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Top 15 Mark Rowlands Quotes

#1. Civilization is only possible for deeply unpleasant animals. It is only an ape that can be truly civilized.

Mark Rowlands

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#2. Any time you're lucky enough to get on a show people watch, it's a good thing.

Chris Hardwick

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#3. The Resurrected/Glorified, God-man Jesus and the angelic beings obviously have knowledge with which to think/reason/articulate/communicate. In my opinion, it seems to me there is 'another way' of knowing something. Yet, they have no physical/organic brain?"

~R. Alan Woods [2012]

R. Alan Woods

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#4. Deception, machination and mendacity lie at the core of human intelligence, like worms coiled at the core of a apple

Mark Rowlands

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#5. On every long run that has gone right, there comes a point where thinking stops and thoughts begin.

Mark Rowlands

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#6. As someone fairly committed to the death of our solar system and ultimately the entropy of the universe, I think the question of what we should worry about is irrelevant in the end.

Bruce Hood

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#7. What is most important when the time comes - and it always will - is to live your life with the coldness of a wolf.

Mark Rowlands

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#8. Philosophers should be offered condolences rather than encouragement.

Mark Rowlands

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#9. You are the drop,and the ocean
you are kindness,you are anger,
you are sweetness,you are poison.
Do not make me more disheartened.
you are the chamber of the sun,
you are the abode of venus,
you are the garden of all hope.
Oh, Beloved, let me enter.


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#10. I know you said you didn't want this, but here's the thing. I don't believe you.

Chelsea M. Cameron

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#11. A man desires praise that he may be reassured, that he may be quit of his doubting of himself; he is indifferent to applause when he is confident of success.

Alec Waugh

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#12. What is best about our lives -the moments when we are, as we would put it, at our happiest- is both pleasant and deeply unpleasant. Happiness is not a feeling; it is a way of being. If we focus on the feelings, we will miss the point.

Mark Rowlands

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#13. What's the deal with Ovaltine? It comes in a round container, you put it in a round glass, why don't they call it Roundtine?

Jerry Seinfeld

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#14. Pheidippides ran twenty-six miles from Marathon to Athens with news of the Greek victory.

Mark Rowlands

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#15. I don't know any nation on Earth that succeeded in creating a strong middle class with rising wages based on building a stronger and bigger government.

Mitt Romney

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