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#1. The kiss wove between gentle and frenzied, liquid and greedy, silken and primal, and he sucked every second of bliss he could from the forbidden pleasure. - Author: Jami Gold
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#2. I love going to horror movies - especially when they are fun. I think that they get you in touch with sort of these primal instincts that we all have in the relative safety of the theater. - Author: Drew Goddard
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#3. Pino was seized by something much more compelling and primal, as if Anna were not human but a spirit, a melody, a perfect instrument of love. - Author: Mark T. Sullivan
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#4. People love to be scared. I guess it's a primal deal. - Author: Timothy Olyphant
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#5. Darwin speculated that "music tones and rhythms were used by our half-human ancestors, during the season of courtship, when animals of all kinds are excited not only by love, but by strong passions of jealousy, rivalry, and triumph" and that speech arose, secondarily, from this primal music. - Author: Oliver Sacks
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#6. Life on the blue part of the globe for eight years had suited me - the wild open spaces, the bliss of buoyancy, the volatile, soul-powered wind. Sailing had struck a nerve both primal and poetic. On and near the ocean life made sense, It made every sense work. - Author: Kaci Cronkhite
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#7. Women worry too much about how they smell or taste. I assure you, I love to taste a woman's primal essence on my tongue." Something melted inside her. He liked it? "Really? You're not just being polite, are you, Sir?" "No, kitten, when it comes to sex, I don't have a polite bone in my body. - Author: Kallypso Masters
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#8. As the cat lapses into savagery by night, and barbarously explores the dark, so primal and titanic is a woman with the love madness. - Author: Gelett Burgess
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#9. The half-circle of blinding turquoise ocean is this love's primal scene. That this blue exists makes my life a remarkable one, just to have seen it. To have seen such beautiful things. To find oneself placed in their midst. Choiceless. I returned there yesterday and stood again upon the mountain. - Author: Maggie Nelson
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#10. Love is primal. It is comprised of compassion, care, security, and a leap of faith. - Author: Jay Allison
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#11. The Art Deco movement, architecture from that period and sort of the industrial aesthetic from that period. Art Deco meets tribal kind of thing. All that is my primal inspiration. - Author: Pamela Love
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#12. Loving oneself
Is the most primal
Of all survival mechanisms - Author: Karen Hackel
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#13. I love horror movies because they're really fun. They tap into those wonderful primal emotions. - Author: Margot Kidder
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#14. You know, I love stop-motion. I've done almost all the styles of animation: I was a 2D animator. I've done cutout animation. I did a CG short a few years ago, 'Moongirl,' for young kids. Stop-motion is what I keep coming back to, because it has a primal nature. It can never be perfect. - Author: Henry Selick
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#15. Love is the most primal force in the universe. It inspires us, pulling us over otherwise insurmountable obstacles. Art is created to exalt it, children are born of it, and entire lives are devoted to seeking it out in the most unlikely places. - Author: C. Robert Cargill
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#16. I like to put perfume on my pulse points, but I also love the way you can sense it - there is an atmosphere that comes from releasing a scent in to the world - it's a primal thing. I spray around me, not just on me, and it lingers in the room after I leave. - Author: Cate Blanchett
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#17. I love motor learning because it's very basic and primal. A lot of what I like to learn correlates with the opposite of what gets you laid. I can ride a unicycle and I can juggle. These are unimpressive things to know. - Author: Demetri Martin
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#18. I want it to work." Sean turned the full force of his gaze on her. "Because when I first saw you, love, I started to believe in forever." (Jennifer Ashley, Primal Bonds) - Author: Jennifer Ashley
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#19. Running is a brutal and emotional sport. It's also a simple, primal sport. As humans, on a most basic level, we get hungry, we sleep, we yearn for love, we run. - Author: Adharanand Finn
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#20. Love liberates us from all primal urges - Author: Soroosh Shahrivar
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#21. A stream of primal voices
Whispering in the breeze of your heart
To urge you on. - Author: Scott Hastie
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#22. I get starstruck really easily. I love music so much - it sounds so silly to say that - so if I'm playing a festival and somebody I love, like [Primal Scream's] Bobby Gillespie, is there in the backstage area, I'm like, "Wow this is amazing! There they are!" - Author: Dee Dee Ramone
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#23. You called me a natural con artist and asked me what other secrets I was hiding. I didn't answer because I already knew, in some deep, primal way, what furtive truth you were referring to: That I was destined to fall in love with you. - Author: Megan McCafferty
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#24. Children have a primal need to know who they are, to love and be loved by the two people whose physical union brought them here. To lose that connection, that sense of identity, is to experience a wound that no child-support check or fancy school can ever heal. - Author: David Blankenhorn
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#25. There we were, filled with pure animal need, as he pinned me to the wooden table, and cruelly whipped my naked bottom; the two of us sweaty and panting, me screaming, him grunting, our primal sexual natures overprinting the tea room's pretence at gentility, and refinement. - Author: Fiona Thrust
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#26. Some primal force roared inside him, his possessive streak taking charge. He cupped the back of her head, her hair falling over the back of his hand like silk, and tightened his grip. The moment she softened against him, he took control. - Author: Leah Braemel
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#27. The need for love and intimacy is a fundamental human need, as primal as the need for food, water, and air. - Author: Dean Ornish
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#28. I know that what you call 'God' really exists, but not in the form you think; God is primal cosmic energy, the love in your body, your integrity, and your perception of the nature in you and outside of you. - Author: Wilhelm Reich
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#29. Sexual energy between two people is a primal force comprised of power (energy that moves toward another) and virtue (knowing the energy between the two is right). - Author: Alexandra Katehakis
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#30. Impulses are flowing through my brain - primal sparks leaping gaps - all so I can put my arms around you ... - Author: John Geddes
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#31. I was working more on a primal, instinctive level. And it just seemed to suit me; it seemed to suit my concentration span, it seemed to suit my personal style of performance, and I have fallen in love with film acting. - Author: Ron Perlman
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#32. We assert that in all mammals the center of primal, constructive consciousness and activity lies in the middle front of the abdomen, beneath the navel, in the great nerve center called the solar plexus. How do we know? We feel it, as we feel hunger or love or hate. - Author: D.H. Lawrence
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#33. Aelin slumbered beside him, her breathing deep and even, yet again wearing one of his shirts. Some primal part of him snarled in satisfaction at the sight, at knowing she was covered in his scent. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#34. He smelled of forest and primal desire that saturated Taryn's senses and made her imagine what it felt like to be caught and conquered. - Author: Genevra Thorne
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