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#1. Oh, for fuck's sake. The Chevy Matiz - whose idea was it? Four doors, shaped like a shoe, and all the reliability of his grandmother's digestive tract. Whether she'd been constipated or had the runs, it was always ugly, and her mood had been to match.

Amy Lane

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#2. She knew that people generally behaved only as well as they had to.

Daisy Goodwin

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#3. There's a particular hierarchy in the prison - class distinctions, high-school cliques. You have to learn how to navigate.

Laura Prepon

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#4. If you think Sigourney Weaver is
sexy then you are a homosexual.

J.R. Moehringer

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#5. Your mind can only hold one thought at a time. Make it a positive and constructive one.

H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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#6. The truth was that Jay Gatsby, of West Egg, Long Island, sprang from his Platonic conception of himself. He was a son of God - a phrase which, if it means anything, means just that - and he must be about His Father's Business, the service of a vast, vulgar and meretricious beauty.

F Scott Fitzgerald

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#7. Where the soul is full of peace and joy, outward surrounding and circumstances are of comparatively little account.

Hannah Whitall Smith

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#8. Sometimes I want to be on 'The Real Housewives of New York.' I want to remind them to figure out how to get along and support each other.

Candace Bushnell

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#9. On one day of the week, I relax - which is not true, I work furiously on other things. 'Relax' is not a word to me.

Philippe Petit

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#10. I went to Colby College in Waterville, ME and did picture it when I was writing 'Cum Laude.' So many of the physical details were included, like the loop where people jogged. The story of the chapel is also borrowed from Colby ... but the students and cast of characters are fictional.

Cecily Von Ziegesar

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#11. When 'Friday Night Lights' finished, I cried for a day. I have a problem.

Bojana Novakovic

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