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Top 14 Mars Attacks Quotes

#1. I have little routines in the theater. Once I've established something, like the order of putting on makeup and a costume, I have to invariably do it in the same order every time, even if I only did it by chance the first time round. - Author: Ian McKellen
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#2. A mysterious character of UFOs is that they are sighted only in the First World,' she said, 'and no alien conquest of Earth begins until the mayor of New York holds an emergency press conference. When Mars attacks, it attacks America. - Author: Manu Joseph
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#3. Sometimes bad is bad. - Author: Huey Lewis
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#4. Well, I stopped drinking. That was actually a big deal. I didn't go through any harrowing rock-bottom experience. I just made a decision to stop drinking. - Author: Josh Radnor
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#5. I love trying to play the not-confident guy, the guy against my normal character, because that's when real acting comes into play. - Author: Kellan Lutz
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#6. It wasn't a kiss that changed the frog, but the fact that a young girl looked beneath warts and slime and believed she saw a prince. So he became one. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
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#7. Science keeps religion from sinking into the valley of crippling irrationalism and paralyzing obscurantism. Religion prevents science from falling into the marsh of obsolete materialism and moral nihilism. - Author: Martin Luther King Jr.
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#8. Doing Tim's film is always going to be the most pleasure. Let me just put it that way. So, without drawing favorites one way or the other, getting back with him and doing Mars Attacks! was certainly a special treat. - Author: Danny Elfman
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#9. Shutting out your problems does not dismiss them. Ignorance is not bliss. On the contrary, it creates an opportunity for those problems to grow. - Author: Carlos Wallace
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#10. It is your virtue, being men, to try;
And it is ours, by virtue to deny. - Author: Michael Drayton
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#11. I have a theory that there are still parts of our mental worlds that are still based around the age of between five and eight, and we just kind of pretend to be grown-up. - Author: Kate Bush
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#12. For he was firmly of the conviction that the body was more susceptible to disease without the presence of love to warm the organs. - Author: Julia Stuart
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#13. ... Tell me, has anything odd happened to you recently?
What do you mean, odd?'
Unusual. Deviating from the customary. Something outside the usual parameters of normalcy. An occurrence of unprecedented weird. - Author: Jasper Fforde
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#14. Often, the key to getting what we need is simply to let it in. - Author: Gina Greenlee
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