Top 100 Madmen's Quotes

#1. When the cold winds come and find you
Blowing down from the top of the high rise
I'll come and take you back down to Soho
Away from all those madmen's eyes

Shane MacGowan

Madmen's Quotes #527771
#2. the worst madmen don't seem odd at all," Grimm said. "They appear to be quite calm and rational, in fact. Until the screaming starts.

Jim Butcher

Madmen's Quotes #1014388
#3. You don't appreciate the fact that madmen are very lucky.

Luigi Pirandello

Madmen's Quotes #1019276
#4. Life is short; this being so, who would pursue great things and not bear with what is at hand? These are the ways of madmen and men of evil counsel, at least in my judgment.


Madmen's Quotes #973078
#5. For if he like a madman lived; At least he like a wise one died.

Miguel De Cervantes

Madmen's Quotes #970042
#6. The world is so full of simpletons and madmen, that one need not seek them in a madhouse.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Madmen's Quotes #957542
#7. Cause I'd rather stay here
With all the madmen
Than perish with the sadmen roaming free
And I'd rather play here
With all the madmen
For I'm quite content they're all as sane
As me

David Bowie

Madmen's Quotes #940445
#8. Nations are as equal as so many madmen or drunkards.

Fritz Leiber

Madmen's Quotes #907667
#9. Artists are meant to be madmen, to disturb and shock us.

Anne Rice

Madmen's Quotes #907588
#10. These were madmen, Simon realized, and that was the direst problem of the world: that madmen should be strong and unafraid, so that they, could force their will on the weak and peace-loving.

Tad Williams

Madmen's Quotes #876684
#11. Intellectual despair results in neither weakness nor dreams, but in violence. It is only a matter of knowing how to give vent to one's rage; whether one only wants to wander like madmen around prisons, or whether one wants to overturn them.

Georges Bataille

Madmen's Quotes #874198
#12. Seashores are good for madmen - provided they're not too mad.

Saul Bellow

Madmen's Quotes #868431
#13. We painters use the same license as poets and madmen.

Paolo Veronese

Madmen's Quotes #858930
#14. History is the autobiography of a madman.

Alexander Herzen

Madmen's Quotes #849818
#15. Are you a devious, plotting, unreliable madman? Ah, good, then you can be my most trusted advisor.

Terry Pratchett

Madmen's Quotes #792628
#16. These infinitesimal distinctions between man and man are too paltry for an Omnipotent Being. How these madmen
give themselves away! The real God taketh heed lest a sparrow fall. But the God created from human vanity sees
no difference between an eagle and a sparrow.

Bram Stoker

Madmen's Quotes #782319
#17. Such stuff as madmen tongue.

William Shakespeare

Madmen's Quotes #756955
#18. Gilles Deleuze believed that every society needed a madman so we could feel better about ourselves. I do my best to fill that role.

George Singleton

Madmen's Quotes #754128
#19. The time for princes and tsars and holy madmen was gone.
In its place came a world of war and revolution, of tanks and
telephones, murder and assassination.

Marcus Sedgwick

Madmen's Quotes #742121
#20. I have been known as a crank, faddist, madman. Evidently the reputation is well deserved. For wherever I go, I draw to myself cranks, faddists, and madmen.

Mahatma Gandhi

Madmen's Quotes #740819
#21. I've written about superheroes. I've written about talking ferrets and math geniuses being chased by madmen. I've written about spies and demon-hunting soccer moms. I've created an entire world that centers around a paranormal judicial system.

Julie Kenner

Madmen's Quotes #736606
#22. It is pleasant at times to play the madman.

Seneca The Younger

Madmen's Quotes #730947
#23. When you live entirely among madmen, it is difficult to know how sane you are.

Robert Aickman

Madmen's Quotes #727897
#24. Merjack and Whelms wouldn't be satisfied until Devyn was dead. They were like madmen who couldn't be won with reason or intellect. Devyn was going to die. And most likely so would she.

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Madmen's Quotes #713184
#25. Love is merely a madness; and, I tell you, deserves as well a dark house and a whip as madmen do; and the reason why they are not so punish'd and cured is that the lunacy is so
ordinary that the whippers are in love too.

William Shakespeare

Madmen's Quotes #709521
#26. There is less harm to be suffered in being mad among madmen than in being sane all by oneself.

Denis Diderot

Madmen's Quotes #702036
#27. I'd rather stay here with all the madmen than perish with the sadmen roaming free.

David Bowie

Madmen's Quotes #1122938
#28. Ask anybody, would you want an ex-madman living next door? It's difficult enough being an ex-convict. It's double hard for us 'madmen'. Please believe it.

Stephen Richards

Madmen's Quotes #1796912
#29. Let's sum up: an unknown number of enemies with unknown capabilities, supported by a gang of madmen, packs of attack animals, and superhumanly intelligent pocket change.

Jim Butcher

Madmen's Quotes #1786759
#30. Don't any of you realize there's only one life between that madman and the Presidency?

Mark Hanna

Madmen's Quotes #1733271
#31. So what have Keynes's 'madmen in authority' done with the ideas they inherited from defunct economists? They have set about dismantling the properly economic powers and initiatives of the state.

Tony Judt

Madmen's Quotes #1534911
#32. The usefulness of madmen is famous: they demonstrate society's logic flagrantly carried out down to its last scrimshaw scrap.

Cynthia Ozick

Madmen's Quotes #1480907
#33. We've all become god's madmen, all of us.

Bram Stoker

Madmen's Quotes #1355734
#34. The sane would do no good if they made themselves mad to help madmen.

C.S. Lewis

Madmen's Quotes #1334941
#35. We have to have armies! We have to have military power! We have to have police forces, whether it's police in a great city or police in an international scale to keep those madmen from taking over the world and robbing the world of its liberties.

Billy Graham

Madmen's Quotes #1270926
#36. He who without the Muse's madness in his soul comes knocking at the door of poesy and thinks that art will make him anything fit to be called a poet, finds that the poetry which he indites in his sober senses is beaten hollow by the poetry of madmen.


Madmen's Quotes #1221578
#37. Make no mistake: peaceful madmen are ahead of the future.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Madmen's Quotes #1176554
#38. This cold night will turn us all to fools and madmen.

William Shakespeare

Madmen's Quotes #1174601
#39. There are very few really brilliant men who have not had at least one madman among their ancestors.

Andre Maurois

Madmen's Quotes #1145062
#40. If the [Vestiges] be true, the labours of sober induction are in vain; religion is a lie; human law is a mass of folly, and a base injustice; morality is moonshine; our labours for the black people of Africa were works of madmen; and man and woman are only better beasts!

Adam Sedgwick

Madmen's Quotes #696514
#41. My mother taught me long ago that only madmen fight wars they cannot win.

George R R Martin

Madmen's Quotes #1116466
#42. He's right: They have to put madmen with madmen.

Alexandre Dumas

Madmen's Quotes #1115360
#43. He was astonished likewise that they did not see it was impossible for men to comprehend anything of all those wonders, seeing they who have the reputation of being most knowing in them are of quite different opinions, and can agree no better than so many fools and madmen;


Madmen's Quotes #1084778
#44. They marched like madmen from place to place, until overcome by exhaustion and lack of strength they could no longer move from one side to the other, and they remained there, wherever this sad siren voice had summoned them, self-important, and dead.

David Grann

Madmen's Quotes #1084460
#45. Someone like myself, who claimed to be a real madman, living and organized with a Pythagorean precision ...

Salvador Dali

Madmen's Quotes #1071479
#46. That is why embittered people find heroes and madmen a perennial source of fascination, for they have no fear of life or death. Both heroes and madmen are indifferent to danger and will forge ahead regardless of what other people say.

Paulo Coelho

Madmen's Quotes #1064144
#47. A madman and an arahant both smile, but the arahant knows why while the madman doesn't.

Ajahn Chah

Madmen's Quotes #1060605
#48. The wind, my friends, only speaks to madmen - and I heard it call my name.

Pierdomenico Baccalario

Madmen's Quotes #1038520
#49. Some of the madmen are really fun to be with. I soon learnt to relate to them. I soon became one of them. I ended up the maddest of the mad. There is no madder than myself! Please believe it.

Stephen Richards

Madmen's Quotes #1031629
#50. Blackmail threats are e-mails from madmen.

Michael Bassey Johnson

Madmen's Quotes #1028712
#51. All men are mad in some way or another, and inasmuch as you deal discreetly with your madmen, so deal with God's madmen too, the rest of the world.

Bram Stoker

Madmen's Quotes #1027169
#52. Do I lack madmen, that you have brought this fellow to behave as a madman in my presence? Shall


Madmen's Quotes #181410
#53. Madmen and fools see everything through the medium of humor.

Francois De La Rochefoucauld

Madmen's Quotes #254497
#54. He was endowed with the extraordinary powers of endurance characteristic of madmen and simpletons.

Vasily Grossman

Madmen's Quotes #253471
#55. All pictures that's painted with sense and with thought / Are painted by madmen as sure as a groat; / For the greater the fool in the pencil more blest, / And when they are drunk they always paint best.

William Blake

Madmen's Quotes #239568
#56. Madmen always think it's the others who are mad.

Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Madmen's Quotes #216606
#57. I am able to play monsters well. I understand monsters. I understand madmen.

Anthony Hopkins

Madmen's Quotes #214129
#58. Sometimes luck belongs to children and madmen.

Robin Hobb

Madmen's Quotes #212098
#59. At many a moment on many a day, I am convinced that pro football must be a game for madmen, and I must be one of them.

Vince Lombardi

Madmen's Quotes #211524
#60. He was happy because, after such a long study, experimentation, and struggle, he could at last affirm the ultimate truth: there never were and never would be any madmen in Itaguai or anywhere else.

Machado De Assis

Madmen's Quotes #207752
#61. What a fool I was! and yet, in the sight of angels, are we any wiser as we grow older? It seems to me, only, that our illusions change as we go on; but, still, we are madmen all the same.

J. Sheridan Le Fanu

Madmen's Quotes #202040
#62. Anger and jealousy's all that he sells us, he's content when you're under his thumb. Madmen oppose him, but your kindness throws him, to survive it you play deaf and dumb.

Bob Dylan

Madmen's Quotes #198812
#63. A country without a memory is a country of madmen.

George Santayana

Madmen's Quotes #198508
#64. What Richard Selzer, M.D. once wrote of surgery is true of therapy: only human love keeps this from being the act of two madmen.

Thomas Lewis

Madmen's Quotes #183400
#65. God always helps madmen, lovers, and drunkards.

Marguerite De Navarre

Madmen's Quotes #306446
#66. Ambition is a drug that turns it's addicts into potential madmen.

Emil Cioran

Madmen's Quotes #165308
#67. Nearly a half century ago, while Social-Democratic and Communist theoreticians babbled about a society with "work for all," the Dadaists, those magnificent madmen, demanded unemployment for everybody.

Murray Bookchin

Madmen's Quotes #142152
#68. Much of what we call History is the success stories of madmen.

John Holt

Madmen's Quotes #112100
#69. Only a madman would give good for evil


Madmen's Quotes #90912
#70. I have to lie, if I don't want to take madmen seriously and become a madman myself

Milan Kundera

Madmen's Quotes #89254
#71. There are periods of history when the visions of madmen and dope fiends are a better guide to reality than the common-sense interpretation of data available to the so-called normal mind. This is one such period, if you haven't noticed already.

Robert Anton Wilson

Madmen's Quotes #65496
#72. I prefer sinners and madmen, who can learn, who can change, who can teach-or people like myself, if I may say so, who are not afraid to eat a lobster alone as they take on their shoulders the monumental weight of thirty years

James Baldwin

Madmen's Quotes #60579
#73. Fiction and fact: only madmen and magistrates cannot discriminate between them.

Alan Moore

Madmen's Quotes #60367
#74. Over there, in Europe, all was shame and anger. Here it was exile or solitude, among these languid and agitated madmen who danced in order to die.

Albert Camus

Madmen's Quotes #42088
#75. Ambition is a drug that makes its addicts potential madmen.

Emile M. Cioran

Madmen's Quotes #37036
#76. When one lives among madmen, one should train as a maniac.

Alexandre Dumas

Madmen's Quotes #1263
#77. I am very active, ... I like to ride horses. I golf. I perform onstage. I am a madman onstage.

Clay Walker

Madmen's Quotes #456437
#78. It took the madmen of yesterday for us to be able to act with extreme clarity today. I want to be one of those madmen. We must dare to invent the future.

Thomas Sankara

Madmen's Quotes #664902
#79. The madmen seem to live on forever, don't they?

Lauren Bacall

Madmen's Quotes #661466
#80. I believe in the power of the imagination to remake the world, to release the truth within us, to hold back the night, to transcend death, to charm motorways, to ingratiate ourselves with birds, to enlist the confidences of madmen.

J.G. Ballard

Madmen's Quotes #650140
#81. Great minds struggle to cure diseases so that people may live longer, but only madmen ask why. One lives longer in order that he may live longer. There is no other purpose.

Robert M. Pirsig

Madmen's Quotes #642098
#82. Society is older than government. But every persisting society implies the existence of government and laws; for a society without government and laws is at once overturned by its madmen and scoundrels and lapses into barbarism.

William Batchelder Greene

Madmen's Quotes #636549
#83. There is a pleasure sure
In being mad, which none but madmen know.
Dryden, The Spanish Friar II, i

Gerald Durrell

Madmen's Quotes #622095
#84. Put a man on the brink of the abyss and - in the unlikely event that she doesn't fall into it - he will become a mystic or a madman ... Which is probably the same thing!

Apostolos Doxiadis

Madmen's Quotes #603099
#85. He who hides his madman, dies voiceless.

Henri Michaux

Madmen's Quotes #588167
#86. The numbers are a catalyst that can help turn raving madmen into polite humans.

Philip J. Davis

Madmen's Quotes #518925
#87. Does the madman know he is mad? Or are the madmen those who insist o. Convincing him of his unreason in order to safeguard their own idea of reality?

Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Madmen's Quotes #481290
#88. There is
A madman inside of you
Who is always running for office


Madmen's Quotes #457075
#89. Patches of stained red grass. Rotting baby limbs at dusk. The sound of cicadas and laughter; picnics with madmen by the black lake at noon.

Andrew Gallacher

Madmen's Quotes #687523
#90. The world was full of such madmen in those days. Imprisonment is not the way to deal with such people; half measures merely feed their pride. Leave 'em alone or hang 'em, in my opinion. Or better still, pack them off to the Americas, and let them starve.

Iain Pears

Madmen's Quotes #429495
#91. Only criminals and madmen walk into Central Park after midnight...or, occasionally, an actor. (Dark City Lights)

Jane Dentinger

Madmen's Quotes #428607
#92. We believed ourselves indestructable ... watching only the madmen outside our frontiers, and we remained defenseless against our own madmen.

Jacobo Timerman

Madmen's Quotes #427225
#93. Late-night shortwave: province of ramblers and dreamers, madmen and ranters.

Anthony Doerr

Madmen's Quotes #407675
#94. No. You should take pleasure in following the Lethani. If you fight well, you should take pride in doing a thing well. For the fighting itself you should feel only duty and sorrow. Only barbarians and madmen take pleasure in combat. Whoever loves the fight itself has left the Lethani behind.

Patrick Rothfuss

Madmen's Quotes #394899
#95. The worst of madmen is a saint run mad.

Alexander Pope

Madmen's Quotes #391405
#96. Am I racially kin to this man? Baynes wondered. So closely so that for all intents and purposes it is the same? Then it is in me, too, the psychotic streak. A psychotic world we live in. The madmen are in power. How long have we known this? Faced this? And - how many of us do know it?

Philip K. Dick

Madmen's Quotes #381086
#97. This is still a dangerous world. It's a world of madmen and uncertainty and potential mental losses.

George W. Bush

Madmen's Quotes #368160
#98. Practical men who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influence, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist. Madmen in authority, who hear voices in the air, are distilling their frenzy from some academic scribbler of a few years back

John Maynard Keynes

Madmen's Quotes #357080
#99. I love men. I've always been drawn to poets, artists, and madmen. Sometimes all three in one

Jessica Lange

Madmen's Quotes #349095
#100. It is sometimes pleasant even to act like a madman.

Seneca The Younger

Madmen's Quotes #331432

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