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#1. At Julliard we had some voice classes. It was really just so you could carry a tune. It always just helps with your speaking voice also, when you connect your diaphragm and your breath. - Author: Wendell Pierce
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#2. Almost every labourer has his Sunday suit, very often really good clothes, sometimes glossy black, with the regulation 'chimney pot'. His unfortunate walk betrays him, dress how he will. - Author: Richard Jefferies
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#3. I don't claim to be a musician, I didn't go to Julliard. - Author: Dick Dale
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#4. The only truly individualistic health-care choice - where you receive care that is unpolluted by anyone else's funds - is to forgo insurance altogether, paying out-of-pocket for health services as you need them. - Author: Thomas Frank
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#5. So many actors started on soap operas. So yeah, I'd graduated Julliard and done some theater. I've done a few guest spots on TV but nothing that long-term. I did a little 'E.R.' back when it was on, and a pilot for 'Cold Case.' - Author: Finn Wittrock
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#6. As a child, when I lost things such as my precious pocketknife, I learned that if I prayed hard enough, I could usually find it. I was always able to find the lost cows I was entrusted with. Sometimes I had to pray more than once, but my prayers always seemed to be answered. - Author: James E. Faust
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#7. You couldn't be that good and not know it, somewhere in your secret heart, however much you'd been abused into affecting public humility. - Author: Lois McMaster Bujold
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#8. He had thought on the train of sending his head to a laundry, it was true, but he had been drawn not so much to the idea of the laundered head as to that of the sleeping body. A very pleasant sleep, with head detached. - Author: Yasunari Kawabata
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#9. Every new genetically engineered plant is a unique event in nature, bringing its own set of genetic contingencies. This means that the reliability or safety of one genetically modified plant doesn't necessarily guarantee the reliability or safety of the next. - Author: Michael Pollan
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#10. You can't just walk away when somebody recognizes you. You have to take some time out and talk to them. It's not a waste of time - I just love talking to people. And I don't do this to sell records. The truth is, I do what I do because I love it. - Author: Kenny G
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#11. I Have Fought the Good Fight and Won - Author: Carmen J. Viglucci
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#12. Life is about mindfulness. It's about being in the moment, being aware. - Author: Katie Kacvinsky
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#13. I moved to New York to go to Julliard Drama School. Didn't sing a single note of music. - Author: Mandy Patinkin
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#14. I went to Julliard and we did a lot of mask work there, and I remember thinking in class, 'When am I ever going to use this?' - Author: Benjamin Walker
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#15. I auditioned for Julliard because I wanted to live in New York, and I wanted to be on Broadway at the time. Julliard seemed like right way to get there. - Author: Audra McDonald
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#16. I ended up performing on a full time basis and I never got to Julliard at all. - Author: Tom Glazer
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#17. When I came up to New York to do a play, I passed by Julliard, and I was like, 'Oh I heard of this place.' I applied, and ended up getting in. - Author: Oscar Isaac
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#18. In about 9th grade, an English teacher told me I had a talent to act. He said I should audition for a performing arts high school, so I did on a whim. I got accepted. Then I got accepted at the Julliard School, and by then, I was serious about it. - Author: Ving Rhames
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#19. What are you?
I opened my eyes gingerly. The flashlight that had blinded me was lying a few feet from my head now, which gave me just enough light to see what appeared to be a twelve-year-old girl sitting on my chest.
I'd gotten my butt handed to me by a sixth grader? That was embarrassing. - Author: Rachel Hawkins
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#20. When I was a senior, I got accepted into the Julliard School for Dance, but ultimately decided to move to L.A. to act, so that was a fun conversation with the parents. I truly have some of the greatest parents ever. - Author: Jacob Artist
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#21. The way it works at Julliard is that you just perform with people who are in your own class. - Author: Samira Wiley
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#22. I went to Julliard where they use a lot of voice and speech exercises. - Author: Lynn Collins
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#23. I would like to teach music. It's weird the way they teach music in schools like Julliard these days. - Author: Bjork
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#24. I don't come from a musical family and didn't go to Julliard or anything, but I had this kind of vision of stuff that was so powerful that I just needed to find it. I have no regrets. - Author: Andy Kim
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#25. The more versatile you make yourself, the more work you get. Training makes you more versatile and ultimately gets you more work. Julliard taught me that. - Author: Ving Rhames
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#26. A lot of data, whether it's imagery or other kinds of things, work really well when it's geographically laid out. I'm talking about imagery, statistics, incidents and other things that happen around the globe. - Author: Jefferson Han
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#27. That's the power behind a tool like Facebook Connect. It is making a Web without walls. Facebook allows you to go to other sites to comment, rate, etc., without having to set up a new profile for that site. - Author: Erik Qualman
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#28. I got private lessons in keyboard at Julliard, before New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. - Author: Bernie Worrell
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#29. Well, the first time I ran into the term religion, people were asking whether you had any. You know, some people had religion and some people didn't have religion. - Author: Bernice Johnson Reagon
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#30. At Julliard, they don't teach you where to move your face for the camera, you know? - Author: Rutina Wesley
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#31. Adam strummed an unfamiliar melody. I asked him what he was playing. I'm calling it 'My-Girlfriend's-Going-to-Julliard-Leaving-My-Punk-Heart-in-Shreds Blues. - Author: Gayle Forman
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#32. I made a decision to live outside the city in northern California. My agent said to me, 'Kid, you're going to make a mint in television movies.' He positioned me, and we picked really good projects, and I cornered that market. They were 20-day projects. - Author: Mare Winningham
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#33. I didn't go to theater school. I didn't go to Julliard. But I've lived a lot. I've seen a lot. I feel like that makes up for a little bit. - Author: Minka Kelly
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#34. I started doing karate at four, my parents were karatekas. I stopped when I was 17 and went to Julliard and had a lot of stage combat there. - Author: Lynn Collins
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