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#1. Born to love, cursed to feel. - Author: Samantha King
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#2. No man may be so cursed by priest or pope but what the Eternal Love may still return while any thread of green lives on in hope. - Author: Dante Alighieri
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#3. He had the innate sense that something bad was just around the bend, but a hope that something incredible was waiting in the distance.
It had to be.
His burning love for her cursed through him until he felt so full he didn't know whether he would fit through the portal. - Author: Lauren Kate
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#4. Long ago," he began, "someone told me that I would be cursed in love, that those I came to cherish would be torn from me, that as long as I remained soulless, I would lose everyone I truly cared for. - Author: Julie Kagawa
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#5. Cursed is our love, as we long for each other like wounded doves with these feelings we suffocate ... - Author: Heena Jadav Sunil
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#6. I'm not the settling-down type, I'm afraid. I think I'm cursed with a touch of Dating ADD. - Author: Sherri Rifkin
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#7. What is shame?
The Son of God, while on a rescue mission of love, was
spit on
crucified. - Author: Edward T. Welch
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#8. In my head this cruel unspeakable truth: that we battled and we cursed and we spilled each other's blood, we relished our taste of hell and strangled heaven's love. - Author: Aberjhani
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#9. Emma cursed the intensity of the faerie language- like meant nothing to them: They lived in a world of love or hate, scorn or adoration. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#10. What is this love that more than all the cursed deadly or any other of its great movers so moves the soul and soul what is this soul that more than by any of its great movers is by love so moved? - Author: Samuel Beckett
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#11. Sometimes I feel as if I'm cursed. A slow, hungry curse that has worked its way across my entire life, stripping me of everything I love. - Author: Morgan Rhodes
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#12. That movie we saw tonight really freaked me out."
Her brows rose incredulously. "I'm a ghost, you're a shape-shifter, you live with a cursed vampire, and a zombie movie freaked you out. Honey, I love you, but that's a bold-faced lie. What gives? - Author: Kristen Painter
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#13. Let me be cursed, let me be base and vile, but let me also kiss the hem of that garment in which my God is clothed; let me be following the devil at the same time, but still I am also your son, Lord, and I love you, and I feel a joy without which the world cannot stand and be. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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#14. Love is cursed by monogamy - Author: Kanye West
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#15. There's something eternal about love and once it starts, it doesn't stop. There is no controlling it - love does what it wants when it wants. - Author: H.M. Ward
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#16. Wanting more than anything to be free to love each other but cursed by bad timing and loyal hearts. We both know where we want to be; we just don't know how to get there. Or when we should get there. - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#17. So tell me i'm wrong, cursed me when i'm started being a douchebag and all. Then i'll let you know how much i love you, lads. - Author: Ariel Seraphino
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#18. I cursed myself. For once, heaven had sent me "Beauty" in its most perfected form and I abandoned it. She might not have been a girl after all but an angel: a force to guide me on this hazardous path of life I hurry down ... How can life be hazardous if it can only end in death? - Author: Roman Payne
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#19. We can not work for God without love. It is the only tree that can produce fruit on this sin-cursed earth, that is acceptable to God. If I have no love for God nor for my fellow man, then I can not work acceptably. I - Author: D.L. Moody
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#20. Love is always the right decision. - Author: J.R. Richardson
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#21. If you're brave enough to love, and forgive, and call up the factofabulous memories ... there's no curse in the world that has any power over you. - Author: Natalie Lloyd
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#22. Cursed be he above all others Who's enslaved by love of money. Money takes the place of brothers, Money takes the place of parents, Money brings us war and slaughter. - Author: Anacreon
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#23. She hated him and loved him, longed for him and loathed him, and cursed herself for feeling anything at all - Author: Rick Yancey
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#24. I think it's romantic," she said mostly to Edward. "Cursed to live their lives in the shadows, to be together only under the cover of darkness ... hiding their love from the sunlight."
"They're gay, honey," said Emma, "not vampires. - Author: Z.A. Maxfield
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#25. Cursed, he once cried in a fit of rage. His temper has always been as restless and unpredictable as the sea itself. But his words had power behind them and I felt the effects instantly. Too late to take it back. - Author: Jennifer Silverwood
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#26. God, I'm a girl with a cursed fate. I've fallen in love with a boy and I want to be happy. - Author: Arina Tanemura
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#27. Then she reached to kiss him on the lips, and he let himself have that. Soft, warm, she loved him, a monstrous abomination, a Cursed One. This might be all they ever had, this moment, this kiss, this love. - Author: Nancy Holder
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#28. You're crazy,' I say.
'Aye,' Logan says. 'Crazy about you. - Author: Cindy Miles
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#29. Love in my world usually ended up with someone hearing "I smite thee!" as she was cursed to be some lame flower for the rest of her life. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#30. Dogs are blameless, devoid of calculation, neither blessed nor cursed with human motives. They can't really be held responsible for what they do. But we can."
--from The Dogs of Bedlam Farm - Author: Jon Katz
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#31. Cursed the crown that brought such grief to me - Author: J. Leigh Bralick
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#32. Oh you will die and soon
because you made the
choice to fall in love."
~Asher Lake - Author: Shawn Reilly
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#33. All the hate and scorn and love of a deep nature, such as the shy man is ever cursed by, fester and corrupt within, instead of spending themselves abroad, and sour him into a misanthrope and cynic. - Author: Jerome K. Jerome
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#34. You love what you do, you are cursed with it, and then you get known for being cursed with it. - Author: Armand Assante
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#35. So often we are defined by what we've done
and the mistakes we've made
For once I would like to be
Measured by the steps I took today
Rather than the footprints of yesterday - Author: Samantha King
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#36. The moment she was cursed, I lost her. Once it wears off- soon- she will be embarrassed to remember things that she said, things she did, things like this. No matter how solid she feels in my arms, she is made of smoke. - Author: Holly Black
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#37. I would consider it a great blessing, but some of us are cursed to love unwisely and do so until death. - Author: Lucy Monroe
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#38. The problem is that those of us who are lucky enough to do work that we love are sometimes cursed with too damn much of it. - Author: Terry Gross
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#39. And cursed be the illusion for mortals, love, and law: love is a lying fiction, and only hate is true. - Author: Felix Dahn
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#40. Yet is there one more cursed than they all,
That canker-worm, that monster, jealousie,
Which eats the heart and feeds upon the gall,
Turning all love's delight to misery,
Through fear of losing his felicity. - Author: Edmund Spenser
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#41. That is, Jack thought, the way of life. The horror changes us, because we can never forget. Cursed with memory. It starts when we're old enough to know what death is and realize that sooner or later we'll lose everyone we love. We're never the same. But somehow we're all right. We go on. - Author: Dean Koontz
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