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Top 36 Love Entertaining Quotes

#1. As much as I love creating entertaining visuals, I love toying with the pace of a movie and trying to perfect that. It's imperative to the impact: faster cuts, cuts at the right moments that meld with the tenor of a scene. Creating and maintaining that feeling. - Author: Asif Kapadia
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#2. I like entertaining people. I like being on stage. I like being in the life. This is what I do. This is the only thing I know how to do besides rob people and fight. Even when I was robbing people, I was entertaining them. But that's just what I love doing. - Author: Mike Tyson
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#3. I love entertaining and doing Martha Stewart stuff. - Author: Laura Prepon
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#4. My girlfriend Siri is a food blogger, and we both love to entertain and eat. This is what happens when you're in your thirties: what was once a passion and real appetite for nightlife in New York City manifests itself into other things, like entertaining at home. - Author: Carson Daly
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#5. Movies can provide tear-inducing or comically-entertaining representations of love, but many agree that its deeper conflicting complexities often seem unfathomable. - Author: Aberjhani
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#6. I love entertaining people; I strive to make them feel good, and they make me feel wonderful. To explain it simply, I like what I do, and my ambition is to get better as I get older. That's really what I'm all about. - Author: Tony Bennett
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#7. I hope to keep entertaining in some way until I can't physically entertain any longer. It's what I was born to do, and I love this profession. - Author: Bette Midler
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#8. I love the grandiosity, how sweepingly entertaining films can be. And I think there's a place for films that pry more into the human condition. - Author: Colin Farrell
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#9. I would definitely like to continue playing Aquaman. Playing a superhero is a lot of fun. Creating these stories is a lot of fun. I do what I love. And what I love is entertaining people. - Author: Alan Ritchson
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#10. 'From Here to Eternity' happens to be fourteen-carat entertainment. The main trouble is that it is too entertaining for a film in which love affairs flounder, one sweet guy is beaten to death, and a man of high principles is mistaken for a saboteur and killed on a golf course. - Author: Manny Farber
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#11. Indian cinema is entertaining, and what I love most about it is the songs and dances in the films. - Author: Pierce Brosnan
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#12. I love the process of creating a story that will resonate in my readers lives ~ either inspiring them, educating them, or entertaining them. - Author: Kathryn Albright
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#13. I just love the subversion of dialogue in sitcoms, stand-up is monologue and that is entertaining for a lot of people but personally I find it a bit trying, which is a weird thing to say as a stand-up! I love people aping normal conversation and twisting it so it becomes hilarious. - Author: Doc Brown
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#14. What I love about what I do is expanding people's minds on the topics of gender expression, gay rights, and most of all, entertaining them while I do it. - Author: Jinkx Monsoon
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#15. Not accustomed to entertaining angels, are we?" he asked. - Author: Mark Andrew Poe
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#16. I'm like Cab Calloway: I love the entertainment, and I've loved entertaining people ever since I was little. - Author: Wyclef Jean
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#17. I try to encourage people to really love what they do, like when it's about being a part of this business [entertaining], love what you do because it's not going to always be defined by who you are. It's going to be a lot of times your good name walks in the door before you do. - Author: Cedric The Entertainer
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#18. I'm slightly obsessed with drag queens and performers. Their quips and their one-liners, their style, their singing ... I find it fascinating. And thoroughly entertaining. I'd love to play one. - Author: Russell Tovey
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#19. I figured, 'Why not go into entertainment?' I love entertaining people. I always loved being extra loud. - Author: Becky G
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#20. I love entertaining people, and I want to pursue it. - Author: Nash Grier
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#21. Every day, whether I am teaching or entertaining - I absolutely love bringing different people and cultures together. - Author: Marcus Samuelsson
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#22. I love entertaining people and making them laugh. It's my favorite thing to do. - Author: Miranda Cosgrove
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#23. For me, the most entertaining evening would be to go sit with entrepreneurs and talk with them about how they're building their companies and how we can help to make them better. That's the one thing in the world - well, I love doing that. - Author: Ashton Kutcher
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#24. I love entertaining and making people laugh. It's my favorite thing to do. - Author: Miranda Cosgrove
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#25. My husband, Gabriele, is a musician, and I love music, so you can bet it's a really important part of our home entertaining repertoire, even if it means Gabriele making a really good playlist for a dinner party. - Author: Debi Mazar
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#26. This is something I love to do. I've never had any other job. I love singing and entertaining. - Author: Stephanie Mills
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#27. My grandma loved to be on stage entertaining people. She loves to make people smile and laugh. She loves to brighten other people's day. She often calls perfect strangers her angel, as a way of witnessing, but also to encourage and build their self-esteem. - Author: Lisa Bedrick
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#28. I love entertaining Korean people with traditional songs from Ecuador . It has been an exceptional, new experience for me to perform in Korea and I enjoyed so much. - Author: Jose Gonzalez
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#29. I love telling stories and acting and entertaining people. I don't want to make fun of people. - Author: Bob Saget
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#30. A man with charm is an entertaining thing, and a man with looks is, ofcourse, a sight to behold, but a man with honor - ah, he is the one, dear reader, to which young ladies should flock. - Author: Julia Quinn
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#31. I love cooking. I cook for myself every day. I like the ceremony of it. It takes me into a different zone. I make a lot of pasta. But cooking for a crowd of five or ten or, heaven forbid, twenty? No, thank you. I don't like feeling like a slave to the care and feeding of my guests. - Author: Tim Gunn
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#32. One unerring mark of the love of truth is not entertaining any proposition with greater assurance than the proofs it is built upon will warrant. - Author: John Locke
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#33. I love entertaining people and this is entertainment. - Author: Jerry Bruckheimer
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#34. I love entertaining. - Author: Katharine McPhee
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#35. I don't know what else I would do. I love entertaining people, I love communicating, I love an audience. I'm a real artist, right from the bottom of my toes to the top of my head. - Author: Suzi Quatro
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#36. I just love entertaining. I will do anything - stand-up comedy, video games, fencing, internet shorts - I just want to keep being lucky enough to entertain people anyway I can. I try never to limit my art to a medium. - Author: Matthew Gray Gubler
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