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#1. Distorted realities have always been my cup of tea. - Author: Virginia Woolf
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#2. When circumstances feel as if they are turning surreal, like the current political situation. We can be guaranteed, our intuition will lead the way to the truth, as long as we don't live in a world of wishful thinking. - Author: Anita B. Sulser PhD
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#3. It makes no sense to try to extend a friendship for a lifetime if it was only meant to last a season. - Author: Mandy Hale
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#4. Ever since I was a little teen, I was told by my great-grandma that you've got to always have a good moisturizer. I use cocoa butter, and I use it for all things needing moisture - face, hair, throw it on those legs at the beach, get them all shiny. Cocoa butter is such a great product. - Author: Sufe Bradshaw
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#5. That's how it is sometimes
God comes to your window,
all bright light and black wings,
and you're just too tired to open it. - Author: Dorianne Laux
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#6. The fact is, women are in chains, and their servitude is all the more debasing because they do not realize it. - Author: Susan B. Anthony
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#7. That word is 'willing.' It's an attitude and spirit of cooperation that should permeate our conversations. It's like a palm tree by the ocean that endures the greatest winds because it knows how to gracefully bend. - Author: Stephen Kendrick
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#8. In an empire as unruly as Rome, it is quite easy to get away with something as thespian as murder. - Author: Katlyn Charlesworth
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#9. The weapon of suicide bombing is so desperate that you aren't even left with the possibility of taking revenge or punishing anyone; the terrorist is killed along with his victims, his blood mixing with theirs. - Author: A. B. Yehoshua
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#10. I towed the panel away like a redneck removing a tree stump. - Author: Andy Weir
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#11. The problem of the theologian is to keep his symbol translucent, so that it may not block out the very light it is supposed to convey. - Author: Joseph Campbell
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#12. Know when to tune out, if you listen to too much advice you may wind up making other peoples mistakes. - Author: Ann Landers
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#13. Thee is my wolf," she'd said to him. "And if thee hunts at night, thee will come home." "And sleep at thy feet," he'd replied. - Author: Diana Gabaldon
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#14. Strange it is that men should admit the validity of the arguments for free speech but object to their being "pushed to an extreme", not seeing that unless the reasons are good for an extreme case, they are not good for any case. - Author: John Stuart Mill
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