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Top 17 Manatee Quotes

#1. Eating a tuna roll at a sushi restaurant should be considered no more environmentally benign than driving a Hummer or harpooning a manatee. - Author: Daniel Pauly
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#2. We have a philosophy of we'll keep putting it up until people get it. We did that actually these last three weeks with Cracked Out from New York. People didn't really understand them. We put them up three weeks ago and they just got stared at. - Author: Scott Aukerman
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#3. The sun peeked over the horizon like the head of a giant radioactive manatee. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
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#4. Aping urbanity,
Oozing with vanity,
Plump as a manatee,
Faking humanity,
Intellectual inanity,
Journalistic calamity,
Fox Noise insanity,
You're a profanity,
Hannity - Author: John Cleese
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#5. In listening to stories we tend to suspend disbelief in order to be entertained, whereas in evaluating statistics we generally have an opposite inclination to suspend belief in order not to be beguiled. - Author: John Allen Paulos
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#6. The reason wisdom is meant to be imparted is because you acquire it only after it's too late to apply to yourself. - Author: Jonathan Tropper
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#7. That life has no clear meaning is the best possible news for an artist. - Author: Marty Rubin
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#8. A full-grown manatee, which can weigh more than 1,000 pounds, looks like the result of a genetic experiment involving a walrus and the Goodyear Blimp. - Author: Dave Barry
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#9. Why did you draw the chick in the ocean so fat and ugly?" asked a guy in a black tank top.
"Where?" Kayla said.
"Right there by the sandcastle. There on the right."
"It's not a girl. It's a manatee. - Author: Thomas Pack
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#10. I think that there are empty ecological niches in the literary landscape crying to be filled and when a book more or less fills a niche it's seized on, even when it's a far from perfect fit. - Author: Edmund White
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#11. Your perception about the world creates your thoughts, your thoughts create your desires and intention, and your intentions manifest as your reality. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#12. History is, in its essentials, the science of change. It knows and it teaches that it is impossible to find two events that are ever exactly alike, because the conditions from which they spring are never identical. - Author: Marc Bloch
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#13. In every failure lies the seeds of success. - Author: Deepak Chopra
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#14. I'm really a big believer in working with people. It's challenging for me to come into already integrated brands and find a way where I can put my own flair on it. - Author: Erin Wasson
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#15. My poor boat poked along the waterway with the blinding speed of a manatee. - Author: Pat Conroy
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#16. My main nurturing instinct toward children is mild sadism
picking them up and threatening to drop them
which is why I am a good uncle but would make a poor father. - Author: Thomm Quackenbush
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#17. I'm not new to the political process; I was making a contribution as the speaker of the third largest and most diverse state in the country well before I even got into the Senate. - Author: Marco Rubio
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