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Top 56 Kicking Myself Quotes

#1. It's like swimming, underwater, this whole year. I just close my eyes. hold my breath, and keep kicking. - Author: Laura Moriarty
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#2. If we do run, you'll need four legs to keep up with me today, Edwards. Oh that's right, you've been holding back because you're English, and it's not sporting to run down a girl. Well, this girl's been kicking your butt. - Author: April White
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#3. Stepping out of the kitchen, Ben glared at him. "I have no problem kicking your ass."

"I'm sure there are a lot of things you like to do with asses. - Author: Ashlan Thomas
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#4. I stomp through the water in a tight circle, kicking against the salt spray, wanting to pull the world apart piece by piece. - Author: Carrie Ryan
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#5. The purpose of ass-kicking is not that your ass gets kicked at the right time or for the right reason," she often explained. "It's to keep your ass sensitive. - Author: Gloria Steinem
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#6. Jamie Kilstein is amazing and I will be spreading the word. He has the spark that energized my conscience. We need more comedians kicking it hard the way he does every night - Author: Robin Williams
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#7. What will you do with your self? Many men and women are still in darkness, trying to figure out the meaning and purpose of life. But no matter what you try to do with your self - whether you deny it, obliterate it, annihilate it, accept it or express it - believe me, it is still alive and kicking. - Author: K.P. Yohannan
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#8. The older I get, the more I'm drawn to the smaller films, but I still hope to keep bigger films in my repertoire. It's just maybe going to be a shift in focus, but I'll definitely still hopefully be kicking around in those. - Author: Mary Elizabeth Winstead
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#9. In karate, hitting, thrusting, and kicking are not the only methods, throwing techniques and pressure against joints are included ... all these techniques should be studied referring to basic kata - Author: Gichin Funakoshi
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#10. Cursing? Do you mean hunter?" It was her best guess, for Taiga had grimaced when she used it, as though the word hurt her to say. "Nope," said Taiga, kicking the dirt with one boot. "I mean wife. - Author: Catherynne M Valente
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#11. Life is all about Ass. You're either covering it, laughing it off, kicking it, kissing it, bursting it, or trying to get a piece of it. - Author: Unknown Author 724
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#12. Kicking the proverbial can down the road only increases the size of the can. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#13. Leave already, because I'm on the verge of hypothetically kicking my foot up your ass, and I doubt the pain of it will be pretend. - Author: Devon Ashley
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#14. Ambition makes you look pretty ugly
Kicking, squealing, gucci little piggy
- Author: Radiohead
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#15. Love is more powerful than kicking ass. - Author: Jet Li
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#16. Fear isn't what it appears to be,
it's a motivation that sets us free,
keep scratching, chewing and kicking me,
waiting for that moment in time to flee,
when it erupts in disbelief,
when it's exposed and we let it be,
without its hold it has no meaning. - Author: Jess "Chief" Brynjulson
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#17. In the grand timeline of life, two years is nothing. Here she is, her dream resurrected. Alive and soon to be kicking in fact. Dead isn't always dead. - Author: Rachel Allord
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#18. The things that make me very angry are injustice and bullying. If I see someone bullying a woman or child in the street, or kicking a dog, I go completely mad. - Author: Susannah York
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#19. With that I turned into a punching, struggling, kicking psycho redneck zombie bitch. - Author: Diana Rowland
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#20. Jesus." Blake rubbed his throat. "You have anger management problems. Its like a disease."
"There's a cure and it's called kicking your ass. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#21. Tasers are a one-size-fits-all paranormal butt-kicking option. Mine's pink with
rhinestones. - Author: Kiersten White
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#22. Basically it starts with four months of training, just basic stretching, kicking and punching. Then you come to the choreography and getting ready to put the dance together. - Author: Keanu Reeves
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#23. Looks like it's game time," Shame said. "Beautiful day for some ass kicking, don't you think? - Author: Devon Monk
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#24. What civilization is, is 6 billion people trying to make themselves happy by standing on each other's shoulders and kicking each other's teeth in. It's not a pleasant situation. - Author: Terence McKenna
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#25. Life has a whimsical way of kicking you in the throat. I find it to
be one huge cosmic joke at our expense, only nobody is laughing
but the forces that be - given that they are even a wee bit human. - Author: Lori Goldson
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#26. And who really cares if you flash people your underwear, as long as you're kicking the crap out of them? - Author: Veronica Roth
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#27. By kicking its carbon addiction, America will increase its national wealth and generate millions of jobs that can't be outsourced. - Author: Van Jones
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#28. You are brave, kicking a chained prisoner. They must sing heroic ballads about you on winter nights! (Alanna) - Author: Tamora Pierce
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#29. Look here; to gain some real affection from you, or Miss Temple, or any other whom I truly love, I would willingly submit to have the bone of my arm broken, or to let a bull toss me, or to stand behind a kicking horse, and let it dash its hoof at my chest - - Author: Charlotte Bronte
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#30. I want to play a princess or some woman from royalty or aristocracy. If I get to have an accent, even better. And I want to play a butt-kicking superhero, like Catwoman. - Author: Christa B. Allen
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#31. Riley Blackthorne - kicking hell's ass one demon at a time. - Author: Jana Oliver
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#32. Do you realise that when you give a schilling to a beggar you are giving it to yourself?Do you realise that when you help a dog over a stile you yourself are being helped?Do you realise when you kick a man when he is down, you are kicking yourslef?Give him another kick, you deserve it! - Author: Wei Wu Wei
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#33. It was a gorgeous day. A fucking gorgeous day. It was one of those bright, breezy, unicorn-and-puppy mornings. I mean, the unicorns weren't out yet. They tend to be more nocturnal to increase the odds of picking up virgins at nightclubs, but there were a couple pegasi kicking it overhead. - Author: Kate Danley
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#34. I don't want to end up a bureaucrat in the time-management business for God or a librarian cataloguing timeless truths. Salvation is kicking in the womb of creation right now, any time now. Pay attention. - Author: Eugene H. Peterson
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#35. Writing is both an act of power and surrender. Passion and discovery. It is a tug at your soul that continues to pull you forward, even as you go kicking and screaming. (p.18) - Author: Laraine Herring
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#36. Life will drag us kicking and screaming to our destiny if we try to escape it. - Author: Alberto Villoldo
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#37. Miana had been irritable all day in the carriage, but then if I'd swallowed a whole baby and it insisted on kicking the hell out of my insides I might be less than my normal tolerant self. - Author: Mark Lawrence
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#38. I don't expect life to make sense," he said after a few moments, "but it could certainly be pleasant if it would stop kicking us in the balls. - Author: Scott Lynch
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#39. Personally, I regard myself as an intellectual 'rebel,' kicking against the 'old colonialism-imperialism paradigm' which has landed Africa in a conundrum. - Author: George Ayittey
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#40. a she-demon with a tunnel to Hades between her ever-scissoring legs? You had better staff a priest, my friend. A satanic priest." Lucian fell to the floor now, kicking and holding his stomach. "Stop!" he begged, sobbing. "Stop, no more. - Author: Lucian Bane
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#41. I sort of went into the TV thing kicking and screaming. - Author: Candice Olson
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#42. I like being involved in businesses where you are kicking ass. - Author: Mark Cuban
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#43. You can only hurt a person so much and then he doesn't feel the pain anymore. A hard man can take a kicking and not whine about it. - Author: John Fenton
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#44. What you've got to realise is that footballers, and me in particular, have seen everything in the changing room. Everything. I've seen the manager kicking off with the players, the players kicking off with him, players fighting each other, managers fighting, everything. - Author: Ryan Giggs
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#45. That man was Aldus Manutius the Elder (1450-1515) and I will happily admit I hadn't heard of him until about a year ago, but am now absolutely kicking myself that I never volunteered to have his babies. - Author: Lynne Truss
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#46. I wake up, and I'll just start reading and trying to brace myself for the rest of the day, and all the while I'm doing that, I'm kicking myself mentally. - Author: Phil Anselmo
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#47. You're wrong."
"I am?"
"I thought things through this time around. I even managed to restrain myself."
Theo stared at her, incredulous. "You did."
"I thought about kicking him in the balls, but I didn't. I figured that would be over kill." - Rendezvous with Destiny - Author: Jess Schira
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#48. Then, I heard the pounding again - and worse, my whole bed shook violently. Someone was kicking it. Opening my eyes again, I turned and found myself staring into Yeva's shrewd dark eyes. If Sydney had met many dhampirs like Yeva, I could understand why she thought our race were minions of hell. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#49. I'd describe myself as a saver, but just sometimes I can spend like a kicking horse! Ryman is the one shop I can't go past without going into. I just can't resist lovely stationery. - Author: Joanna Lumley
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#50. Arguing with you is like kicking myself in the head." - Lola Avocado - Author: M.D. Martin
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#51. If I thought I had hurt my chances of winning another major just because I was chasing money around, I'd wind up kicking myself. - Author: Mike Weir
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#52. My throat tightened, but I held back the tears and reminded myself that withdrawing from a woman is no different than kicking a drug; you feel shaky and you want it, but eventually the need passes, and you feel restored. - Author: Keith Ablow
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#53. I like movies. I've written screenplays as a sort of procrastination thing for me. Like I'll work for a couple months on this idea that's been kicking around and then like 30 pages in I'll just go try a novel because it's a lot easier. That's what I know. So why am I killing myself? - Author: Colson Whitehead
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#54. See, for some reason, I feel like it's a victory if I wake up one minute before the alarm. It's like I'm in a contest with myself, with my foot kicking around until it wakes up the rest of my body. It's the stupidest thing. But it makes me feel like I've already won something. - Author: Ronda Rousey
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#55. Flashing Lights In My Mind
Going Back to The Time
Playing Games in the Street
Kicking Balls with My Feet
Theres a Numb in my toes
Standing close to the edge
Theres a ball of my clothes at the end of your bed
As I feel myself fall
Make a joke of it all - Author: One Direction
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#56. I'm kicking myself in the rear end every day, saying, 'Did I really book this many shows? What am I doing?' - Author: Justin Moore
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