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#1. Thank you, Yoda. Feel the force, Luke. - Author: Christopher Pike
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#2. They are enlightened who join in this play knowing it as play, for people suffer only because they take as serious what the gods made for fun. - Author: Alan Watts
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#3. Sometimes your life rolls away with you, like a big stone going downhill fast, - Author: Dean Koontz
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#4. I didn't know what to call it, what was happening between us, but I liked it. It felt silly and fragile and good. - Author: Ransom Riggs
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#5. He felt as he always did when he finished a book - queerly empty, let down, aware that for each little success he had paid a toll of absurdity. - Author: Stephen King
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#6. Eat my heart
Chew it hard
Swallow my soul, too - Author: Robert Cormier
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#7. Luke is the father of the heart, Richard is the father of the mind, and Christopher is the father of the body. - Author: Jennifer Crusie
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#8. Poor innocent me, just going about my business, then you raped me down the ear with your gun."
Lindsay nicks the bottle, smirking just slightly, and say's " You loved it, you tart. - Author: Richard Rider
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#9. In the life of each of us there is a place remote and islanded, and given to endless regret or secret happiness. - Author: Sarah Orne Jewett
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#10. God made every man to have power to be mightier than the events round about him; to hold by his firm will the reigns by which all things are guided. - Author: Henry Ward Beecher
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#11. All I'm going to say is that I worked with Christopher Walken the other day. I can cross him and working with Clint Eastwood off my bucket list! - Author: Jeremy Luke
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#12. Still, you almost felt bad for Mark Hamill trying to be somebody besides Luke Skywalker. Fucking Star Wars. - Author: Christopher Buehlman
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#13. You're recovering from a war, I had said one night. You're not yourself and won't be yourself again for a little while longer. The war was being fought internally, of course, - Author: Christine Sneed
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#14. Richard started to walk away. Zedd called his name. He stopped and turned.
Just be glad she cares for you as much as she does. If she didn't, she might have touched you."
Richard stared back at him a long moment. "I'm afraid, in a way, she already has. - Author: Terry Goodkind
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#15. I like to write about things about which I have no answers, questions that trouble me. These things trouble me. - Author: Paul Haggis
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