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#1. man world will blow up

Allen Ginsberg

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#2. When I was in love there was somebody in the world who was more important than me, and that, given all that happened at the fall of man, is a miracle, like something God forgot to curse.

Donald Miller

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#3. All skills are learnable.

Brian Tracy

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#4. Above all, I am an opera singer. This is how people will remember me.

Luciano Pavarotti

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#5. Experience gained in two schools under my control has taught me that punishment does not purify, if anything, it hardens children.

Mahatma Gandhi

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#6. It takes more than one kick in the pants to reverse a lifetime of unplanned apathy.

Paul Neilan

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#7. My books are about losers, about people who've lost their way and are engaged in a search.

Antonio Tabucchi

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#8. Bible Christianity is what I love ... a Christianity practical and pure, which teaches holiness, humility, repentance and faith in Christ; and which after summing up all the Evangelical graces, declares that the greatest of these is charity .

Hannah More

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#9. Honey, the only experts in PMS are men. That's why men are so good at fighting wars; they learned Escape and Evade at home.

Linda Howard

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#10. It's a shame that Nature made you only one man; there was material enough for a worthy man and a rogue.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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#11. Imparting knowledge is only lighting other men's candles at our lamp without depriving ourselves of any flame.

Jane Porter

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#12. Clothes are on us to expose us - to advertise what we wear them to conceal. They are a sign; a sign of insincerity; a sign of repressed vanity;

Alex Myers

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#13. It never occurs to me that there are things I can't do.

Whoopi Goldberg

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#14. If you wish to serve me, as you have bloodsworn yourself to do, you must do so with honor. And that does not include introducing yourself by name to people like my mother in order to terrify them into submission."
"Kem'falla - " Gaelen protested.
"Don't bother to deny it," she snapped.

C.L. Wilson

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#15. Buddhists don't feel that enlightenment is particularly unusual. We feel that it's the natural state. Enlightenment simply means perceiving life directly as it is in all of its infinite, ever changing wonder, in all of its varied, myriad states of mind or as pari-nirvana, or whatever.

Frederick Lenz

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