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#1. There are plenty of characters I'd love to write. Swamp Thing, Etrigan the Demon, Man-Thing, Howard the Duck, Dr. Strange, Dr. Druid, Ghost Rider, the Micronauts, the Shogun Warriors ... the list goes on and on. - Author: Cullen Bunn
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#2. I guess, on my list, going back to some old American stuff and British stuff that I used to love in the '80s, would be a British show called Dad's Army, which recently just turned into a movie. - Author: Rhys Darby
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#3. True self confidence happens when you stop blaming others for not seeing what you love about yourself. Not everyone has the same list of needs. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#4. Loved once for ever loved: how surely sounds This gospel to me since I learned to list Truth from thy lips, mine own evangelist. What thought presumes to set now any bounds To Love whose being informs us and surrounds? - Author: John Barlas
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#5. My wife and I have our date nights. We love the Showtime shows like 'Shameless,' 'Homeland' and 'House of Lies.' And of course, 'Scandal' is high on the list; you've got to do 'Scandal.' - Author: Glynn Turman
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#6. If you're not feeling good and you want to change the way you feel, or if you want to lift good feelings higher, then take a minute or two and god through a mental list of everything you love and adore. You can do it while getting dressed in the morning, walking, driving or traveling anywhere. - Author: Rhonda Byrne
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#7. Marriage is more about work than about divine luck, more about finding someone to love than about finding someone to meet your own laundry list of personal needs. - Author: Mark Gungor
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#8. A common sense of humour and a love of music is really important, as I love all types of music. You name me any genre, and I can give you a list of artists I adore. - Author: Adam Rodriguez
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#9. Jenny kissed me when we met, Jumping from the chair she sat in; Time, you thief, who love to get Sweets into your list, put that in: Say I'm weary, say I'm sad, Say that health and wealth have missed me, Say I'm growing old, but add
Jenny kissed me! - Author: Leigh Hunt
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#10. Before I die I'd love to see my name on the Famous Bi Polar list I'm not ashamed of my Illness I believe most of my talent comes from it. - Author: Stanley Victor Paskavich
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#11. I would love to be a Bond girl. That is on my bucket list, definitely. - Author: Morena Baccarin
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#12. Every declaration of love contains an unstated list of exceptions and demands. - Author: Mason Cooley
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#13. I'm the bad guy on the rest of Jennifer Love Hewitt's 'The Client List,' I'm the bad guy in Renny Harlin's 'Hercules 3D,' and I'm a movie star - finally - on Showtime's new series 'Ray Donovan.' But most importantly, I'm about to be a daddy, so I'm expecting some 'Dark Circles' for real. - Author: Johnathon Schaech
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#14. I love lists. Always have. when I was 14, I wrote down every dirty word I knew on file cards and placed them in alphabetical order. I have a thing about about collections, and a list is a collection with purchase. (Wired Magazine, "Step One: Make a List", October 2012) - Author: Adam Savage
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#15. We originally developed 'The Client List' along with Lifetime as a TV movie - my manager and I became partners on the project. Then, we brought in Howard Braunstein on the project and produced it along with Lifetime. - Author: Jennifer Love Hewitt
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#16. There is light underwater, even at night, but it is a far cry from the lights that we all know and love... the light by which the reaper reads his list. - Author: Tom Robbins
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#17. 'Modern Family' is one of my favorite shows on television right now. I just think that show is so brilliantly done. It's so fun, I love it. Eric Stonestreet I could just sit and watch forever. They're all great. That would be on the top of my list. - Author: Joanna Garcia
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#18. Some claim a place in the list of patriots, by an acrimonious and unremitting opposition to the court. This mark is by no means infallible. Patriotism is not necessarily included in rebellion. A man may hate his king, yet not love his country. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#19. Don't settle for anybody just to have someone. Set your standards. What kind of love do you want to attract? List the qualities you really want in the relationship. Develop those qualities in yourself and you will attract a person who has them. - Author: Louise Hay
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#20. On their deathbeds, people don't think about their work or their life experiences or the items remaining on their to-do list. They think about love and family. - Author: Rick Rubin
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#21. I began to wonder if becoming a Christian did not work more like falling in love than agreeing with a list of true principles. - Author: Donald Miller
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#22. You don't sit down and write a wish list about the person you are going to fall violently in love with. It just doesn't work like that. - Author: Stephen Fry
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#23. Love you not, then, to list and hear
The crackling of the gorse-flower near,
Pouring an orange-scented tide
Of fragrance o'er the desert wide? - Author: Alfred William Howitt
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#24. They dropped like flakes, they dropped like stars,
Like petals from a rose,
When suddenly across the lune
A wind with fingers goes.
They perished in the seamless grass,
No eye could find the place;
But God on his repealless list
Can summon every face - Author: Emily Dickinson
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#25. The room fell quiet. And as I read down the list of over one hundred and fifty eight-grade boys, I realized that to me, there had only ever been one boy. - Author: Wendelin Van Draanen
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#26. So many of us have not attended to the deeper issues in ourselves; in our minds, our hearts, and in our external manifestations that keep love at bay. We instead concentrate on making a list of what we're looking for in another person. - Author: Marianne Williamson
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#27. I've always been curious. I keep a list of people I'd love to have lunch with, like the Pope or Leonard Cohen. I'll read an article about someone I've never met and think, 'I should ask him to lunch!' - Author: Diane Sawyer
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#28. I suggest Substituting Inedible Nurturance, or SIN. Don't replace overeating with virtuous work or exercise; instead, make a list of things you love, from watching TV to hanging out with favorite people. - Author: Martha Beck
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#29. Anyone that insults my country, my intelligence, my feminist ideals, all women in general, and a favorite childhood food, and refers to both himself and me in the third person in one sentence automatically gets an honorary spot on my Hate With Every Fiber of My Being For All Time list. - Author: J.T. Geissinger
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#30. Purity is not about following a list of rules so that you'll avoid hell. It's about wanting heaven for the person you love. - Author: Jason Evert
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#31. I raised my three teens with love, perseverance, tenacity, sweat, tears, prayers, lighting candles, and the list could go on. - Author: Ana Monnar
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#32. I know that as a vegan, I'm in a minority. People love their meat. It's up there with sugar and TV and maybe even coffee on the list of inalienable American rights. - Author: Victoria Moran
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#33. it's okay if college isn't your thing. I'm sure there's a pole somewhere with your name on it, but next time you might not want to buy your tits off Craig's List. Just sayin'. - Author: Candace Vianna
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#34. As a little kid in a sometimes hard place, I went to the movies as often as I could. Movies - making them, seeing them - is not something that could ever lose its pleasure for me. That puts them on a short list of things that eternally give me joy - love, family, food, movies. - Author: Mike Nichols
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#35. Love's ship has foundered on the rocks of life. We're quits: stupid to draw up a list of mutual sorrows, hurts and pains. - Author: Vladimir Mayakovsky
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#36. I don't deserve you. I'm not made for relationships. I know I'm going to fuck this up. I'm going to drive you away or do something to hurt you, and you'll be added to my list of people I screwed over. You should walk away now. - Author: M.A. Stacie
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#37. I love reading another reader's list of favorites. Even when I find I do not share their tastes or predilections, I am provoked to compare, contrast, and contradict. It is a most healthy exercise, and one altogether fruitful. - Author: T. S. Eliot
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#38. Rahel's "list" was an attempt to order chaos. She revised it constantly, torn forever between love and duty. It was by no means a true gauge of her feelings. - Author: Arundhati Roy
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#39. If asked to list my ten favorite American fiction writers, Gail Godwin would be among them. In this, her latest ... she evokes in a short book the long married life of two artists. Evenings at Five is a strong tale of love-after-death. - Author: Ned Rorem
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#40. My God, Mace was all man, the kind of man every warm-blooded woman would love to take home for the night, tie to her bed and let loose on. Sitting this close to him, my mind conjured up a long list of things I could do, just with my mouth. - Author: Lola Stark
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#41. Being near you for a day was at the top of my bucket list of the greatest life achievements, so this has by far exceeded my expectations and everyday has been magic. - Author: Crystal Woods
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#42. Right now, I had everything I could ask for. It wasn't a long list, but it was a very satisfying one, starting with the love of my life back in my arms. - Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
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#43. I had a list of rules I made up one time. It says: Tell the truth, sing with passion, work with laughter, and love with heart. Those are good to start with, anyway. - Author: Kris Kristofferson
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#44. There are so many reasons I could list as to why I want you in my life and the three most important are I respect you, I admire you, and I love you. Marry me. - Author: L.A. Fiore
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#45. This house is just a thing ... On your love list, always put the beating hearts at the top. - Author: Meg Donohue
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#46. If you feel joy when you do something unselfish for him, and would just as soon do it in secret as openly, then that rings of the true metal - Author: Susan Vreeland
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#47. There are many things I love in this world. Music, acting, and animals are at the top of that list. - Author: Orlando Brown
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#48. The world domination plan goal is that I would love Veronica Mars to become a brand like Sherlock Holmes is a brand, like Nancy Drew, in a way, is a brand. When people start listing who are the great fictional detectives, I want Veronica Mars to make that list. That would be the dream scenario. - Author: Rob Thomas
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#49. I carry a small sheet of paper in my wallet that has written on it the names of people whose opinions of me matter. To be on that list, you have to love me for my strengths and struggles. - Author: Brene Brown
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#50. I love movies. I adore movies. I grew up on Steve McQueen and Clint Eastwood and Warren Beatty. The list goes on. Spencer Tracy. I wanted to be in movies. - Author: Pierce Brosnan
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#51. You may not agree, you may not care, but
if you are holding this book you should know that of all the sights I love in this world - and there are plenty - very near the top of the list is this one: dogs without leashes. - Author: Mary Oliver
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#52. This is your first time and you'd love her to provide you with a to-do list and also any information you might not think of. She - Author: Kate White
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#53. Life without love is like a bird without feathers. Life without love is like a butterfly without wings it's the saddest of things.
"In this life I can live without many things love is not on that list - Author: Charles W. Warner
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#54. I'd love to write with some people from the U.K., like Ed Sheeran, Emeli Sande ... there's a very long list. - Author: Fleur East
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#55. To really love Joan Didion - to have been blown over by things like the smell of jasmine and the packing list she kept by her suitcase - you have to be female. - Author: Caitlin Flanagan
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#56. Feel fee to be a usin' anythin' in the house, an' if there be anythin' thet ya be needin', make a list. I go to town most saturdays fer supplies, an' I can be a pickin' it up then. When ya feel more yerself like, ya might want to come along an' do yer own choosin'. - Author: Janette Oke
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#57. I've been compiling a list of art project ideas for a long time. These are ideas of things I would love to see someday. They range from the practical - jackets with woodstoves in them - to the sublime - images of nuns on waterslides. - Author: Misha Collins
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#58. I love the way a list makes a big hodgepodge of things simmer down and behave. - Author: Blue Balliett
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#59. I've never wanted anything more in my life, if i died tomorrow, being with you, like this tonight, will have been the best night of my entire existence. And it's not because of a stupid bucket list; it's because i love you. - Author: M. Leighton
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#60. Ask yourself, if they getting married, would you be upset if you weren't invited? If the answer is no, then that's an easy name to cross off your list. - Author: Anna Bell
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#61. You're not crazy. In fact, you're perfect. Everything about you couldnt be more so if I made a list of all the qualities I wanted in a partner and special ordered you. - Author: Bonnie Erina Wheeler
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#62. If you safeword during my cuddling I will judge you." He frowned menacingly, and she snorted but settled into his arms. "You're lucky that dubious-consent cuddling is only on my soft-limit list." "Tolerate the love. - Author: Sparrow Beckett
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#63. I'd love to do a musical. I have a little list of them in my head. - Author: Swoosie Kurtz
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#64. Tomorrow, smile at a perfect stranger and mean it. - Author: John O'Callaghan
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#65. I would love to go to India. And also someday, I want to have a family. That's my bucket-list. - Author: Kacey Musgraves
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#66. I started a list of things I want to teach my children, and that list is eight points long. The first one is, do what you love. - Author: Tina Roth-Eisenberg
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#67. The point of the list wasn't just to tick items off and forget about them, it was to learn something new. - Author: Lindsey Kelk
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#68. Come all you young rebels and list while I sing
For the love of one's country is a terrible thing
It banishes fear with the speed of a flame
And it makes us all part of their pattriot game. - Author: Dominic Behan
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#69. Write down five things you love to do. Next, write down five things that you're really good at. Then just try to match them up! Revisit your list once a year to make sure you're on the right track. - Author: Hugh Jackman
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#70. My last book was speculative. I just don't quite know what I am doing. But I'll get there. I have a list of things I would love to write. - Author: Jami Attenberg
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#71. They're a symbol of the whole town, pretending to fight, love, weep and laugh all the time - and they're phonies, all of them. And I head the list ... their phony hearts were dripping with the milk of human kindness. - Author: Ben Hecht
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#72. I have the most devoted and loyal following. I could probably type up my grocery list and they'd all want to read it. I love that they're willing to let me go wherever I need to go as an author, and they're happy to come along for the ride as the reader. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#73. I do love to shop. But I'm a social shopper. I like to do it while hanging out with my friends. Some of them hate shopping because they treat it like something you have to plan, like a grocery list. But if I'm out and I pass a store, I just pop in. - Author: Nicole Richie
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#74. One thing that I get from a lot of people with 'American Gods' is people saying that they would love some kind of glossary with a list of all the Gods and who they are, so that they can look them up. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#75. I love 'Anna Karenina.' It's in the top five books on my list. Tolstoy is unsurpassed in combining the grand with the trivial, that is, the small details which make up life. - Author: Susan Minot
List Love Sayings #40546
#76. She realised with every inch of her being that she wanted Freya; she was in love with Freya. Her mind, with its perfectly rational arguments, had list the battle with her heart. She felt it. It was real. The conflict was torture. - Author: Kiki Archer
List Love Sayings #589778
#77. And my first item on each day's list is this: Wake up. If I can check that off, I've already done something and can get on with the business of living and trying to honor the memory of those I love who are no longer here. - Author: Will Schwalbe
List Love Sayings #745227
#78. Live, Love and Die in Glory', meaning live and love like it's your last time and if your going down, take as many douchebags with you as possible. And I'm not talking about Demons. Archangels just replaced demons at the top of the 'douchebags' list. - Author: Ednah Walters
List Love Sayings #736170
#79. You fall in love with somebody who fits within what I call your 'love map,' an unconscious list of traits that you build in childhood as you grow up. And I also think that you gravitate to certain people, actually, with somewhat complementary brain systems. - Author: Helen Fisher
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#80. Lovers, forget your love And list to the love of these She a window flower And he a winter breeze ... - Author: Robert Frost
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#81. We should make a list of who doesn't want to kill you, love. It'd be shorter. I'd be offended, but it was actually a good idea. - Author: Maria V. Snyder
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#82. Jesus turned the list of hundreds and hundreds of don'ts into three simple do's. Love God, love your neighbors, and love yourself; do this and all the other laws will fall into place. - Author: Paul D. Meier
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#83. When I was single I used to list the qualities that I would need in my first love. Then one ordinary day in my university, I looked into the eyes of a girl and saw everything I ever needed. The rest is history ; ) - Author: Mike Bliss
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#84. Everyone who's born has a mysterious life path to follow. We must live to find that one reason to live - Author: Suchet Chaturvedi
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#85. My mom, who's been in the restaurant business for 40 years, is the number-one influence in my life. But I look up to a lot of people in the industry. Tops on my list is Mario Batali. My mom and Mario taught me the same lesson: Food is love. - Author: Rachael Ray
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#86. We will have an unchallenged, open, panoramic opportunity on a global scale to demonstrate the finest aspects of what we know in this country: peace, freedom, democracy, human rights, benevolent sharing, love, the easing of human suffering.
Is that going to be our list of priorities or not? - Author: Jimmy Carter
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#87. The relationship I have to my fatherland is like that of mothers with crippled children: they love them all the more, the more crippled they are. Germany is the background of all my plans, the return to Germany. - Author: Friedrich List
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#88. Wounded parents often unintentionally inflict pain and suffering on their children and these childhood wounds causes a laundry list of maladaptive behaviors commonly called codependency. These habits restrict people to love-limiting relationships causing much unhappiness and distress. - Author: David W. Earle
List Love Sayings #589860
#89. 'The Client List' is my baby. I always tell people, 'It took nine months to put this project together because it is my baby.' And, it really did take that long! - Author: Jennifer Love Hewitt
List Love Sayings #10646
#90. Sure, best seller. I'd love to knock Stephen King off the top of the list. I know I won't, but, after all, I spend my life inventing a different reality. - Author: Tim O'Brien
List Love Sayings #588806
#91. Pastime with good company
I love and shall, until I die.
Grudge who list, but none deny!
So God be pleased, thus live will I. - Author: Henry VIII Of England
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#92. Number one of the list now was a diet book entitled Eat as much as You Want of the Food You Love and Still Lose Weight. What a great title. The whole book could be blank inside and it would still sell. - Author: Haruki Murakami
List Love Sayings #575162
#93. She'd been in love with him for a while now. Longer than she wanted to admit. She tried not to think about it, whether he felt the same. Those things - those wishes - were at the bottom of a very, very long and bloody priority list. So - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#94. Whoever said it was better to have loved and lost was completely full of shit. - Author: Paula Stokes
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#95. Life is full of drama, competition, difficulties, and God knows what else. But that shouldn't rule out the love, happiness and joy we feel by being around the things we love and the people who love us. - Author: Zainab T. Khan
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#96. Love didn't run on logic. It didn't follow neat lines or a list of priorities. - Author: Nora Roberts
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#97. I want to work with anyone who's passionate about telling a story. I obviously have a list of people I really love, but it's a really long list. - Author: Matt Bomer
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#98. I've always loved fantasy. I've always loved sci-fi. It's not like I can list off my favorite sci-fi shows or movies, but I just love being taken into a different world. I'm a huge fan of Steven Spielberg. I'm a huge fan of George Lucas. I've always loved it. - Author: Ksenia Solo
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#99. All I care for is the inclusion of my name in the list of the believers of the supremacy of human soul over all other masterpieces He has ever produced. - Author: Annie Ali
List Love Sayings #471689
#100. I would probably list myself as mostly straight. I've met guys all the time that I'm like, Damn, that's a good-looking guy, you know? I've never been, like, Oh, I want to kiss that guy. I really love women. But I think defining yourself as 100% anything is kind of near-sighted and close-minded. - Author: Josh Hutcherson
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