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#1. I think the Democratic Party has the chronic problem of appearing to be weak, of not standing and fighting for what it believes in, not fighting for its own. - Author: James Carville
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#2. Every time I listen back to solos of mine I'll hear something I like and then another phrase that I can't stand. You have to live with what you play. And the recording medium puts that on us. When I play live gigs I don't think so much like that. - Author: John Abercrombie
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#3. I spent a lot of years working for Ralph Lauren, and he had so many copycats, from Tommy Hilfiger to Abercrombie & Fitch to J.Crew. - Author: John Varvatos
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#4. Try not to be a man of success, but a man of value." - Albert Einstein - Author: Kate Larkinson
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#5. Remember, ask and you shall receive. If you ask a terrible question, you'll get a terrible answer. Your mental computer is ever ready to serve you, and whatever question you give it, it will surely come up with an answer. - Author: Tony Robbins
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#6. Classical musicians do this all the time. They want perfection. So they piece things together. Eight bars of this and six bars of that. Glenn Gould said that with a recording he wanted to make perfect versions of pieces. - Author: John Abercrombie
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#7. I thought about checking for a pulse, but decided that could wait. I kicked the knife so it slid under the heavy cabinet - Author: Katie Alender
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#8. The landscape of one's childhood was more vibrant than any other. It didn't matter where it was or what it looked like, the sights and sounds imprinted differently. They became part of a person, inescapable. - Author: Kate Morton
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#9. Her hair was a flyaway mess, and her cheeks, she knew, would be a little too red for dignity - but she often had to choose between dignity and living another hour. - Author: Michelle Sagara
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#10. On record dates like that I never felt too nervous because everything was really overdubbed. When we did that album, we were in the studio for probably a week, so you had a lot of opportunity to fix things. - Author: John Abercrombie
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#11. Schlepping all of the equipment is the part I hate more than anything. - Author: John Abercrombie
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#12. To be creative and spontaneous, you have to live with imperfection. - Author: John Abercrombie
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#13. The sound and proper exercise of the imagination may be made to contribute to the cultivation of all that is virtuous and estimable in the human character. - Author: John Abercrombie
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#14. I left home when I was 16 because I was looking for adventure. - Author: Gene Hackman
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#15. You may say it is all in my head, and indeed sometimes it seems to me I am in a head and that these eight, no, six, these six planes that enclose me are of solid bone. But thence to conclude the head is mine, no, never. - Author: Samuel Beckett
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#16. You're just sort of searching for this 'thing' and sometimes you get it and sometimes you don't. All music is imperfect, but in jazz since you're improvising, at least the way I play, I'm trying to follow my train of thought in a solo. - Author: John Abercrombie
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#17. As Eric Dolphy said 'Once you play the music, it's in the air. It's gone'. And that's true. But when you record it, it comes back to haunt you sometimes. - Author: John Abercrombie
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#18. Disrespect adheres to the ignorant; like wet leaves, breathed, on cold skin. - Author: Kristian Goldmund Aumann
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#19. There is too much government today. We've got to remember the government should be by the people, of the people, and for the people. - Author: Ray Bradbury
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#20. My son, Gio, wanted to do a horseback trip in Mongolia, but he didn't want to do an Abercrombie & Fitch-type tour, where they show you around while you sleep in B&Bs. - Author: John Fusco
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#21. I don't remember what was going through my mind, but what was going through my body was fear and terror. I had been on the road with Johnny and working gigs and playing a lot of the organ clubs. - Author: John Abercrombie
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#22. Only lie about the future. - Author: Johnny Carson
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#23. If you listen to a lot of music, it gradually seeps into your consciousness or your unconsciousness and comes out in your music. - Author: John Abercrombie
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#24. If someone in my life could grow with confrontation and feedback, why would I choose to refrain? - Author: Paula Heller Garland
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#25. You know, back in the day, when a guy saved a Princess's life, she would reward him with a kiss ... - Author: Amanda Hocking
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