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#1. Being given chances, and not taking them. That's what life is all about. - Author: Ron Greenwood
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#2. being a success in real life is all about being consequence with anything we did - Author: Toge Aprilianto
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#3. Coincidence is a recognized element in 'real life.' All of us have anecdotes about those times when, by the merest coincidence, we avoided some disaster or stumbled onto some wonderful experience. - Author: Jane Lindskold
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#4. Sport, like all of life, is about taking your chances. - Author: Roger Bannister
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#5. There is something special about baseball that goes far deeper than being a game. It is the father-son relationship that is built, the life lessons that are taught in the process of playing a game and the ability to overcome not succeeding all of the time and still considering yourself a success. - Author: JohnA Passaro
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#6. Mr. Denzi can teach us all something about accumulating wealth. Begin earning and investing early in your adult life. That will enable you to outpace the wealth accumulation levels of even the so-called gifted kids from your high school class. Remember, wealth is blind. - Author: Thomas J. Stanley
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#7. All I can do now is carry on with my life. - Author: Amanda Laneley
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#8. Life is all about toiling and labor. But obviously I get great joy in confronting challenge and taking risk. - Author: Sufjan Stevens
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#9. The Girl Scouts is an organization that constantly gives you new goals to achieve and that's what life is all about. - Author: Maria Bartiromo
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#10. Our self- development is all about conquering and recreating ourselves - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#11. I came across humanity in Istanbul, and all I know about life comes from Istanbul, and definitely, I am writing about Istanbul. I also love the city because I live there, it has formed me, and it's me. Of course it is natural. If somebody lived all his life in Delhi, he will write about Delhi. - Author: Orhan Pamuk
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#12. Everybody is born with a little bit of writer in them. We all come with the desire to work hard to see our creations come to life on the page. But it is those who choose to do something about this passion that has been ignited inside of them that are true writers. - Author: Brian A. McBride
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#13. It's in the kitchen that confidences are exchanged, that family life takes place; it's among the remains of a meal or when your're elbow-deep in peelings that you ask yourself what life is all about, rather than when you're sunk in an armchair in the sitting room. - Author: Benoite Groult
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#14. The one wholly true thought one can hold about the past is that it is not here. To think about it at all is therefore to think about illusions. - Author: Esther Hicks
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#15. I've had countless conversations with or about people who are "sleeping in separate bedrooms", as if sleeping in the same bed is all there is to staying married, but however bad things get, sharing a bed has never been problematic; it's the rest of life that horrifies. - Author: Nick Hornby
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#16. We should all live as though someone is writing a book about us. - Author: J.R. Rim
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#17. God knows life sucks. It's right there in the Bible. The book of Job is all about Job asking God to take away pain and misery. And God says, "I can't take away pain and misery because then no one would talk to me." - Author: Bill Maher
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#18. All my life I thought that the story was over when the hero and heroine were safely engaged
after all, what's good enough for Jane Austen ought to be good enough for anyone. But it's a lie. The story is about to begin, and every day will be a new piece of the plot. - Author: Mary Ann Shaffer
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#19. As an actor, I'm attracted to drama; as a director, it's humor - because it's the story of my life, and I can't be that serious about it. Being alone is a big theme in all my movies, both as a director and as an actress. - Author: Jodie Foster
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#20. There is magic within, there is magic without. Follow me and you'll learn just what life's all about. - Author: Kate Bush
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#21. Life is all about dancing freely while the music is still playing, but remaining optimistic about the next song. If you're lucky, someone will expectantly join in and mimic your moves in perfect timing as if the two of you had been dancing together all of your live. - Author: Carl Henegan
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#22. Your life is so much more than what you can't do. What about all that you can do? - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#23. The thing about Mumbai is you go five yards and all of human existence is revealed. It's an incredible cavalcade of life, and I love that. - Author: Julian Sands
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#24. All we really want is to get to the point where the past can explain nothing about us and we can get on with life. - Author: Richard Ford
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#25. Life is all about Living, Forgiving and Loving!. - Author: Deborah Roberts
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#26. We are so busy working on God, we forget He is trying to work on us. That is what this life is all about: God at work on us, trying to remake us into vessels of glory. We are so busy praying to change things that we have little time to allow prayer to change us. - Author: David Wilkerson
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#27. The future is all about leading a stress-free life and having all the solutions for all problems at hand. - Author: Astro Teller
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#28. It's all about dreams. If I had to attribute my success in life to any one thing it is this. I believed in my dreams, even when no one else did. - Author: Oprah Winfrey
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#29. A sacred picture of Saint Anthony alone is one vertical, unwavering band of light. If a cockroach were near him, or a cocktail waitress, the picture would be two such bands of light. Our awareness is all that is alive and maybe sacred in any of us. Everything else about us is just dead machinery. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#30. The wish fulfillment of growing younger is not necessarily all it's cracked up to be. You have new problems that arise which you are not anticipating and you deal with the same problems you would deal with if you were ageing normally: what is the end of life about? What have I accomplished? - Author: Eric Roth
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#31. Today is the most important day of your life. Enjoy it with all of your heart. Don't worry about tomorrow, leave it for tomorrow. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#32. I don't have a distaste for ambiguity, in fact, ambiguity is what I think life is all about. - Author: Robert Rubin
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#33. As we see in Ezra's life, committed study of Scripture can bring about much more than merely head knowledge. It can bring God himself into all the recesses of our being, for "the word of God is living and active" (Heb 4:12). Take - Author: Richard J. Foster
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#34. Of all the knowledge, that most worth having is knowledge about health! The first requisite of a good life is to be a healthy person. - Author: Herbert Spencer
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#35. But in answer to your question about the conspiracy angle, I think that any historian worth his salt, and this is where I fault Stephen Ambrose and a lot of these guys who attack me - not all of life is a result of conspiracy by any means! Accident occurs alongside conspiracy. - Author: Oliver Stone
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#36. Because love encompasses everything, nothing is unimportant, including tonight's dinner menu. Think about it for a minute. If you were pure love, the loving parent of all life, how would you want people to eat? - Author: Victoria Moran
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#37. That's what acting is all about - it's all about bringing truth from your own life, and putting it into your characters. If you have the advantage of using your own life in your work, that's always the way to go. - Author: Michael Eklund
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#38. When I started working in a feminist feminine magazine all my life was about rebelling against male authority, which is authority in general is male, so it was rebelling against everything. Everything that was around me made me angry. - Author: Isabel Allende
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#39. Feeling good about yourself and your life is very important. I'm a happy woman, happy with my husband, my daughters, my grandchildren. We all get along quite well, and that keeps me centered. - Author: Carolina Herrera
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#40. Life is all about what you make of you". - Author: Abdulazeez Henry Musa
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#41. As you go through life you realize that the love that you have for the people in your life and their love for you is all that matters. It's really about how you regard them and how they regard you. - Author: Gwyneth Paltrow
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#42. We all need something to struggle against and to struggle for. The aim in life is not to avoid struggles, but to have the right ones; not to avoid worry, but to care about the right things; not to live without fear, but to confront worthy fears with force and - Author: Eric Greitens
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#43. The beautiful thing about baseball is that anything can happen. It's like life in that way. As soon as you think you have it all figured out, something happens that makes you realize - you know nothing. The only thing that's guaranteed is that it will be an exciting ride. - Author: Alyssa Milano
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#44. Life is not just about the good things or not just about the bad things. It is both. It all depends where you focus your attention. - Author: Ann Marie Aguilar
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#45. I am a fashion person, and fashion is not only about clothes
it's about all kinds of change - Author: Karl Lagerfeld
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#46. Kindness is a source of relief to the soul of the giver, creating a sense of fortitude that is incomprehensible to those who do not know what kindness is all about. - Author: Janvier Chouteu-Chando
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#47. Well, everything is constantly evolving and changing. That's what life is all about. But basically Hollywood has lost its focus as a film center. Films are now made all over the world. - Author: Kenneth Anger
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#48. To get pregnant, I have resorted to artificial insemination. I want to openly talk about it because this is an opportunity to show my gratitude to all those anonymous donors who help many women to meet, like me, the dream of their life. - Author: Monica Cruz
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#49. Think and Grow Rich is about abundance, including spiritual abundance, and how to attract all that is good into your life. - Author: Robin S. Sharma
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#50. I find that so often this work can so easily overcome you and knock you out of balance and become all you think about and all you care about and all you feel is important in your life, and it's kind of the opposite. Relationships first and people first and then you can be a great performer. - Author: Erin Davie
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#51. I think humor is incredibly positive, I think it is life advancing. There's medical research to show that it improves your antibodies. It's all about sense and perspective. - Author: John Cleese
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#52. But then all of all a sudden the breath is kicked out of me and I'm shoved onto the cold hard concrete floor of my life now, because I remember I can't run home after school and tell Bails about a new boy in band. My sister dies over and over again, all day long. - Author: Jandy Nelson
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#53. You can use power for good or bad, for control or freedom. You grew up watching your dad abuse it one way and it made you take the opposite direction. That's what we all think. Everything's about balance. That's what sustains life. Maybe your role is to keep your dad in check? - Author: Katie Kacvinsky
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#54. I tend to worry about each "emergency" or unforeseen complication on all my projects. But there are so many! All of life is unforeseen! So I am learning that is the cycle of life - everything is cyclical and temporary and to get ok with that someday could be my greatest achievement. - Author: Kristin Bauer Van Straten
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#55. Life is all about Ass. You're either covering it, laughing it off, kicking it, kissing it, bursting it, or trying to get a piece of it. - Author: Unknown Author 724
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#56. The bottom line in all of it is that, in life, it's all about people. - Author: Colin Powell
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#57. I spend a lot of time talking about something I believe passionately, which is that life is what you choose to make it, for the most part, and more often than not all you need to do is seize it by the throat and demand more from it. - Author: Frank Turner
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#58. My favorite thing in the world is to have just a big dinner with friends and just sit and talk about their life and their difficulties and all of that. - Author: Lykke Li
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#59. There's a reason the Chinese government is very concerned about Ai Weiwei. It's because he has all of these ingredients in his life that allow him to attract enormous attention across a very broad spectrum of the population. - Author: Evan Osnos
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#60. I am really curious about life, about why we are all here. I notice my skin is ageing, things are changing, I've seen people dying, so that's the train we are all on. - Author: Damien Rice
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#61. Of course, one way of thinking about all of life and civilization is as being about how the world registers and processes information. Certainly that's what sex is about; that's what history is about. - Author: Seth Lloyd
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#62. You see, things being good has nothing to do with how you feel outside, it is all to do with how you are inside. - Author: Helen Fielding
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#63. Here's the thing about movies, all movies end up on television. That's their life. Whether you like it or not, I don't care how much money you spend on it, or how big or broad the film is, or who the actors are in it, eventually it's all coming out of the box. - Author: Greg Kinnear
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#64. Applause, mingled with boos and hisses, is about all that the average voter is able or willing to contribute to public life. - Author: Elmer Davis
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#65. Until it had been clearly explained that men were always and always partly wrong in all their ideas, life would be full of poison and secret bitterness. Men fight about their philosophies and religions, there is no certainty in them; but their contempt for women is flawless and unanimous. - Author: Dorothy Richardson
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#66. Triumph over adversity that's what the marathon is all about. Nothing in life can't triumph after that - Author: Kathrine Switzer
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#67. People dislike Ronaldo because he's a great player, good-looking and has sex with all the ladies. They get jealous. The only bad thing about Ronaldo's life is Messi. But for him, he would've been the best player in the world for five years in a row. - Author: Luiz Felipe Scolari
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#68. Religious life is about something real in human experience that is not constrained by what Wittgenstein called 'all that is the case'. In this sense Heidegger is not simply 'mistaken' - he just asks us, as philosophers mostly do, to think more carefully about what we're saying. - Author: George Pattison
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#69. Dogs are here to remind us life really is a simple thing. You eat, sleep, take walks, and pee when you must. That's about all there is. They are quick to forgive trespasses and assume strangers will be kind. - Author: Jonathan Carroll
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#70. Life Is All About Range - Author: Jane Pastore Coleman
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#71. Paradox as it may seem, we likewise find life meaningful only when we have seen that it is without purpose, and know the "mystery of the universe" only when we are convinced that we know nothing about it at all. - Author: Alan W. Watts
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#72. It's a luxury being a writer, because all you ever think about is life. - Author: Amy Tan
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#73. When you have received Him, stir up your heart to do Him homage; speak to Him about your spiritual life, gazing upon Him in your soul where He is present for your happiness; welcome Him as warmly as possible, and behave outwardly in such a way that your actions may give proof to all of His Presence. - Author: Saint Francis De Sales
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#74. It's life, that's all. There are no happy endings, just happy days, happy moments. The only real ending is death, and trust me, no one dies happy. And the price of not dying is that things change all the time, and the only thing you can count on is that there's not a thing you can do about it. - Author: Jonathan Tropper
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#75. The whole of science, and one is tempted to think the whole of the life of any thinking man, is trying to come to terms with the relationship between yourself and the natural world. Why are you here, and how do you fit in, and what's it all about. - Author: David Attenborough
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#76. When you're going through a tough spell, it's easy to think that's all your life is about. You forget the good things, forget the quiet places. But they're always inside of us and we can pull them up when we need to set ourselves right. - Author: Joan Bauer
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#77. Kind of, but it's more than that. It's like a lot of shit you've been told in your life is a lie. All these rules and all these things you worry about... they ain't got real meanin' on their own. The only meanin' they got is what we give 'em, you know? - Author: L.T. Vargus
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#78. Life is with such all beer and skittles.
They are not difficult to please
About their victuals. - Author: Charles Stuart Calverley
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#79. Life cannot have had a random beginning ... The trouble is that there are about 2000 enzymes, and the chance of obtaining them all in a random trial is only one part in 10^40,000, an outrageously small probability that could not be faced even if the whole universe consisted of organic soup. - Author: Fred Hoyle
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#80. The nice thing about 'Arrow' is we never say never on the show. Hopefully the show will have a nice long life, and all manner of things can potentially happen. - Author: Marc Guggenheim
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#81. Life is sexist. If you were to get pregnant, you're the one whose life changes. Nothing of significance changes for the boy. You're the one people whisper about. I've seen that show, Teen Moms. All those boys are worthless. Garbage! - Author: Jenny Han
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#82. I've always tried to not let movie, television or theatre be all that my life is about. I've always tried to get involved in the community or my family now I have kids. - Author: David Morse
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#83. Your whole life is really only all about that dear place in you where you know you've realized, you love, and you are reached. - Author: John De Ruiter
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#84. Why is it every other person you meet says they're an artist? A real artist doesn't need to gas on about it, he doesn't have time. He does his work and sweats it out in silence, and no one can help him at all. - Author: Paula McLain
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#85. Life is about being a versatile athlete and training in all realms of life. - Author: Ray Lewis
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#86. Our life is all about the choices we make, and when I was looking for a mate for life, I really was looking for someone who was a family man, somebody who would embrace my girls as much as they were going to embrace me. I guess I just wasn't finished having children yet. - Author: Joan Lunden
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#87. Gratitude is more than just a simple "thank you" when you receive a gift. It is about keeping in mind that you live right now, allowing yourself to focus on the moment and appreciate the life you lead, to focus on all that you do have, not what you don't. Cliches? Totally. - Author: Meik Wiking
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#88. Privacy is relational. It depends on the audience. You don't want your employer to know you're job hunting. You don't spill all about your love life to your mom or your kids. You don't tell trade secrets to your rivals. - Author: Barton Gellman
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#89. The foundation stone of all philosophy is self-knowledge and being true to thy self. A person must address an inner necessity in order to realize the fundamental truth about oneself, seek self-improvement, and gain knowledge through experience. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
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#90. One of the most important things that I have learned in my 57 years is that life is all about choices. On every journey you take, you face choices. At every fork in the road, you make a choice. And it is those decisions that shape our lives. - Author: Mike DeWine
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#91. The only way you can talk about this great tide in which you're a participant is as Schopenhauer did: the universe is a dream dreamed by a single dreamer where all the dream characters dream too. - Author: Joseph Campbell
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#92. God knew we would make mistakes. Life is all about mistakes. It is constant change and growth. Our greatest challenges in life will one day be known to us as our greatest teachers. - Author: Betty Eadie
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#93. I feel there are so many things in this world that have been and are being created that I could spend the rest of my life thinking about, and I couldn't cover all the things I'm interested in. That to me is what makes life sweet-learning and exploring. - Author: James Franco
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#94. One of the tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon - instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today. - Author: Dale Carnegie
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#95. Helping someone is what life is all about. - Author: Willie Stargell
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#96. To take each day as a separate page, to be read carefully, savoring all of the details, this is best for me, I think. - Author: Pearl S. Buck
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#97. One of the simplest things about all facts of life is that to get where you want to go, you must keep on keeping on. - Author: Norman Vincent Peale
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#98. Life is all about Takeaways from great people and Giveaways to the needy ones. - Author: Vikrmn
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#99. That's what life is all about: Let's have a party. Let's have it tonight. - Author: Lilly Pulitzer
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#100. If we put together all that we have learned from anthropology and ethnography about primitive men and primitive society, we perceive that the first task of life is to live. Men begin with acts, not with thoughts. - Author: William Graham Sumner
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