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#1. I got my interest in Lotte Lenya and the Brecht-Weill canon from my parents. And I love classical music - I got that from my parents. I love Cole Porter - that I got from my dad.

Marianne Faithfull

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#2. [Bertholt] Brecht looked very thin, like a herring with very sensitive hands.

Lotte Lenya

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#3. When I do a film that has nothing to do with Kurt Weill, then I am happy, I am on my own. But in a Kurt Weill work I am as nervous as a cat. A burden falls on my shoulders. I feel a crushing responsibility.

Lotte Lenya

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#4. If there's no sacrifice, there's no love.

Hanif Kureishi

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#5. It's funny - nowadays people that are famous get chased by paparazzi. They have this fame, but they don't have the money to hide from it.

Matt LeBlanc

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#6. A nation is as great, and only as great, as her rank and file.

Woodrow Wilson

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#7. Our moral thinking is much more like a politician searching for votes than a scientist searching for truth.

Jonathan Haidt

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#8. The act of committing yourself to the Lord daily allows Him to guide you.

Elizabeth George

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#9. A golden half-moon graced the black velvet sky, no clouds in sight, allowing a blanket of stars to twinkle in every direction.

Gena Showalter

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#10. Was nervous about seeing him, partly because I find him less interesting now than I did when we were both nineteen (unkind of me to admit, but can't we be honest about how people change?),

Emily St. John Mandel

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#11. If we lived each day as our last, I bet we'd all be a lot more honest with people, because we wouldn't have to care what people think anymore.

Ellen DeGeneres

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#12. I had a very simple life growing up in the farm country outside of Perugia, and biscotti and warm milk with a tiny bit of coffee were a big part of my morning ritual before walking to school.

Brunello Cucinelli

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#13. I'm not keen on making predictions.

Andrew Flintoff

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#14. [I have] a heavenly vase full of autumn leaves today. They look so beautiful. How much closer to God can one get? And a beautiful blue heron flew over the brook. Nature can make me cry faster than anything.

Lotte Lenya

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