Author: Matthew Desmond
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#26. No one thought the poor more undeserving than the poor themselves. - Author: Matthew Desmond
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#27. Poverty was a relationship, I thought, involving poor and rich people alike. To understand poverty, I needed to understand that relationship. This sent me searching for a process that bound poor and rich people together in mutual dependence and struggle. Eviction was such a process. - Author: Matthew Desmond
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#28. Martin King was fundamentally committed to the least of these [poor, working people]. Of course, he was a Christian soldier for justice from the 25th chapter of Matthew. - Author: Cornel West
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#29. Most poor people in America were like Arleen: they did not live in public housing or apartments subsidized by vouchers. Three in four families who qualified for assistance received nothing. - Author: Matthew Desmond
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#30. Poor families are living above their means, in apartments they cannot afford. The thing is, those apartments are already at the bottom of the market. 24 Our cities have become unaffordable to our poorest families, and this problem is leaving a deep and jagged scar on the next generation. - Author: Matthew Desmond
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#31. The church has no authority to preach of inclusivity if we fear altering the look of our church by bringing in the poor. - Author: Matthew Barnett
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#32. But so many books thou readest, But so many schemes thou breedest, But so many wishes feedest, That thy poor head almost turns. - Author: Matthew Arnold
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#33. Do you know," he said, "there are men who would like very much to see me dead. Powerful men. Obscenely wealthy me. Men who can afford to be patient and engage the services of large, ruthless brutes. I've managed to evade them all. But you ... God's truth, I think you'll be the very death of me. - Author: Tessa Dare
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