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#1. Come poor, lost, undone sinner, come just as you are to Christ. - Author: George Whitefield
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#2. I don't know who the hell Paul Lynde is, or why he's funny, and I prefer it to be a mystery to me. - Author: Paul Lynde
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#3. You take these." A pair of bulky blue mittens dropped into Hallorann's lap. "You'll need em when you go off the road again, I guess. Cold out. You wear em unless you want to spend the rest of your life pickin your nose with a crochetin hook. - Author: Stephen King
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#4. I come from a working-class family in Pittsburgh, whereas 'Mike & Molly' deals with the working class in Chicago. I swear a little, but I pretty much talk the same. It's not like when you see someone like Tim Allen and he's a lot bluer onstage. - Author: Billy Gardell
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#5. What is the secret, my darling, of your being everything to all of us, as if there werre only one of us, yet never seeming to be hurried, or to have too much to do?
-Darney to Lucie - Author: Charles Dickens
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#6. If it was true today, it might be untrue tomorrow. - Author: Janet Morris
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#7. I so believe in the fact that we are somehow born to love the truth - Author: Diane Sawyer
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#8. The picturesque doctor's daughter, Miss Manette. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#9. Give me kisses! Nay, 'tis true
I am just as rich as you;
And for every kiss I owe,
I can pay you back, you know.
Kiss me, then,
Every moment, and again. - Author: John Godfrey Saxe
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#10. At a time when painting itself often seems to be a threatened, even despised, form of artistic activity, Andrew Salgado emerges as a dazzlingly skillful advocate for the medium he has chosen to embrace. - Author: Edward Lucie-Smith
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#11. Sprinkle reminders throughout your home: old photographs, art projects, or the pinch pot she made for you in kindergarten will remind you that your daughter is more than her current behavior. - Author: Lucie Hemmen
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#12. There she was, the mother of me, like a lit plinth,
Heavenly, though I was reared to find this kind
Of visitation impractical; she was an unbearable detail
Of the supreme celestial map,
Of which I had been taught that there was
No such thing. - Author: Lucie Brock-Broido
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#13. There is something talismanic about familiar words. - Author: Marcel Theroux
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#14. Gabe?"
The newchild stirred slightly in his sleep. Jonas looked over at him.
"There could be love", Jonas whispered. - Author: Lois Lowry
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#15. Casual sex has its advantages. No pressure. You can relax, experiment. Trial and error. Sex without love is liberating, you worry less and have more fun. Women like "no strings", too. - Author: Lucie Novak
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#16. Believe me, I know. The moment you open yourself to somebody else emotionally, it's just one big mess. Much better to be a great big horny slut and keep it all simple and clean. - Author: Lucie Hart
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#17. From a viable economy to the full funding of Headstart, from a clean environment to true equality for women, from a strong military to a commitment to racial brotherhood, from schools that are honored to streets free of excessive violence. - Author: Paul Tsongas
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#18. When we weren't scratching each other's eyes out, we were making each other laugh harder than anyone else could. - Author: Lucie Arnaz
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#19. A doctor who is interested in sex can advise patients. I became a better doctor by my late private sexual revolution. I ask the right questions in an easy non intrusive way, giving them option not to talk about or talk about it- their choice. They often start talking. - Author: Lucie Novak
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#20. I recently watched that Lucie Arnaz-produced documentary [Lucy and Desi: A Home Movie, 1992] about her parents [Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz], and I saw so much of my own childhood there. - Author: Ben Stiller
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#21. I used to think skiing is more thrilling than sex. Now I know it is equally thrilling and I never injured my knee by having sex. - Author: Lucie Novak
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#22. Lucie stood stretching out her arms towards her husband, with nothing in her face but love and consolation. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#23. It flashed upon Miss Pross's mind that the doors were all standing open, and would suggest the flight. Her first act was to shut them. There were four in the room, and she shut them all. She then placed herself before the door of the chamber which Lucie had occupied. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#24. They say that each word in the Quran has seven thousand layers of meaning, each of which, though some might seem contrary or simply unfathomable to us, exist equally at all times without cosmological contradiction. - Author: G. Willow Wilson
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#25. Every intentional thought, word, or deed-right now and in your past-it all makes you what you are today. Your choices, not your neighbor's or your wife's or you boyfriend's-your decisions determine your karma. - Author: Lucie Smoker
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#26. She throws her arms around me and gives me such a hug. Not like Mama. I was my mama's little girl, and she always held me gently, like I was precious and fragile. Lucie's hug is fierce, as if I can't be broken, and I hug her back just as tight. - Author: Rae Carson
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#27. What Lucie was hearing surpassed all understanding. A mass derangement, with the aid of bogus medical records and money under the table. - Author: Franck Thilliez
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#28. How awful to have a passion so intense it dictates your every breath and yet to lack the moral backbone to pursue it. The - Author: James Rhodes
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#29. There are only four points of warmth and brightness, in the whole world, that burn fiercely enough for me to feel something like the person I was. Your mother, your father, Lucie, and you. You love, and tremble, and burn. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#30. To his children, Will showed the same love he had always shown to her, fierce and unyielding. And the same protectiveness he had only ever showed to one other person: the person James had been named after. Will's parabatai, Jem. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#31. I was never in an episode of I LOVE LUCY! - Author: Lucie Arnaz
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#32. Anything that gets you to release the stress in your life and really laugh is worthwhile. It can heal the planet. It truly can, and it actually has. - Author: Lucie Arnaz
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#33. What are you doing sister? / Killing swine. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#34. One of the distinguishing characteristics of the true work of art is that it is able to both contain and express different meanings - meanings which may in fact contradict each other. - Author: Edward Lucie-Smith
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#35. Lucie had been many things to me: a child, a source of comfort, a balm, an escape from myself; she was literaly everything for me but a woman. - Author: Milan Kundera
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#36. I hurt with you. I bled with you - not only because we're bonded but because of the love I have for you.
Eric Northman - Author: Charlaine Harris
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#37. So you see, the grief doesn't get smaller - life just gets bigger - Author: Lucie Brownlee
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#38. The camera is the instrument that brings the inner passion and the outward event into harmony with one another, this linking, or, rather, this coincidence, is successfully brought about, then we find one of the things that no image-making medium can accomplish to the same degree. - Author: Edward Lucie-Smith
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#39. Apart from his political opinions, I also took over my husband's opinion that he is a modern man, treating women like equals. Love makes you blind sometimes. - Author: Lucie Novak
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#40. Today, because photography exercises such a profound influence upon the study of art, we tend to disregard the way in which prints continue to function as information. - Author: Edward Lucie-Smith
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#41. Was it possible to physically feel the moment you lost your heart to someone? Because Lucie was fairly sure she'd just lost hers, and the spot where it should have been literally hurt. - Author: Gina L. Maxwell
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