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Top 25 Kindness And Politeness Quotes

#1. It is because gold is rare that gilding has been invented, which, without having its solidity, has all its brilliancy. Thus, to replace the kindness we lack, we have devised politeness which has all its appearance. - Author: Francis De Gaston, Chevalier De Levis
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#2. Avoid contact with all people in whom there is no possible resonance with what touches you most deeply and toward whom you have obligations of "kindness," of politeness. - Author: Laure
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#3. With love and kindness, with persistence and politeness, you can shake the world. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#4. The first arrow hit me right between the breast. - Author: Claudia J. Edwards
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#5. Then she yelled at him. "Are out of your mind? You could have been killed!" Kor looked stunned for a moment, then grinned. "You mean you'd care?" "No." Then at his pointed look, she muttered, "Maybe a little." "You're mine whether you've said the mating words or not. No one touches what is mine. - Author: Eve Langlais
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#6. Nobody gives you an education. If you want one, you have to take it. - Author: John Taylor Gatto
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#7. We are a mission-driven company. In order to do this, we have to build a great team. And in order to do that, you need people to know they can make a bunch of money. So we need a business model to make a lot of money. - Author: Mark Zuckerberg
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#8. I like narrative storytelling as being part of a tradition, a folk tradition. - Author: Bruce Springsteen
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#9. She always tried to be a fair person, so she made an effort not to judge him for it. But the fact remained that she was instinctively suspicious of a fit body. So often, they seemed to be entirely incompatible with other qualities--like intelligence or kindness or even basic politeness. - Author: Katarina Bivald
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#10. It is astounding what power being kind, mannered, polite and considerate has in transforming your life. - Author: Bryant McGill
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#11. Meanwhile, Cynthia and I are busy fixing up a real old house that we just bought in Hollywood. With two children now, we just couldn't live in our small rented home any longer. - Author: Kent McCord
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#12. I was single-minded and I had tunnel vision. Now it's time for a change. - Author: Evelyn Ashford
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#13. Men aren't as strong and capable as we are. We're machines. - Author: Christina Aguilera
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#14. A positive attitude is something everyone can work on, and everyone can learn how to employ it. - Author: Joan Lunden
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#15. Grace imitates modesty, as politeness imitates kindness. - Author: Joseph Joubert
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#16. True politeness is the spirit of benevolence showing itself in a refined way. It is the expression of good-will and kindness. It promotes both beauty in the man who possesses it, and happiness in those who are about him. It is a religious duty, and should be a part of religious training. - Author: Henry Ward Beecher
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#17. A door slammed next door. The serial killer looked up and over as a flurry of white fur pounded against the other side of the fence. "Don't start with me, you little runt, or you'll be next. - Author: Jennifer Skully
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#18. I wanted to be the kind of woman who would attract a certain kind of man that I could respect. That was my thinking. It had to do with the kind of couple I would be a part of. - Author: Lisa Kudrow
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#19. Kindness and politeness are not overrated at all. They're underused. - Author: Tommy Lee Jones
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#20. If you're going to be honest with yourself, you have to admit that you go into show business wanting people to talk about you and wanting everyone to know who you are. But that also means there are going to be a whole bunch of people who don't like you. No matter who you are. - Author: Ellen DeGeneres
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#21. Politeness, it turned out, was almost as effective when you wanted someone to do something for you. And kindness went further toward lasting admiration than any amount of mind control. Word - Author: Marissa Meyer
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#22. Kindness in looks and words and ways is true politeness, and any one can have it if they only try to treat other people as they like to be treated themselves. - Author: Louisa May Alcott
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#23. Politeness is often fear. Kindness is always courage. But caring is what makes you human. Care more, become more human. - Author: Matt Haig
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#24. As a Texan, I say ma'm and sir to my age contemporaries and open doors for anyone that I can. This goes for men, too, though it is appreciated when they beat me to it and disappointing when they don't. - Author: Tiffany Madison
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#25. Never start a sentence with the words 'No offense. - Author: Gretchen Rubin
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